The reason behind it all

QUESTION: Masters, I am struggling to understand – you stated on 18 June that source is all knowing but sent pieces of itself (souls) to earth to find out what it was not. Should it not have known the answer to that? Also, if we are pieces of source then we also must be all knowing, then why the need for life lessons. ~Anne, Wales

ANSWER: The ability to be all knowing still has limitations – even for Source. One can only have an awareness of that which has been experienced. Someone who has never been exposed to frigid conditions cannot know what it feels like to be frozen or even to be cold as compared to body temperature.

Source’s environment always consisted of nothing but positive, unconditional love: i.e., perfection. There was no conflict, no control, no discomfort, no need to make decisions to learn or rid oneself of negativity – because it didn’t exist.

Source wondered what the opposite of its world of perfection would be like, but without creating such a place, there was no way to experience it. So, Source created the planet you call Earth to be a duality: one half consisting of Source’s known unconditional love energy, or positivity, and the other half consisting of energy lacking unconditional love, or negativity.

If Source immersed its whole being in the duality, it would no longer have a control that only existed in unconditional love. So instead of leaving unconditional love in its entirety, it broke off pieces of itself that could have a multitude of varying experiences.

Source and all initial pieces, or souls, exist in a nonphysical, energetic world. When in that state, souls do, indeed, have a knowledge of all. However, once they enter the physical world, taking a physical covering, they are deprived of their knowledge so that they might work to learn all about that state of being.

There is also a differentiation between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the awareness of a fact, such as the requirements for participating in a marathon and the various effects it has on the body. Anyone who has not actually prepared for and run a marathon, however, does not have the wisdom gained from the physical, mental, and emotional impacts thereof. It is only through having the experience oneself that the soul can gather the wisdom to be able to apply the knowledge across its entire existence and to other, similar difficulties in life.

Life lessons are specialized events that souls decide to examine more fully. They choose them before entering the world so they may prepare the needed environment to ensure success. They leave their former awareness at Home so as not to tamper with the experiment.