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Responsible for your reality

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I have always been brought down by confidence issue. My world is very small and I don’t dare to think big which is why I haven’t gotten any further in my life at my age. I can’t imagine myself doing big things either and to the extent of even thinking of driving a car. What should I do? ~Hap, Singapore

ANSWER: Every soul creates their own reality. If you impose limitations on your world you are restricted by what you can understand and learn. It is you who sets the beliefs of possibilities. You already know that one of your life lessons chosen is that of a lack of self-confidence. But rather than addressing this issue and figuring out why it is there and what you wanted to learn from it, you have embraced it wholeheartedly and let it define you.

You have totally shied away from accepting that you are a piece of Source energy with magnificent powers and abilities. You hide in the corner and watch others doing what you have the ability to do if you were only to believe. There is nothing wrong with remaining as you are, but you will not grow in spiritual wisdom by staying still.

With your freedom of choice, you get to define who and what you are. Are you a timid little mouse or a strong elephant charging through life to gather knowledge? Certain factors from your youth made you think you were unable to deal with life. Are you going to let them triumph, or are you going to examine all those erroneous beliefs and reform them into a happier, less traumatic existence?

You are in the driver’s seat. Since you have stayed away from learning to drive, it stands to reason that you fear taking responsibility for the actions in your life. You have no choices if you don’t think you do. You then depend upon others to tell you what to think and do. Want to change that?

To create a new dynamic, you have to accept that your essence is powerful. In the deepest layer of your being, you have to want to change. You have to find out what causes the fear of responsibility. You have to start trusting yourself to make the right decisions for you. Then you have to take that first step outside the comfort zone you have created for yourself.

The universe is huge, and you have spanned its width and breadth in other lifetimes. You are missing so much by limiting your life to your small world. Continue if you wish, but the rest of society is awaiting your debut.  

Trance mediumship

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters can you please explain trance mediumship? I have had a few experiences over the years given the right relaxed sittings during spiritual workshops where spirit has joined and over-shadowed me. I take on different mannerisms and have spoken words that are not mine. I want to develop this more but don’t feel I can ever go deep enough. Can you explain the best way for me to develop a deeper stronger connection with those spirits willing to communicate through me, how can I help them? ~Michelle, United Kingdom

ANSWER: In Wikipedia, trance is explained “as an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli (but nevertheless capable of pursuing and realizing an aim) or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person (if any) who has induced the trance. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden.”

The first necessary thing is to decide exactly what it is for which you are striving. There are several different states and stages of trance mediumship. In stage one, you give over the use of your body to a nonphysical soul who wishes to use your vocal cords to deliver messages and contact others on Earth, and you insist upon no specific restrictions.

Other forms may find you unconscious and having no memory of what occurred – your awareness being totally absent from the proceedings. You may be unconscious but retain a memory of the event. You may be semi-conscious and hear what is being said, or semi-conscious and groggy, unperceiving the event.

Then there is mediumship where you allow the use of your vocal cords and body, but your consciousness is still in house technically, not in a trance. You may have memory of the conversation or not. In either state, trance or not, you have the ability to dictate what you will permit the other soul to do through you and what and how much you will remember.

Achieving any of these circumstances starts with your allowing it to happen. You must become as restful as you can, pushing anxiety away. It is also important to clear your mind of your own thoughts so that they do not interfere with the process.

Practice, practice, practice comes next. You can also designate one or more souls as co-occupiers of your body and the timing when they may appear. Honor yourself by making decisions for your soul’s temple. And lastly, have fun with it.

Souls in-between

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters would like you to enlighten me about the souls who left the earth and did not return to unconditional love. You said that there is no valley of suicides as Kardec says, but who then are the souls that appear at the mediumistic tables? Many suffering and lost and others clinging to evil. Are these souls unaware of the state they are in? Or do they not want to return to unconditional love by conscious free choice? ~Marcelo, US

ANSWER: A soul has complete freedom of choice as to what they wish to do. When a soul has incarnated into a human body and then the body ceases to be viable for one reason or another, the soul then has choices. It may remain in the environment it had just inhabited as a person. If so, it is generally to finish up some tasks begun before death. Some souls are even unaware that they are no longer corporeal (possessed of a body) and flit around as if still alive trying to complete work.

There are also souls who have negative thoughts about revenge or getting even with whoever caused their demise or with others they believe offended them in life. Another reason to stay on in the in-between status is fear that they will not go to what they believe is heaven but will instead be relegated to hell. At any time they wish, they can enter unconditional love using intention alone.

The souls who partake in mediumship events are not all “stuck” in-between. Souls who have returned to Source and unconditional love have the ability to speak to those remaining by using a medium to establish a physical presence. A soul at Home has the ability to go wherever they desire whenever they desire.

Those tormented souls who appear at a medium’s table are the confused souls who don’t want to exercise their own freedom of choice but want someone else to tell them what they must do. If they had no spiritualistic understanding while in body, they have no idea how powerful they are in determining their futures. They do not know about using intention to change status. They do not understand the term “freedom of choice” and think they have none. Be kind and inform them that all they have to do is intend to be Home, and they will be there.