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What does prayer do?

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I need some help understanding the logistics of prayer. Does Source (or other nonphysical beings) appreciate prayers of thanksgiving and adoration? Does one have to really feel one’s prayer for it to count, or does speed praying work too? Assuming prayer “works,” is it only Source who can respond to them, or do other beings get involved lower down the universal chain of command? If prayers are answered, is the answer sometimes “No?” I have prayed to die in my sleep during depressive episodes and yet I’m still here to ask questions. I have also been praying for the health of my friend, but I wonder whether that is counterproductive or selfish of me (because I might be trying to neutralize what she took on as major life lessons). Am I interfering in my friend’s free will? ~Alissa, USA

ANSWER: Source is the origin of all material in the universe, both that which is physical on Earth and the nonphysical energies elsewhere. Humans are animated by a soul that is a piece of Source, broken off for Source to obtain information about what it is not. Source is perfect, all powerful, all creative, and infinite. Each piece has the same abilities but experiences negativity so as to help Source evaluate its perfection.

The beings on Earth are enmeshed in a dualistic polarity of negative and positive energy. They need to overcome their negative actions by using thanksgiving, forgiveness, and adoration. Those souls in the area of unconditional love are all the same and part of the whole oneness of Source. Since they are the same, they don’t need to be venerated or thanked.

Each soul has total freedom of choice to decide what it will experience in life. It is the owner and driver of its life – no one else makes any decisions for it. There is no one “out there” to rescue you from – or give credit for – anything that happens in your life. You did it all. When you pray to Source or to a higher power, you are addressing another element of yourself.

A soul may attract to itself that which it needs to experience. People may attempt to create in their life something that goes against the lessons they chose before they came down. They will not be able to bring the conflicting events into their life until they have completed their lessons.

Each of you determines your own path. Praying or sending energy to your friend may assist her if she, too, has the same intention and it is within her desired lessons.

Suicide information

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, a friend’s husband committed suicide and took their 3 years old son with him. Was it a pre-agreed life lesson? How often are suicides pre-agreed? What are some of the life lessons involved here, both for the individuals involved and observers? This is second of my friends whose husband committed suicide. ~KL, China

ANSWER: Most suicides are preplanned among the individual and family and friends. The lessons may be many. The survivors have guilt that they could or should have done something to prevent the action. They may feel grateful they did not choose the same path. They may also have planned to learn about abandonment, betrayal, or immense grief.

Rarely, suicide occurs because the soul is overwhelmed with the amount of lessons it chose and wants to go back and start over again. In such situations, those around the individual had thought they might like to learn the emotions that accompany suicide and have the deep mental, philosophical, and spiritual discussions that arise from being a survivor.

A soul who is planning suicide will put itself into a life situation that makes it easier to go through with the act. Many nationalities, with their internal racial pressures, make suicide appear to be a rational thing to do when all else has failed, or to save face within society.

When a younger person is taken with the person committing suicide, the child had usually wanted to come to Earth only for a short period of time. In the instance you cited, if the father had not killed the boy at the same time, the child would have had an accident or illness to terminate his life since he had not wanted to stay longer.

There are no accidents in your world. Everything happens for a reason – mostly to fulfill the lessons people have chosen or to start a pattern that will lead to a lesson.

Reunion of sorts

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I rediscovered a love of the past. We dated lifelong twice and moved away for incomprehensible reasons. I am currently divorced and childless and he is single and childless also, our reunion was wonderful and came out together, we love to talk, have affinities and physical attraction, however, we are not dating. I feel he has a strong desire to establish a solid relationship, but there is some kind of blockage. I’m sure there is a strong bond of spiritual love between us. What holds us back? ~Wanessa, Brasil

ANSWER: You do not feel yourself as part of the other’s life. You are from the same soul group and have been together a number of times in the past, but you never made any plans for this lifetime except to meet periodically so that you may see the different types of love that exist.

In this lifetime your love is just that of a physical attraction of romantic love and the companionship of sibling or good friend. It was not determined that you would have a deep, spiritual, sharing love. That does not mean that, if both if you so decide, you cannot create such a life in the future.

Neither of you has completed all the life lessons you planned. One of yours was learning to feel the unconditional love of your soul – to be able to love yourself and see yourself as whole without having to have a partner.

He has to increase his self-confidence in the decision-making process. He does not like to make decisions because that means he has to take responsibility for his actions. He hesitates making commitments for fear he will not like the outcome. If you both work on your own problems, you may find you have more to share and can create a more permanent relationship.