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Why are souls still coming to Earth?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

QUESTION: Master I remain perplexed as to why souls – existing in unconditional love and harmony – would choose to experience some of the more horrific aspects of life on earth. Is it to gain an insight into negativity through a lesson which requires negativity to be experienced?  Are new souls still being created for this to be learnt which merely takes them back to where they started, it seems bizarre. If so many souls have prior knowledge (through previous lives) why not share experiences? Was it not Source that wished to experience the opposite of what it is, through souls that were created – how many souls need to have these often terrifying ordeals in order to fulfill that purpose? ~Jane, Greece

ANSWER: There have not been any new souls created for several of your millennia. While only a fraction of the existing souls are ever on Earth at any one time it is always by their choice. While it is true that just about anything that could be experienced has been completed by at least one soul, there are many who wish to have the experiences for themselves.

Hundreds of thousands of people have run marathons. That does not stop others from wishing to go through the event. One can be told how to train, what effort is needed, the “wall” that occurs at a certain distance into the race where one feels unable to go further, and the euphoria and total exhaustion that completion of the entire length brings to the victors. But just knowing the facts does not allow one to have the physical sensations the exertion of running the race oneself can bring. You must “do it” to have the wisdom that only participation can impart.

The knowledge of one is the knowledge of all, but the wisdom derived from the experience is the possession only of those who had the experience. Spiritual wisdom is the ability to take the learning from an event and apply it to all similar types of events. With knowledge only, you may not see the applicability of the occurrence to something else. When a soul wants to live through a lesson, it can only be done in the physical body, confronting the physical challenges.

Souls seeking to master a particular characteristic will come back time and again to vary their situations to understand and learn from all angles. For example if one is studying love, the opposite of which is hate, they will spend lifetimes where they are hated for any one of a number of reasons. Then they will return and practice romantic love, self-love, or unconditional love. Most humans think only in terms of romantic love, but that is a very small part of the love spectrum.

Suicide as a contract

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have really been enjoying the books you channel through Toni Ann Winninger. My son Scott died last year by taking his life which obviously was a huge shock to my husband and I. Through reading your books you say that we make a contract before we come, do you think his contract was to take his life at 39? I always thought it was against god’s law to take your own life, it would help me come to terms with it better, if I knew it was the case, that it was part of his contract. Please continue to channel all your wonderful knowledge it’s a real help to a grieving parent. ~Marsha, United Kingdom

ANSWER: First, let us clear up the societal and religious guilt that accompanies a suicide. Most societies have always condemned or outlawed suicide because it diminishes the work force needed to keep itself going. What you refer to as “god’s law” does not exist in the spiritual universe since each soul has total freedom of choice as to what they do and when they do it. And nothing is right or wrong; it is just undertaken for the lesson it provides.

Religious organizations have displayed for their adherents “laws” that they attribute to their godhead or supreme being. These rules and regulations are the tenets by which they exert control over their members. Punishment and reward are assigned to these requirements and judgments about behaviors in general. These actions can only exist in the duality of Earth, using the ego as the yardstick. Once outside the confines of the body, the soul is in unconditional love.

Souls engage in suicide for one of two reasons. Some have chosen too much for a single lifetime experience and are completely overwhelmed. They return Home so that they may evaluate what they have been unable to finish and see what they wish to experience next. Others have completed all they came to Earth to do, and they communicated with other souls, sharing the time and space, and agreed to help with some of their lessons. This would be the making of contracts.

Many were involved in your son’s contracts, some directly and some tangentially. His soul knew when it would be leaving that body and inquired how best to accomplish that in order to give you and the others who remained behind a series of lessons. The lessons centered on guilt, a sense of abandonment, betrayal, and an awareness of the continuity of life.

At a time like this, some relatives, for the first time, explore their feelings about the physical death cycle, life after death, and reincarnation. They search for their sense of what exists for each soul besides the short time it spends on Earth. This is for you to explore who you are and why you are here, and why your son came to be with you.

Sex, love, and appropriateness

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am conflicted about the appropriate expression of sexuality: in what circumstances it is appropriate, to what extent it is a justifiable end in itself and the correct relationship between love and sex. We are living in a time of increasing sexual freedom and whilst this seems to offer a type of guilt-free fulfilment I am also concerned that this sort of ‘easy sex’ is empty and not a valid expression of our real sexual selves. (You may note that I am struggling to express this adequately which perhaps indicates my confusion.) Partly this has arisen from a recent association with a woman (there was no sexual relationship) who has a very different attitude from mine. I am caught between despising her approach (which you may tell me I shouldn’t because that’s judgmental) and envying it because of the apparent freedom it offers. ~John, UK

ANSWER: Your confusion comes from trying to rationalize, and then justify, what you have accepted as belief systems for yourself as compared to those of society and of people who want to experience everything they know is possible while enjoying their human stay. You are an energetic soul spending a human lifetime in a body replete with physical sensors that give the soul an opportunity to gain knowledge of human sexuality.

Each soul is pure energy and has no sex such as is seen in humans – no males and no females – yet it must choose a sex in order to come to Earth. The soul has no physical devices that register a body’s orgasms or emotional highs and lows, but it can feel the reactions occurring within its body. The romantic love that some humans see as a needed element of a human relationship is merely a lesson that many souls come to learn on Earth; it has nothing to do with the sex act.

You got your current beliefs from growing up with the beliefs of parents, associates, religious organizations, and your own interpretation of what makes a moral individual. They are not right or wrong, and neither are the beliefs held by those preaching free love. Their actions are practiced in order to feel the sensations that only a body can provide. For some, sexual release is the ultimate way to unwind and experience pleasure, even if just as a one-night stand or casual meet-up. This is not against any spiritual principle.

Every soul has the freedom to choose the things they feel are right for their life. If there are childhood beliefs that make you feel comfortable, and they are in conflict with new desires, you have the ability to keep them intact or to rewrite them in order to try new things. The choice is always yours. You came to Earth to experience things that can only be accessed through the human nervous system and physical condition. You determine what is appropriate for your life lessons.