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Connection to essence and Source

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I´m 54-year-old woman. I wonder why there`s a kind of loneliness as a theme in my whole life? I`m married and have friends, but still I often feel myself lonely. I find all my relationships somehow superficial without deeper connection. I was the only child in my family and since my childhood I have had to do everything on my own and independently. As a teacher I worked almost alone and nowadays as a spiritual counselor, I´m working alone again! Once I`ve needed help, there has seldom been anyone to give me a hand. What do I need to learn? Why all this? ~Jaana, Finland

ANSWER: You have dug a “pity pit” for yourself and jumped in. During your life you had all these expectations of what a big, loving family would be like and mourn that it never happened. With this “model” of a family in place, you swam in a sea of aloneness.

You soothed yourself by becoming independent of the assistance of others. You become so self-reliant that others got the feeling that you did not wish to have anyone help you – you could do it alone. You sensed that opening yourself to others would make you too vulnerable.

The continuance of your earlier separation from a community has now become a pattern that you find difficulty shedding. The family and friends you have are kept at a certain distance from you because you don’t feel worthy of their love and acceptance. Unconsciously you don’t expect anyone wants to help you.

Your first step toward a different life has to be recognizing that you lack self-love. Your dependence on yourself keeps you from loving yourself because you feel it is a punishment, that you deserve not having the support of others.

You are a fantastic soul who has all the powers and abilities of Source, from whom you came into existence. Your essence is of Source – all unconditional love. Your guides and all of the other souls are waiting for you to allow yourself to acknowledge that they are there waiting to join you. Connect with the energy of the universe and your brethren. Create a vision that accepts who you truly are. Join in the celebration of a human life where anything is possible.

Faith in yourself

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I wonder why I am always running away from things relating to work. I am a part time hypnotherapist and people come for past life therapy. I also need another form of income so I also work in main stream healthcare. I find that I seem to meet clients and staff who have the same beliefs as me and thus discussions arise around soul journeys and reincarnation and past lives. I feel that this supports others spiritual beliefs. I have a fear internally that some managers see this as being outside professional boundaries. I feel I want to run but this is also who I am. I don’t want to hide but feel pressured to conform. Why is this a recurring theme? ~Debbie, UK

ANSWER:  Every soul’s reason for coming to Earth is to recognize who they are and why they are here. You choose to help with this by having life lessons dealing with self-doubt, confidence issues, lack of acceptance with an overall need for constant validation. Secondary to these, you are searching for your passion in life.

You are very energetic and souls “feel” your strength whenever they are near. This draws them to you to learn what wisdom you have already gathered about this Earth existence. This is the reason those who are searching along the spiritual path come to you wherever you are.

It is true that not all people are ready to explore their nonphysical attributes. You worry this will jeopardize your job within the professional boundaries of the very ego-based physical community. No one will criticize your beliefs as long as they do not interfere with the performance of your employment.

You are projecting onto others the fears you have of discovery. You have not totally accepted all the wisdom behind the knowledge you possess. Your answer to this dilemma is to run away and not be in a position to share your spiritual awareness. This is your right, but it goes against your sense as a teacher and guide.

You need to decide what you want to accept about yourself. Your understanding is spot on and you instinctively know how to pass it on to others. A conversation with co-workers that does not interrupt your work is not against any work policy. Examine what you are giving to those who come to you, and see the benefits you provide.

Do you wish to identify yourself in this fashion? Then use this to validate the great job you are doing. Stop running away because you think you will be reprimanded, and accept that you are fulfilling a desire you came with. Love that you have found a type of passion that serves so many.

Controlled by emotions

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters please advise the best way to deal with emotions. How do I let go? Situations repeat in my mind. I can’t stop feeling bad. Why can’t I laugh at things instead of being a victim of emotions? ~Alandra, Canada

ANSWER: In the human being, sensory activities are what you live for, what you came into a body to be able to feel. Happiness, sadness, sexual release, belly laughter, and dealing with life lessons in order to gain wisdom set human existence within a physical body apart from your essence where you are in unconditional love and perfection – which sounds good, but gets boring fast and teaches you nothing.

What you are referring to as emotions are the physiological reactions of your body to stressors from things you are experiencing. On a conscious level it is sometimes impossible to control the body’s reaction to a strong stimulus. You may feel sad, be depressed, cry uncontrollably, laugh for no reason, or become numb to what is around you.

These are all responses to internal situations that rise to the surface. Things inside of you need to come out when something similar on the outside triggers a release. When a strong reaction arises, stop and go into the emotion and ask yourself why it is there. If you are open to the event, you will get a sense of the actions that are connected to that outbreak of feeling. Examine the cause and release the need to hold it within.

As you release each closeted event, you will have more freedom to interact with the things that cause immediate gratification, so that you may cry when needed and be happy when you choose. Each person is able to manifest the emotions they feel if underlying ones are not taking over. You may put aside feeling sad or unhappy and choose to see the world as happy and magnificent.