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Jesus’ life

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, in light of the Easter holiday it brings a question about Christ. Was/Is He God in a human form? I believe He was probably hung on cross. I am positive He was/is an Ascended Master and a brilliant teacher. I know we are all a spark of God, but is Jesus his only son? Are all of the Bible stories the truth? I believe they have probably been modified to suit whoever’s purpose when it was written and/or rewritten. Did He truly rise from the dead as the Easter story goes? ~Wendy, United States

ANSWER: Facts and theories about the soul who took human form and was called Jesus are the basis of all Christian religious groups. The histories, both oral and written, were recorded by humans who had a reason for what they recorded. For some, the reason was not letting people forget the abilities they possessed, shown to them by their great teacher Jesus. They taught that his main purpose for incarnating was to be one who showed the way (a “way-shower”) for humans, someone who authenticated the possibility of things never thought of before.

Others wrote books that allowed them to control those who followed their doctrines. The Bible so many take as “gospel truth” has been rewritten a number of times. Whole sections were removed and prohibited from the current texts because they gave more power to women and accepted principles not wanted by the male-orientated hierarchy. The hierarchy also removed all references to reincarnation because it would give too much hope to many people who were encouraged to obey the laws of clerics for their eternal salvation. It is important that you have an open mind concerning these writings—see what each feels like and if it resonates within you.

We hesitate to use the term “god” because, for most, it conjures up thoughts of a human male with a white beard, wearing flowing white robes, who is judgmental. We prefer the terms “Source” or “Creator” to describe the energy that is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-knowing, and all-creative. This energy is composed of unconditional love and does not judge what any soul does in order to learn about itself. All souls are asexual, being neither male nor female but containing the characteristics of both.

All souls are particles of Source or Creator, not sons or daughters. They all have the same latent abilities but come to Earth with amnesia. Jesus came to show what their souls’ essence makes it possible for humans to do. He did go through a death cycle, but then his soul re-formed a semblance of his original body, making him visible to his followers and showing that they too had this ability. The soul is eternal – it never ceases to exist.

Can I be a success?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, please can you tell me if it is likely that after 30 years of writing (not diligently, I will confess) that I can still make it as an author? I am now in my mid-fifties and, to me it seems much too late to become the success I wanted to be. My works are “for sale” on various sales sites; and I once had a Literary Agent but we argued and she has now retired. I seem not to be able to find anyone who will accept or represent my works, although they complement them very nicely. I have to confess that I have brought myself to depression and poverty – and now, at this late stage and with a child to tend, it worries me that I have been wasting my time and life. ~L.K., United Kingdom

ANSWER: We always say that it is important for you to watch out for the specific expectations you create. Your dreams and imaginings must be in alignment with your life lessons and possible within the venue where you wish to apply these manifestations. To bring to you your desires, you first have to believe in them with your whole being and have nothing else that stands in the way. You have only dedicated yourself to this dream when it was convenient for you.

The literary world is very complex. To be successful it doesn’t make any difference what you think is good; it only matters if you produce something that is desirable to others. To have a best seller (over 1,000,000 sales), you must have a million people who want to read what you have written. Agents who are constantly in the field are aware of what is selling at the moment. They suggest changes that make the material more appealing to others; such editing may differ from your ideals but it comports with what is selling. If you are not willing to listen to their ideas, they are not about to handle you as a client.

You are also faced with a print market that is declining. Book stores are closing across the world. Digital books are the future. To the book purist this is horrid, but it is fact. The return on digital books is a fraction of that on print books, so to make a lot of money you have to write something that is desired by two to three times as many people.

Nothing you do is a waste of time. You always learn what will work and what will not. Depression can be a choice. When you envision one course of action and won’t conceive of anything else, depression is the result. To defuse this disappointment you have to step back and see all the factors involved. Don’t just see what hasn’t happened, but rather choose to see that ruling out non-functional things has pointed you in the direction of success.

Find ways to use your talents to create a profitable business. Begin to see other ways to bring in money. Get rid of the poverty mentality in which you fixate on lack, and allow plenty to replace it.

Destiny and karma

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I want to know if everything is destiny. Whatever will be my destiny it will happen – then what role does karma play? If destiny is everything then either you do good karma or bad karma how does it matter? ~Vijay, Ghana

ANSWER: You are mixing a number of different belief systems to explain your current life and thinking. Destiny is the theory that everything that will occur within your life has already been determined and set in stone and will happen regardless of anything you do to change the future. It is a principle that some use to give up responsibility for the way they live their lives. They can do whatever they choose because it won’t make a difference, and it won’t be their fault if things go wrong because it was ordained.

Karma is part of most Eastern philosophies, which declare that there is a return for everything you do. Do good and your future will be good; do bad by society’s rules and you will be punished for your actions. All the possible happenings within karma remove your conscious decisions from playing a part in your life; if you have done “bad” in a prior life, you are doomed.

All of these possibilities can exist only in a world that judges, grades, and rates actions. If you understand that your trip to Earth is to experience life and make choices to understand your abilities, then you will see that it has to be changeable. If you are faced with a situation and you can see how to turn an event into a valuable lesson, then you have truly learned something.

We ask you to feel in your heart that you have the ability to create your own world. You are broken off from Source and have all the powers of which Source is made. You have freedom of choice as to how you want to experience each and every day of your life; nothing is absolute or predetermined.

Negative and positive, punishment, retribution, and destiny can exist only in your dualistic world. The soul exists in unconditional love, where it makes the choices for day-to-day activity.