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Soul Names and judgment

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know my soul name, the name I am known as when not incarnate on earth. Why am I not to have this information?  I am trying to come to an understanding of my existence, my previous lives and their impact on this one. I have been told some fascinating information about previous incarnations. I am also trying hard not to be judgmental about the actions of others and see things as their life lessons, especially in my relationship with my husband. How do I progress further? ~Jane, Greece

ANSWER: When you are in your soul essence form, you have no body of any kind. You have no ears, no eyes, and no vocal cords. Communication is done through telepathy and vibrational manipulation. Some of the vibrations are within the range you know as color, some sound, and some electrical vacillations. If we were to convey your name by these means, which is the way we communicate, your human body and mind would not see, hear, or feel it. It would be similar to an African talking to you in Swahili – you might be aware of things but would have no idea what they mean. The name this body was given is only an identity to some, a nickname to which you respond and by which most know you; it is an identity for this incarnation only.

It is possible to connect to your essence when you are in human form without being in esoteric communication with fellow souls. Deep meditation, hypnosis, déjà vu occurrences, and dreams will inform this thinking mind of many past lives and their possible connection with this one. For it to have an impact in this life, you must be able to understand each and every aspect of the energy involved. The only thing really of import now is dealing with the lessons you decided to learn in this lifetime.

One of your lessons is learning to forsake the third-dimensional ego judgment. Spiritual beings do not judge; they merely evaluate what they are observing and decide whether or not they wish to experience the incident they are witnessing in another. Everything occurring on Earth happens for the opportunity to make decisions whether to remain in the negative energy fighting what is going on, or to accept it as a lesson and find the positive aspects within the event.

You have total freedom of choice to remain in the dramas you engage in or to remove yourself from them and find another way. Things that others say or do can affect you only if you allow them to do so. If you accept yourself, and know who you are as a soul, only your opinion is important. The choices are yours.

Earth animals

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have lived my life with many beloved animals; cats, dogs and others that I have loved. Do animals have souls? Does their consciousness continue on into the afterlife? Do they reincarnate as humans do? Will they be with me when I return Home when this lifetime is done? ~Renee, USA

ANSWER: Some animals are souls who have chosen to experience being an animal, so yes, they have a soul. The percentage is very low. Only about 1 to 2 percent of souls choose to live a life as an animal. All other animals are animated by a spark of life from the Creator.

The purpose of animals in a human life is to allow the person to experience emotions, interactive relationships, and human love. Energy never dies, so the animating energy continues on as an expression of the animal it has just left until it decides to animate another object. What has happened remains in the universal record of occurrences (akashic records) for all time.

If the soul that has chosen to be an animal passes out of its animal form (dies), it has the freedom of choice to decide to inhabit another animal, to return to human cycles of life, or to explore some of the various extraterrestrial life forms. It is a soul, after all, and souls always have total freedom of choice.

Animals who contained souls will always be available to you when you return Home. Sparks of energy may become known to you at will by recreating the lifetime in which you both were together. This can also be done now by experiencing past lives or particular facets of your current life in meditation, dreams, or hypnosis.

Parents to be and not in love

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’m having a very hard time in my life right now. I’m still not in love with the father of my unborn baby and I think I’m trying too hard to bond an emotional connection with this guy. I want to be with him for the sake of the baby and he says he wants the same but I guess all we feel for each other is lust. He’s dating several women at the moment and I could care less as long as we raise this baby together. Is he being honest when he says he wants me as his wife? I just want my baby close to its father from day one and I hate the idea of my child having a stepfather. What are his real intentions? Why is this happening to me? I’m very stressed out ~Miamite, England

ANSWER: The father of your child is going through a wild phase right now and has no intention of settling down; hence all his various girlfriends. He definitely plans to have input into his child’s life but would rather not be close enough to have to change diapers and have sleepless nights. You are never going to be able to convince him that you need to do this together – as in one household.

When children choose the humans who will be their parents, they are aware of the relationship that is ongoing. Your child knows that you are not together and that, as much as you are trying, the father has no desire to get married. He may sometime in the future, if he doesn’t like one of his current girlfriends better, decide to finalize the union and get married. There are too many variables right now to say this is a given.

This is happening at this time so you can see what your actions created. You had lustful sex without taking sufficient precautions, and a baby was the result. You now have to take the responsibility for your actions. You cannot go backward and dictate the relationship between you and the father, because sex – and now this result – was not considered at all.

Your child will be aware of the emotions and energies that fill your household. Having a man in the house who feels forced to be there will send your child the wrong message concerning love and parenting. You say you don’t want a stepfather in the child’s life, but if the man truly loves you both, it can have a very stabilizing effect.

This is happening to you for you to work out these lessons and be more aware of consequences when you do things for emotional reasons only. You are an adult now and responsible for all the results of your actions – in this case it even involves a third person because of your carelessness.

Sex without love is a human bodily need sometimes. But if you engage in same, you must be prepared for pregnancy without a stable connection to the father. Then it is up to you alone to decide the future, since the baby is inside you and not the father.