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Divination techniques

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, a recent post commented about the use of the pendulum to get answers to yes and no questions. What about the sway test where you rock forward for yes and backward for no? And, what about the various types of muscle testing? Whenever I try these I am never sure if the answers that I get are true or just what I am hoping to hear. ~Joanne, United States

ANSWER: Whenever you can put away your expectations and use divination techniques, whether it be pendulums, muscle testing, scrying [ed.: gazing into something translucent – crystal ball, water, mirror, etc.], swaying, or other methods, you are tapping into your higher self and / or the universe. These techniques may require nothing more than your body parts, or maybe a neck chain or a car key on a fob for the pendulum.

The above methods rely on the practitioner to interpret the results. They are very definitely influenced by your thoughts and desires, but if the conscious mind has been disengaged they are also very accurate. If you spend time thinking about what you want the results to be, you will get the results you seek. If you give up your expectations and just ask the question and let it be answered, you will get a clear yes or no not influenced by your thoughts.

There are other practices you may use to get your answers. They require some study to see the trends that predominate, and are not as definitive to the individual, but they give you the energy the universe has contributed. These practices include astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, and many, many more.

All these that have been mentioned are tools and nothing more. Your inner essential energy will help you find the direction you are going if you step back and let it speak to you. It is vitally important that you let your judgment ego go, release expectations, and go with the flow. Don’t anticipate, don’t question; merely see if the result resonates with you. If it is in synchrony with your body the answer is truth for you.

Spirituality and relationships

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m involved in a really tough relationship with someone very spiritual. We were living together but now he’s gone. He said his heart chakra needs healing because of his past relationships (with one ex he’s got a daughter) how can I reach his heart without hurting him? I want to help him. ~Georgia, Guatemala

ANSWER: Every soul is on an individual journey with absolute freedom of choice to decide each step. All you can do to assist your friend is send him unconditionally loving energy to help him seek and find the answer to his dilemma. You must let him decide his own destiny.

He is a player who goes wherever he feels the best. He does not care too much about those around him unless they are making noise and agitating him. He is trying to figure out what he thinks about his daughter and what, if any part, he should have in her life. This is making his heart ache because he is balancing his desires against the needs of others. This is new for him.

One of the largest steps of spirituality is accepting responsibility for the acts that you instigate. He has had a habit of running away instead of taking care of his duties. His practice of spirituality is: “If it is good for me, I will follow it; if it doesn’t serve me, I will do what I please.” He is aware of all the terms of spirituality and can talk as if he is extremely spiritual, but he is not.

He is a very energetic person so you feel the good positive energy he can draw to himself when you are with him. This makes you feel good so you want to be with him. During the time you were, you did whatever you felt he wanted you to do instead of doing what you wanted. It is time to take back your power and realize what it is you need to continue to grow spiritually.

Where do they come from?

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, about a year-and-a-half ago, when I was in a state of bereavement, a sudden stray and dangerous idea entered my head from nowhere as I was travelling in a bus – it seemed to take root in my mind and grow. Was it a psychic attack? Do psychic attacks actually occur, and does Reiki help in fighting them off? I was told by a medium that, when my wife was suffering, a member of the family went to a black magician for help. Is that true? ~Govind, India

ANSWER:  Humans daydream whenever they are bored, inactive, or running away from the emotions surrounding them. The thoughts that come into their awareness come from experiences they have gone through and things they have read, heard, or seen on television or at the movies. Once an outside idea takes form, your idle mind morphs it into something to stimulate you for good or bad, depending again on your prior experiences.

On extremely rare occasions, another soul may project ideas directed toward your consciousness. This is generally done by a negative being for the purpose of upsetting you and is called a psychic attack. You were not attacked psychically during the session you have reported. Psychic attacks are the bombardment of people by negative energy to disturb them or get them to do some act they would not normally think of doing.

Any form of universal unconditionally loving energy, such as that which is used to help balance / heal others during Reiki, will repel negative energy. Surrounding oneself with this white-light energy will protect you from attack.

Your culture believes in black magic practitioners as a means of taking care of any unpleasantness. Someone did go to a magician but was unsuccessful getting anything done. Whatever people have to do, they can usually do for themselves. With a loving intention, pull universal life force energy from the universe and ask the assistance of your guides to protect and heal any negative aspects attacking you.