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Am I doing everything right?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been interested in the spirit world for the whole of my life. Now I’m 55 years-old and been working as a spiritual coach for 20 years. I’ve been asking for a higher guidance so that I could help my clients and myself better. Still I feel I do not have contact with spirit guides, angels, Akashic records etc. Is there a way for me to make that contact happen? What is my soul plan like? Am I out of my path with this deep rooted hope to contact spirit world consciously? Or what? ~Jaana, Finland

ANSWER: You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be something you are not, at least at this time. The work you have done has been extremely valuable to your clients. You have been an introduction to spirituality for a tremendous number of people. What you provided for them is really all they were capable of assimilating into their current being.

It is only human to want to be in contact with the “top of the line,” “best of the best,” but those are really ego/third-dimensional strivings. That is not to say that you cannot establish these connections; it is only a caution to you to do it for yourself and not for what you can do for others. A soul’s personal journey can outshine what they can tell another about the process.

If you desire to communicate more completely with your guides and other spirits, you need to practice without expectations. The most important step is being able to totally clear your head of your own thoughts and concepts. If you are imagining or thinking about what you want, the spirits cannot transfer their thoughts to you – they just get muddled.

Go into a deep meditation with the intention that contact be established – and only with beings of the light. Don’t push; don’t get bored; just wait patiently. Do this also when you fall asleep at night, with the additional intention that you remember all that happened while your body slept. This is information, first and foremost, to assist you in your enlightenment.

Once you have connected and regularly communicate with the spirits, ask them to show you how to get into the akashic records and what benefit they can have for you and others. Be careful, because not all people are ready to know too much about their history – it can be as harmful as it is helpful.

Why don’t we heed what we can predict?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I am grateful for the messages! With the evolution of human science, the predictions of natural disasters are increasingly accurate. However, despite this, many people die in these conditions, like the nearly 600 Haitians this week? Why? ~Duda, Brasil

ANSWER: Knowledge is a double-edged sword. It helps you plan your future, but it also can interfere with the plans you have made to experience unusual occurrences. Since every soul has total freedom of choice, knowledge is only a warning, not a “must do this now” edict.

In the case of Haiti, foreknowledge wasn’t of much use to a large segment of the population because they had nowhere to go and no way to protect themselves. Some of the people didn’t even get the warnings. Others had envisioned this type of disruption of their life as something from which they could gain wisdom.

These souls chose to live in the country with the understanding that it is very poverty stricken with few modern conveniences. It is part of their life choices for the lessons they sought. The ability to flee would have interfered with their life plan because they would not have experienced the devastation.

Looking at it from the perspective of being able to do something were the disaster approaching your place of living, it is hard to imagine having no such choices. In the United States, the same storm wreaked havoc on large sections of the country. Some of the residents left as they were advised, but a portion remained, thinking their property was more important than their lives. Everyone has choices and makes them for their own reasons.

Lessons from pets

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

QUESTION: Masters we have a beloved cat, two veterinarians missed the earlier stages of glaucoma, by the time she was properly checked she was already blind in one eye. I know we have to live in the present, but could I have done anything different to change the outcome? Our pets are so pure and come to our lives to teach us unconditional love. Why the suffering? How are these types of life lessons chosen? Do we (pet owners) make them sick with our negativity? What is her lesson and what is mine? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: Are you sure that sight is integral to the happiness and contentment of your cat? Step back and observe who is more bothered by the resulting present condition of your cat: You are more upset than she. She took it in her stride once the point of no return was reached. She is not suffering, just adjusting to finding ways to compensate.

In addition to providing lessons in unconditional love, our pets also facilitate life lessons. You assume she is suffering because if this happened to you, you sense you would be suffering from the effect it would have on your daily life. You are studying issues of control – as in, how much do you really have?

You were not an expert in cat conditions and therefore had to rely on the people you assumed had the knowledge. You took as many steps as you could to diagnose this condition, but it was out of your hands. Let go of the blame and guilt you are feeling. There was nothing further you could have done. That was all part of the control cycle – you can only control what another allows you to control.

Humans do have an impact on their animals – by agreement, of course. Your cat consented to allowing you to experience this sense of helplessness. In most cases, since only 1% to 2% of animals have souls that study life lessons, almost all of the agreements are for the humans’ benefit.

Animals are sensitive to negativity, and an owner who harbors a massive amount of negativity shares it with their pets.