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QUESTION: Masters, I am suffering from terrible and constant skin problems. I am vegetarian, have a good diet, do not smoke, and am a holistic health practitioner. I am in the process of further quite intense training at the moment and I wonder if this is a sign of further detoxification or clearing? What can I do to improve my skin? ~Liz, UK

[Disclaimer: The Masters offer spiritual advice and do not diagnose, prescribe therapies, nor treat human illnesses. Readers are advised to discuss their issues with a licensed medical practitioner. Toni and Peter]

ANSWER: All forms of toxins may exit the body through the skin. Emotional influences cause hormonal and chemical changes within the skin and viscera. When you are doing intense energetic work the balance of your physical body may be shifted. Your body also cycles through changes as each layer replenishes itself as a part of normal growth.

Your sensitive aspect is your skin. It reacts to excretions, toxins, the presence of chemicals, excess or lack of hormones, and stress-induced substances. You also are currently sensitive to substances with which your skin comes into contact. Lotions, soaps, sizing in fabric, and dyes are all possible stimuli.

Frequent cooling, cleansing bathing is a necessity. An occasional baking soda soak will pull out substances stuck in the pores. During this period of sensitivity, food substances that have been almost staples for you may cause reactions, particularly acidic ones. Your best chance of reducing future attacks is to do everything in moderation—even your food intake—balancing everything and not letting anything become dominant.

Clear your energetic body frequently to increase the speed of elimination. Just use your intention and visualize a steady stream of healing power coursing through your pranic tube, internal organs, and glands. You will see your body coming back into balance.