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Is Earth finishing its mission?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, why did Source create the universe (as opposed to something else) as a means of getting to know experiences outside of loving kindness–were simpler means unavailable? Is this universe Source’s first attempt? Why such a tiny Earth within such a vast universe? In history of the universe, humans are nothing but a blink of an eye at the end. Did Source have to wait this long in order to begin learning the lessons that human souls brought back or did Source have other means of understanding itself outside of unconditional love before we came along? Humans seem to be making life on Earth inhospitable and maybe even impossible in the coming years. Does this mean that Earth’s unique purpose is nearing its end? Will souls stop incarnating? Are all the lessons nearly learned? Is Source considering creating a new space for lesson learning? Thanks as always for your insight. ~Alissa, USA

ANSWER: The question you are asking is using human illusion to discuss the journey of the soul, and there is much more to the story. Source created the place we call Earth as a duality of positive and negative in order to examine experiences outside of its unconditional love. It was a very simple experiment: a single place where souls could venture to use freedom of choice to understand choosing positive experiences in reaction to the negative lessons they had set up for their lives.

At the same time, other souls, not wanting to experience negativity, wanted a place to gather together to have mutual experiences in a non-duality. For this purpose, other places, the planets you can see in your universe, were created. Most of these did not require souls to have a body since they worked together in energetic endeavors not needing muscles, nerves, emotions, or a physical presence. Although there were some where a covering was desired in order to test things such as strength and endurance, mostly communication was by vibration so vocal cords were unnecessary.

Source has been gathering information for millennia. There was nothing but Source before souls were individualized from the whole, and therefore no need for any physical place for experimentation to occur. Humans have evolved along with the planet so that new information could be obtained. Man has destroyed parts of the world before and then found ways to adapt. The Earth’s purpose continues on as the next generations of humans find ways to live with the new lessons. No new places are planned as this one is far from obsolescence.

People change as time goes on

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m at a wedding, from my point of view, happy for 15 years. We have a couple of beautiful children. He was 13 years old and she was 6 years. I love my children too. In recent times, after we returned to live near her family, things have changed a lot. Expressed willingness to separate due to the negative with my wife started to look at life, she went into a depressive state and this has left me in an undecided way. My wife keeps saying “cannot bear to take care of our children”, “was not made for marriage” among other statements. I tell her to try to see the positive side of things, but to no avail. My intuition says that she is a good person, but I am seriously considering the possibility of leaving our marriage. Can we try again, changing away from her family? ~Gerson, Brazil

ANSWER: Your wife is making her choices based upon the pressures being placed on her by family and friends. She yearns to be able to “play” as she did when a little girl. She does not want to have any responsibilities for a husband or children. She is acting like a spoiled little child and her family thinks it is fine because they have her back with them again. You were never considered to be quite good enough for their daughter.

Her negativity and depression comes from those with whom she is now associating. None of them see the world as positive and they feed off each other’s negativity. It is almost as if they are having contests to see who can be the most negative. They are even gathering negative beings (discarnates) into their presence.

Just moving away from her family will not change the way she is acting at this time. She needs to want to be a wife and mother and not see it as drudgery. Underneath all the negativity is a good soul but it is buried quite deeply. It is impossible to get people to change the way they think or behave unless they want to change. Nothing you do will make her change.

The choice then becomes yours: put up with her under these conditions or move on. Your wedding is over, and a lot of choices have to be made by everyone to get it back to where it was.

Making decisions, taking responsibility

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters,I’m engaged with a man but we are more like friends than lovers. I care for him deeply but have stayed with him maybe because of my some unsolved personal issues. Recently I met a man with whom I feel connection, love and desire and I know I should make a choice but I can’t. I feel fear, despair and lack of courage and would have them both even if I know it is impossible. How could I move forward in this? ~Jenny,Finland

ANSWER: Your fiancé is a wonderful man but you think of him more as a protective brother than a lover. He, on the other hand, is deeply in love with you. Your personal issues of feeling betrayed, not being good enough, and not being able to trust people have kept you from searching for someone to love as a partner.

You have always had a strong need to be needed by someone, and your fiancé was the first one who treated you in that way unconditionally. You allowed the relationship to go all the way to a marriage proposal because he was the only one with whom you felt safe. He felt love for you and you felt needed by him; you had no idea what romantic love felt like at that time.

This new man has introduced you to a pure love attraction and not just a nurturing allure. You will tear yourself up if you do not decide what to do in this situation. Either decision is a winning one for you. Your fiancé will always love and cherish you, and the new attraction will introduce you to unbridled love. Both men have your best interests at heart.

It is impossible to have both of them at once unless they both are aware of the situation and consent. You have a tremendous amount of strength inside you, which you have never used out of fear. Your soul is a piece of Source with all the magnificent powers of Source. Bask in that power and see which life you desire. Tell your fiancé of your love for him but that you have not had a love attraction for him, and talk it out. He may find a way to let you feel the kind of attraction for him that he feels for you.

Talk to your new man about your fiancé, the safety he has brought to your life, and what fear is in the rest of the world for you. You will find he is all about sexual love but not about nurturing. Can you feel comfortable with sex and not being needed for anything else?