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Life after death

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Welcome back, fellow souls. Many of you have repeatedly asked, “What is it like at Home?” We will give you a sense of it today.

Upon your Earth there has always been a fascination about life after death. The questions that you frequently ask of us are about those who have left body form and returned home: “are they happy?” “are they still mad at me?” “will they forgive me?” “are they getting what they justly deserve for what they did to me?” These questions basically come from a misunderstanding of what Home is like.

We previously defined for you what Home is (see Glossary), but there are still a lot of misconceptions. Once your soul leaves your physical shell, it has no touchable solid form unless you choose to use some of your energy to create a body. The bottom line, so to speak, is that as a soul you are nothing more than an amorphous (cloud-like) energetic mass. We are hearing some say “that’s yucky!” In point of fact it allows one soul to join with the matrix of all that exists, and to know everything, and to be in more than one place at a time, because there are no restraints or restrictions placed upon you. It is the ultimate in freedom!

The questions we are most frequently asked come from the idea that your loved ones are just your loved ones. However, each soul has spent many different lifetimes with many different families and friends. The lifetime that you are aware of is one in which you made various contracts with the deceased person, before coming down, to have learning experiences. The factors that create that feeling of anger, regret, and hatred within you were all predetermined by you to provide you with lessons that you yourself sought. To the departed they are merely academic now. We carry no unresolved emotions into the unconditional love of Home—unless we choose to, if we will not let go of them.

Some discarnate souls separated from the physical body may still cling to that need to feel physical because they want to continue on with that past life. They are souls who have failed to complete at least one of the lessons they sought to learn. They want to go on and complete the work even though their body is no longer viable. They cling in physical desperation to that body which identifies who they think they are. This occurs because they refuse to let go of the ego that defined who they were in the purely physical dimension. They still remain a slave to the thinking brain; they have not embraced their soul. With these ideas paramount the soul/body remains connected to Earth and haunts or constantly contacts those who remain. (Eventually it will come to understand its situation and return Home.)

The soul who has embraced its pure identity exists at Home in unconditional love, where there is no hate, no fear, no regret, no judgment. That soul is available, if not engaged in other pursuits, to communicate with those on Earth at its pleasure. It is totally purged of any residual emotional issues stemming from interaction on Earth with other souls. So there is nothing to forgive, to make up for, nothing but love for all souls and their journeys.

May your journey be fruitful, in love, for we love you all.

Live your life in love, light and laughter!

The Masters of the Spirit World