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The soul’s pathway

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Welcome fellow souls! We are glad you have come to join us. We begin this message speaking of lessons. This brief definition will help to bring you into synchronization with us.

The way souls gain wisdom is by experiencing things. As we said last week, the sole purpose for souls breaking off from Source (the Supreme Being) is for them to gain experience outside of Home, the dimension of unconditional love. This we do with lessons, for souls to experience the positive/negative duality of the physical plane in which you live. Lessons are not undertaken in a chance “whatever may come” fashion. They are pre-selected by each soul before it embarks on its journey to Earth. We all have advisors, guides, and a council who help us decide what to experience, but each individual soul makes the final selection of the lessons it wishes to learn.

We will review the duration of a lesson from planning to completion, taking the example of control, at its extreme, by one soul over another. In the comfortable energy of Home, we discuss what would be interesting to experience. To know what it is like to be controlled by another, we have many different choices, slavery being one. For most of you, slavery brings to mind what happened in the Americas in your past, where a group of individuals went to impoverished nations, kidnapped people there, and forced them into servitude.

Slavery is only one form of personal control exercised over another, the taking away of what an individual soul believes to be its freedom of choice. Adult control may be exercised when a parent refuses to let her child choose a favored course of study at school, or engage in an after-school activity. It may even begin with the consent of the one wishing to have the experience of being controlled, a perfect example from your past being indentured service. In this, souls gave themselves up to be the bonded servant of another for a set period of time so they might trade having no hope for their future for the chance of re-building their lives and bettering themselves.

A control situation frequently happens within your families when a child expresses an interest in a particular sport—tennis, soccer, or football. The parents think ambitiously and when their offspring shows talent, they become like masters dictating that, because the child is so proficient, he must continue to practice, even though he may not wish to continue the experience. So there are early morning practices, and then more practices, and body-building, and a forced nutritional regime, all much beyond what the child ever sought to have. That sort of control is a type of slavery.

How does this equate with the lessons we mentioned at the start? The soul has chosen to experience being controlled and giving up responsibility and freedom of choice to another. It may have given up control to avoid having to think or to be responsible for what happens. Can this soul learn anything in that scenario? The simple answer is that it can learn only if it realizes that it really does have a choice and can change the direction of its life by backing out of the agreement to be enslaved or, in the sports example, by taking responsibility and telling the parents, “I do not choose to do that.” The slave in chains may escape (as so many did). The indentured person may fulfill the contract and then move immediately to another location.

Q: Remembering crippled children enslaved as beggars in some countries, there appears to be no way out of such slavery for many of them except by death. Do you include death as a means of escape?

Death is a way to escape if the incarnate soul is constantly fighting the experience. They might learn why they have experienced that particular harshness if they go inside themselves to find the strength that is within and, having tapped into that strength, they will know it was a choice they made that once experienced does not have to be repeated.

Q: So the escape can be a mental escape?

It can be physical, mental, emotional, or transitional (i.e., by going Home—death). Many times when a soul, having experienced being controlled, is given the opportunity to move into a position where it is in charge of its own life, the fear of having to be responsible for itself keeps it in the same situation and it does not choose to move on.

The lesson for the soul is to recognize what it is doing in this lifetime, what it has experienced, and how it has the freedom of choice to learn not to be controlled by others. It can also recognize that it can make decisions and move out of fear into acceptance of itself as an individual. After that it can complete the lesson by assuming responsibility for itself, heading off the control of another, and then advancing to the next chosen lesson. Every soul on your planet in human form who is enslaved, whether in chains, or indentured, or under the mental and emotional control of another, freely agreed before entering body form that it wanted to have that experience, wanted to know what it felt like, wanted to know how it could change the tides and learn that it alone is responsible for itself, where it goes and what it learns.

So, although it may appear that those who are in chains have no choice, they actually chose to be born into that situation so they could experience that harshness. Within such lessons there are categories, control being the main one. Underlying that can be learning self-worth, for those who are enslaved frequently think that they deserve to be physically enslaved, until they learn that all of us, being part of Source, are the same.

Similar teaching experiences include souls having to rely on other people. They may also involve aspects of illness where, because of despair over their situation, people cut off the energy flow through their body and become critically ill. (They have the ability, if they go inside themselves, to learn that they can with their intention reverse the blockages they have created.) Each of these experiences constitutes a lesson. Unless your soul taps your inner knowledge to find the basic experience you wish to have, and then completes it, you will not gain the wisdom of that experience—and you may need to choose to return with a different example of the same lesson in that present or a future life experience, until you have finally mastered it.