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Not just a piece on a game board

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I’m surprised we haven’t destroyed the earth with World War 3, or haven’t been rounded up into FEMA concentration camps to be microchipped by now. My questions is: Did the first source of creation engage in enough divine intervention to prevent World War 3, false flag events, pole reversals, asteroids, etc, but did not provide enough to have a utopian society where free energy devices are released to the public on purpose, because we are expected to do it on our own? ~Jim, usa

ANSWER: Humans are not just game pieces on a board called Earth. Nothing is static; everything constantly changes and morphs into the situations that souls decided they wanted to experience. There are locations—but not on planet Earth—where one might live in a utopian society because that is their choice and the plan for that particular world. However, Earth is for negativity and conflict. It is the only place in the universe with negativity.

Earth has no “divine intervention” as you call it because it is designed to give each soul total freedom to choose what it wishes to understand. Knowledge and learning can only occur when one must decide between available opposites.

If souls wish to have the sort of experiences you mentioned, then they will be set into action. There are places on the planet where people have already been rounded up and placed into camps, and have been tattooed because microchips are too expensive. Pole shifts are a geological and energetic propensity of the planet. Asteroids are galactic wild animals for which humans have to watch. In other words, everything is going according to plan.

You could have opted to go elsewhere, but for this lifetime you chose to try to understand negativity. You chose to come here. Your soul wanted to have the fears and uncontrollable influences to see if you could accept and understand your part in the learning process. The primary lesson is to be able to step away from judgment, live the life you designed, and evaluate the observations to decide which you wish to engage in. This is your singular path; you cannot control what anyone else desires.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

QUESTION: I have had a strong spiritual connection with twin boys since the first school day when we were 7 years old. I wonder why I still have this connection and very alive? Do they feel it? Are they given to those helpful dreams I do? Will this connection last or lead somewhere, special? ~Heidi, Finland

ANSWER: These boys are soul mates of yours with whom you have had a number of lifetimes. You three designed a beginning to this life that would introduce you, through the amnesia you all had, to the energies of recognition. You didn’t carry your plans beyond re-introduction. You were not sure where you would want to go from there. No specific contracts or connections were planned.

You liked the human feeling of recognition of “old friends” and have found it to be stronger than any connection you have made with anyone since. One reason you are so fixated on this feeling is that you have not allowed yourself to be open to anyone else the way you were to them. At your early ages you did not have any disappointments, denied expectations, or negativity between you. Later in life others have not met your expectations, so you remember the time when all was positive and well.

There are too many variables—yours and theirs—in the process of occurring to be able to say whether or not two or all three of you will ever reunite. You go to your dreams to recall all the things you did together before you came down here. You have also created a fantasy world on Earth, and prior memories that comfort you in your current unhappiness.

They are on their own journey. You all have freedom of choice for your futures. Plan what you desire for yourself; you cannot influence others unless they wish. If they are thinking the same thoughts as you, you will be together, but don’t count on that happening, or place your plans on hold until it does. See yourself as part of the world around you. Create the type of experiences you need to understand your life and fully integrate into this human situation. Stress self-love and confidence in your abilities. Bring others into your life from whom you can feel warmth and love.

What does it take?

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter is now 26 and has been writing and singing since age 14. She has worked so hard to achieve a record label signing and is not taken seriously. Everyone who hears her asks why she has not been signed but we do not have the answers. She has had spiritual readings who insist she must continue on and she will be heard by the millions who will appreciate her music but her demos are ignored. She is so low and I’m afraid she will become depressed if she continues. Can you advise? ~Sue, United Kingdom

ANSWER:  Your daughter has a fantastic talent, which she has developed beautifully. She has some doubts about herself that are invisible barriers to her success. This mostly arises from her lack of self-love and confidence. She fears success as much as she desires to achieve it. When others tell her how great she is, her inner thoughts are, “Yeah, right; you are just saying that because you think you should, but what are you really thinking?”

The material she writes expresses her feelings. Take a close look at the yearning that it articulates. She needs to resolve her doubts and fears, which are life lessons she has not addressed.

She is projecting her fears with her music so that others are repelled by the energy that comes out at them. They are totally unaware of this happening. When she can accept herself as she is, she will start radiating love; that will be what others feel and they will want a share of it.

She has also not defined for herself what she wants in the field. Others have told her what she should desire, but she has not always felt that what others say is the thing she wants. One way she could figure it out is to start in a supporting role in the industry to see if this is what she wants full-time in life.

To allow her “discovery,” she has to remove the bursts of negative energy she projects. She won’t be able to do that until she feels love for herself and everything she does.