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Spiritual vs. legal

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my spiritual partner and my star soul mate has moved out to get married and start a family unit so that his children can have a home. Both of us are divorced with children, though my children are independent. His are being taken care of by their maternal grandma. We had been together for 2 yrs and had a spiritual marriage before God. I am feeling lost. I’m his wife yet I am neither here nor there. What do I do now? I would like to move beyond emotions and attachments. ~Sumathy, Singapore

ANSWER: Your spiritual marriage was the meeting and sharing of experiences by two similar souls on separate pathways. You both needed to feel what sharing could be like after you left your spouses. You also clung to each other in a morose sympathy, licking your wounds and hiding from yourselves. He realized that he had to get back to taking responsibility for his children and providing a home for them, and that you were not yet ready to take care of others.

It would be nice if you could only think of yourself and not have to take care of others such as children, but that does not often happen on Earth. It is time for you to move on. Examine the situation in which you find yourself and decide what you must do. You were relying on him to make too many of the decisions you needed about your everyday life.

You like the idea of being someone’s wife because it implies you are a possession, protected, and told what to do. It removes responsibility from you and the possibility of making a choice that you later would not like. Without a spouse you are on your own with no one to blame for discomfort.

Your life is definitely all about attachments and the accompanying emotions. If you wish to find a balance in your life you must evaluate where you stand. Accept that you do not need to be attached to another human. You are a beautiful soul who has all the necessary knowledge to carry you through this life experience. It is time to take back your power of decision making and live in this moment.

Emotions are reactions to events around you. The majority of them are negative feelings since your life lessons come to you mostly in negative situations, because you are learning what you are (unconditional love) by experiencing what you are not (negativity). Learn from these emotional signals what you do not wish to repeat. Use your intention to bring positive patterns into your daily life. You do not need another to move forward; you are not ready—you need to trust yourself first. When you are in control of your experiences, you will be ready to share with a soul mate.

Family Pressures

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, as much as I love my husband, I find his parents very trying. His father is vulgar, unhygienic, and irresponsible. His mother is only slightly better. They are divorced now. His father doesn’t take care of his grandmother and thank goodness for his aunties, who are able to look after her. However, because my husband needs to chip in as well, he gets tired easily and he doesn’t have the energy to improve himself, in terms of his education. I foresee much suffering for both of us if this continues. I would like to know what are the life lessons that my husband and I are supposed to learn? Is my husband not improving himself simply due to his tiredness? ~H J J, Singapore

ANSWER: A sense of responsibility for others affects various people in different ways. Your in-laws care only for themselves. Day-to-day customs, hygiene, and socialization are personal matters, and it is difficult to convince any adults that they are not measuring up to societal standards. They simply don’t care what other people think about them.

When someone is forced into assuming responsibility for a relative’s care, which is normally provided by another, many factors come into play. How do people feel about this duty? Does it weigh heavily on them because they don’t see why they should have to do it and feel “put upon” by the situation?

Performing a service you do not feel is your responsibility does more to you than make you physically tired. It can impact you mentally and emotionally as well. An internal struggle brought on by re-living the reasons that place you in a situation you did not choose takes a lot of energy. If, in addition to fighting what you are doing, you see it is preventing you from carrying on in your life the way you feel you need to in order to obtain success, your whole life becomes a misery.

Your husband is doing all this work, being prevented from doing what he feels he needs to do for his future, and inside he is fuming at his father for forcing him into this situation. This is not the first time he has had to do something he didn’t want to because of his father’s actions, and each time his resentment and anger get stronger and stronger. This is emotionally tiring him out and bleeding off his initiative to better himself. He needs to realize where his feelings are going, and decide what he wants to do about the gathering negativity. Acknowledging that it is there is the first step to handling it.

An interconnected system

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am suffering from terrible and constant skin problems. I am vegetarian, have a good diet, do not smoke, and am a holistic health practitioner. I am in the process of further quite intense training at the moment and I wonder if this is a sign of further detoxification or clearing? What can I do to improve my skin? ~Liz, UK

[Disclaimer: The Masters offer spiritual advice and do not diagnose, prescribe therapies, nor treat human illnesses. Readers are advised to discuss their issues with a licensed medical practitioner. Toni and Peter]

ANSWER: All forms of toxins may exit the body through the skin. Emotional influences cause hormonal and chemical changes within the skin and viscera. When you are doing intense energetic work the balance of your physical body may be shifted. Your body also cycles through changes as each layer replenishes itself as a part of normal growth.

Your sensitive aspect is your skin. It reacts to excretions, toxins, the presence of chemicals, excess or lack of hormones, and stress-induced substances. You also are currently sensitive to substances with which your skin comes into contact. Lotions, soaps, sizing in fabric, and dyes are all possible stimuli.

Frequent cooling, cleansing bathing is a necessity. An occasional baking soda soak will pull out substances stuck in the pores. During this period of sensitivity, food substances that have been almost staples for you may cause reactions, particularly acidic ones. Your best chance of reducing future attacks is to do everything in moderation—even your food intake—balancing everything and not letting anything become dominant.

Clear your energetic body frequently to increase the speed of elimination. Just use your intention and visualize a steady stream of healing power coursing through your pranic tube, internal organs, and glands. You will see your body coming back into balance.