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The reason for incarnation

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I am confused about our purpose for a life on earth: I understand we are here to experience things that we cannot experience anywhere but the duality of earth. But since souls live in only total and complete love, why are we expected to “work through or resolve” the negative feelings we experience? It isn’t enough to go through negativity and just deal with these situations the best you can while here? I mean, sometimes there is no resolution other than to put people out of your life. Is that in itself learning or resolution? ~Robi, US

ANSWER: Source was all alone and existed in perfection. He/she/it wondered what was the opposite of its own perfection, so pieces (souls) were broken off to get answers. Since everything that existed at that time was unconditional love (that is, all positive with no negativity at all), planet Earth was created to be a place where opposites existed, and creatures populating it could choose a positive or negative experience.

Once a soul enters a body and comes to Earth, it doesn’t remember that it exists in unconditionally loving perfection when not in this domain. We say that the soul is having a human experience in which it is subjected to the rules and regulations comprising the duality of its chosen home and must find the unconditionally loving energy at its core in order to “feel” it.

We call this place of duality the third dimension; it is ruled by the ego with everything being graded, rated, and judged. Souls make the choice to come to Earth to see if they can figure out the lessons they have chosen. It is impossible to work on lessons deciding between negative and positive choices while in the arena of love, because no negativity is available there; all lessons are set in negativity because that is the opposite of love and perfection. If one has never lived in the arctic or the desert, they do not know what it is to freeze or boil.

Just acknowledging the chosen lesson and dealing with it the best way you can does not give you an understanding of all the things in your life that it affects. It is only by resolving the issue through choosing its opposite (positive) activity that you can gain the wisdom of the situation and never have to repeat it in this, or any other, lifetime.

Being controlled by another

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I know that when my daughter feels sad, unhappy or irritated, it’s up to me if I let her drag me down with her or not. However, I feel I can resist her emotional impact only if I become distant or sort of indifferent to her. If I do so, it seems to me that I love her less and this feels wrong. How is it possible to protect oneself from being dragged down by another person and still love him/her the same? ~Lina, Lithuania

ANSWER: It is always up to the individual soul to respond to the energy being directed at them by someone else. It revolves around lessons for one, or both, of the parties. If you are the one being dragged down, it can happen only if you allow it to occur. The process is that you feel responsible for, or identify with, some or all of what the person is saying. You are in fact acknowledging in your mind that they know more about what you need, or how you are going to react, than you do.

The “emotional impact” you mention is caused by your accepting blame for some of the actions of your daughter. Becoming distant is one way to deal with her, but you are cutting off any chance to talk and work with her concerning the reason she is acting the way she is. These are choices she is making, not automatic chemical or psychologically controlled behavior.

She is also enjoying how upset you become with yourself during these times. When you don’t engage in her drama, you are actually helping her, because she can control her emotions but is having too much fun seeing you miserable and guilt ridden. However, you sometimes over-react afterward and allow her to dictate her desires because you believe your tiny action of disengagement means you love her less.

Ask yourself if you would allow her to harm herself. Demand that she examine the result her actions are having upon others. Why are you treating her manipulation as different from a child’s unruly behavior? She is sucking all your positive energy so she doesn’t have to work to get her own by releasing the negativity in which she dwells.

Refusing to allow her to affect you is not withholding love or loving her less than you do at other times. You could also try surrounding yourself with unconditional love for her whenever she starts her manipulations so that you give her love, which she doesn’t have to try to wrest away from you. She will easily tire of her games if she no longer upsets you.

Spirits contacts

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters 10 years ago I worked with a spirit guide who gave me information about myself and life in spirit. I would meditate, raise my vibration, sit opposite him and record the answers he gave. I thought he had my best interests at heart. Two mediums told me he was a genuine guide but he introduced a harmful energy into my body which destabilized my root chakra. I’ve never fully recovered from this injury but I ended the contact shortly after. Just recently I’ve developed a healing energy after taking Angelsword flower essence. I am able to instigate the healing energy at will. This has come with clairaudience from a group of 4 beings, 2 female, 2 male (one is angel, so I’m told). The problem is I have a problem trusting them; and am worried they will cause me further harm. Can I trust these guides? ~Lynnie, UK

ANSWER: One of your most important lessons in this lifetime is that of discernment: being able to examine what is being presented to you and determine whether or not it is true within your spiritual journey and should be embraced.

One of the potential dangers in working with spirit guides is becoming complacent about your contact with them so that you forget to put up protection to keep other entities from interceding. The spirit with whom you worked for so long was of the light and never meant any harm to you. During one of your sessions, another discarnate soul came along and joined your conversation since nothing was in place to block its intervention. It was that spirit who destabilized you, not the one with whom you had spent so much time. This negativity was what was so difficult to remove.

The group you are currently working with are all of the light and want to strengthen you and help you along your path. It is still vital that, before beginning any session with any nonphysical entities, you protect yourself with an incantation that you will open to and communicate with only those who come forth for the highest and greatest good of your soul.

The flower essence will continue to help strengthen your clarity and conductivity. As you begin any meeting, and during it as well, periodically reach out and make sure the information coming through to you resonates with your soul. If you feel any disruption in your body – scratching, irritation, or an instability – immediately end the gathering and, while cleansing out their energy, bring in your healing vibrations.

Trust is not something that comes automatically. Test all situations by examining the information provided with your past experiences. Start small – don’t let anyone try to overwhelm you with too much information at one time so that you are not vigilant.