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The reason behind it all

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I am struggling to understand – you stated on 18 June that source is all knowing but sent pieces of itself (souls) to earth to find out what it was not. Should it not have known the answer to that? Also, if we are pieces of source then we also must be all knowing, then why the need for life lessons. ~Anne, Wales

ANSWER: The ability to be all knowing still has limitations – even for Source. One can only have an awareness of that which has been experienced. Someone who has never been exposed to frigid conditions cannot know what it feels like to be frozen or even to be cold as compared to body temperature.

Source’s environment always consisted of nothing but positive, unconditional love: i.e., perfection. There was no conflict, no control, no discomfort, no need to make decisions to learn or rid oneself of negativity – because it didn’t exist.

Source wondered what the opposite of its world of perfection would be like, but without creating such a place, there was no way to experience it. So, Source created the planet you call Earth to be a duality: one half consisting of Source’s known unconditional love energy, or positivity, and the other half consisting of energy lacking unconditional love, or negativity.

If Source immersed its whole being in the duality, it would no longer have a control that only existed in unconditional love. So instead of leaving unconditional love in its entirety, it broke off pieces of itself that could have a multitude of varying experiences.

Source and all initial pieces, or souls, exist in a nonphysical, energetic world. When in that state, souls do, indeed, have a knowledge of all. However, once they enter the physical world, taking a physical covering, they are deprived of their knowledge so that they might work to learn all about that state of being.

There is also a differentiation between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the awareness of a fact, such as the requirements for participating in a marathon and the various effects it has on the body. Anyone who has not actually prepared for and run a marathon, however, does not have the wisdom gained from the physical, mental, and emotional impacts thereof. It is only through having the experience oneself that the soul can gather the wisdom to be able to apply the knowledge across its entire existence and to other, similar difficulties in life.

Life lessons are specialized events that souls decide to examine more fully. They choose them before entering the world so they may prepare the needed environment to ensure success. They leave their former awareness at Home so as not to tamper with the experiment.

Newgrange and Stonehenge

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I recently visited the stunning and massive Newgrange passage tomb in Ireland, built some 1,000 years before Stonehenge. Archaeologist now believe that stone age peoples were far more sophisticated than first thought and such monuments were built as a massive and willing community undertaking bringing together tribes from all over the country. Can the masters tell us why Newgrange and Stonehenge were built and aligned to the Solstice points and what they were used for? Also, how where the massive blocks transported and lifted. Was it sheer human effort or were long forgotten levitation techniques involved? ~David, UK

ANSWER: The monuments you mention were built over huge periods of time, and their usages changed to fit the needs and beliefs of the people existing in those periods. An aspect of each carried religious connotations of the journey of life. Some of the construction, such as the passage tombs, symbolized the birth canal and the desire to be born into the next phase of the journey after human life. Each served as burial places for the builders, as well.

All were attuned to the astrological movement of the planets to honor and ask for help from the major seasonal periods, such as the longest day of the year and the shortest – always with a hope that honoring these transitions would ensure their physical transition, as well. During some of these periods, myths arose about the presence of gods within the sites.

As time passed, they became a unifying project for various people to come together with a singular purpose. In some cases, they served almost as fair grounds do today: to bring people together to trade, celebrate, meet prospective mates from different tribes, and learn from each other.

The construction had many aspects depending on the intention of the builders at any one time. Stonehenge turned into a healing location for a time, with many of the stones being “singing stones” that produced resonances when struck. Remains of “pilgrims” from far-off lands have been identified. Materials were gathered for the historical significances attached to them by the builders.

Most of the movement of the massive pillars was by manpower alone. A few of the people, at various times, had mastered the ability to levitate the stones, and that was also used.

Blocked memories

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters. I’ve been working on releasing false or resisted experiences/believes from childhood. For some time, I have been getting this feeling that I was sexually abused as a child by my father. Is it true? If so, I would like to clean up anything around this. I’ve had a hard time recollecting memory from my past that relates to my father so I’m going by feeling. Why can’t I remember? I feel there is a lot I blocked. Is there something that I’ve been resisting that I need to experience to release/discreate these feelings that keep coming up and finally let them go. If so, what are they? Any lessons that I need to learn around this, besides continuing to trust my intuition? ~Kiara, USA

ANSWER: Your memories, or rather feelings, are correct. You suppressed most of your youth, at least during the time of the sex acts, and have held them firmly closed because of the warnings you were given. Your father blamed everything that happened on you and told you all kinds of nasty things that were going to happen to you and the rest of the family if you told anyone.

During this same time period, a friend of yours also divulged sexual activities in her family and the whole neighborhood took sides. Your fiend was discredited, the parents got divorced, and she went off never to be seen again. You didn’t want any more of your life to be disrupted. You began living in the shadows.

It is very common to block out unpleasant experiences, particularly those where you felt you were to blame. You must first examine any sense of blame that still remains. Ask yourself what makes you feel uncomfortable because of anything you have done. If that doesn’t work in the beginning, try to open your feelings concerning when you stopped trusting your decisions.

Your intuition is the secret doorway into the past. Run everything that feels unsafe or uncomfortable by your intuition. What is causing the sensation? What do I need to shine light upon? Follow those fears and doubts, as you would do for any life lesson. Try going into a deep meditation and asking your higher self to show you the blockages. If you know a good spiritual hypnotherapist, that could be a very fast way to access that time period.