Spiritual vs. legal

QUESTION: Masters, my spiritual partner and my star soul mate has moved out to get married and start a family unit so that his children can have a home. Both of us are divorced with children, though my children are independent. His are being taken care of by their maternal grandma. We had been together for 2 yrs and had a spiritual marriage before God. I am feeling lost. I’m his wife yet I am neither here nor there. What do I do now? I would like to move beyond emotions and attachments. ~Sumathy, Singapore

ANSWER: Your spiritual marriage was the meeting and sharing of experiences by two similar souls on separate pathways. You both needed to feel what sharing could be like after you left your spouses. You also clung to each other in a morose sympathy, licking your wounds and hiding from yourselves. He realized that he had to get back to taking responsibility for his children and providing a home for them, and that you were not yet ready to take care of others.

It would be nice if you could only think of yourself and not have to take care of others such as children, but that does not often happen on Earth. It is time for you to move on. Examine the situation in which you find yourself and decide what you must do. You were relying on him to make too many of the decisions you needed about your everyday life.

You like the idea of being someone’s wife because it implies you are a possession, protected, and told what to do. It removes responsibility from you and the possibility of making a choice that you later would not like. Without a spouse you are on your own with no one to blame for discomfort.

Your life is definitely all about attachments and the accompanying emotions. If you wish to find a balance in your life you must evaluate where you stand. Accept that you do not need to be attached to another human. You are a beautiful soul who has all the necessary knowledge to carry you through this life experience. It is time to take back your power of decision making and live in this moment.

Emotions are reactions to events around you. The majority of them are negative feelings since your life lessons come to you mostly in negative situations, because you are learning what you are (unconditional love) by experiencing what you are not (negativity). Learn from these emotional signals what you do not wish to repeat. Use your intention to bring positive patterns into your daily life. You do not need another to move forward; you are not ready—you need to trust yourself first. When you are in control of your experiences, you will be ready to share with a soul mate.