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The value in thought

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I liked your answer on our life’s purpose. I, too, ask this question frequently. I suppose that I will not actually consciously know my purpose during this lifetime. If our soul is here to experience this world in order to gain maturity as a soul, it occurs to me that all experience is experience. Sitting back and just wondering why I am here is boring. Going out taking risks, exploring and taking notice of what I feel drawn to-even the “bad” experiences-makes me more experienced today than yesterday. It would be good to hear what you have to say about this, even though not hearing from you is also valuable! Which just leaves it to us to work things out.

ANSWER: We love your analysis! Your conclusion is perfect-it is up to you to work out all the lessons in life so that you may get that valuable knowledge for which you came to Earth. Yes, the bad experiences are just as important, if not more so, than the good ones. Don’t you remember the things that didn’t go right better than the things that did?

What we would like everyone to contemplate is the process that your question points out. You learn by looking at your life from every possible angle. But that is not the end of the job. Until you verbalize your conclusions, the actions do not become a part of who you are. Formulating a question, if you think about the process, is the best way to begin to change and get your answer to the events in your life.

If you don’t engage in the process of living you are not alive. If you are not alive you are not learning. If you are not learning you are not fulfilling your purpose on Earth. If you do not fulfill your purpose in coming to Earth you will have to start over and do it all again. Examine your life and get the answers so you don’t have to return to the beginning.

Energy and intention

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, could you share your thoughts concerning Reiki, the so-called Universal Energy? Is it correct that so many people can suddenly give it for healing after being initiated? Can we be sure that this energy is pure and from the light? I have the same questions about Deeksha, or Oneness Blessing, from India.

ANSWER: There are many recognized forms of energy healing and many practitioners of healing arts. We will talk of each separately.

Energy is everywhere. Everything that you can comprehend and everything that you can imagine is energy. The way you, as a human, see something is based on the energy signature it chooses to possess. The workings of the human body are energetic and sometimes need assistance to get back into balance or to stay in balance. The free energy, that which is not contained in a physical format, is called universal life-force energy and functions as a balancer.

This energy may be directed by intention. Different labels have been assigned to the process of directing energy by people who have found a procedure that works for them. They will then teach others how to do their procedure, calling it Reiki, Deeksha, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch, or any one of a number of titles. The commonality between them is the direction of universal life-force energy to free blockages within the body.

By itself, the universal life-force energy is intelligent. It knows where to go and what to do when directed to enter into a body, and will do just that unless the intention of the director pushes it to do something more than balancing the body. And, by itself, the energy will do no harm and is always “of the Light.”

We shall now speak of the practitioners. Since the energy is directed by the intention of the healers, their intention holds the key to the workings of the energy. Most healers hold the intention that everything they do is for the highest and greatest good of their clients. If the practitioners have an agenda of making clients dependent upon them, they will put restrictions or negativity within the energy flow. They will also believe that they are doing the healing, when in fact, any healing done is the work of the universal life-force energy and they are merely the conduit for that force.

When becoming involved with energy healing, it is always imperative that you determine the intention of the healers. Talk with them and see if they are controlled by their ego or by the pure intention of helping others. See if they are talking about bringing you into balance or if are they setting up a prolonged business for themselves requiring many treatments before they even begin. If so, it is not the energy that is not of the Light but the practitioners.

Your final question about being immediately able to conduct energy after an initiation has to do with the students. Many forms have ritualistic practices that are intended to prepare students to be healers. When students think this is necessary, they will not believe they can direct energy until they have gone through the process. Once they have been inducted into the practice, they finally activate their intention and the energy flows. Even if you have never taken a single energy class, if you have the intention to heal with energy, you have the ability to do so. The next step is what the client’s intention is for the energy-but we will not discuss that here.

Computers and Kids

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, what can you recommend to parents who deal with children who spend so much time on computers: Facebook, gaming, etc.? Do we need to stop them because it is harmful for their health, or is it just a new communication tool? The same with cellular phones?

ANSWER: Earth children live in a vibrant world where it is easy to have friends and acquaintances all over the planet. Before the computer a child’s world was first defined by how far he could walk, then by how far his bicycle could take him, then by what his home’s television set could bring him, and now by his knowledge of the use of a computer. Children are able to compare notes on life-all over the planet-by moving their fingers around the keyboard.

Could you imagine what joy parents in the 1940s, who couldn’t get their child to stay in school and definitely not get them to do any reading for fun or informational purposes, would have seeing their child spending hours reading off a monitor? A computer is much more than a communications device-it is an educational tool. It allows a perspective to be developed about the future. It opens prospects never before imagined. “I could do that? Wow!”

The danger is when the computer becomes the child’s world, an excuse not to interact physically with others. Gaming is even helpful to develop reflexes, evaluative skills, and self confidence; just be sure those talents get carried outside on to the sports field or into group activities.

As a parent, just like monitoring the foods your children consume, you must be sure they have a balance of social skills. Some of these can readily come from computer or cell phone time. If you want to turn time spent on Facebook into actual face-to-face time, help your child plan outside activities, or a yard party, or a sporting event. Moderation is important.