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Last life and twin flame

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have found out that I am ascending and this is my last lifetime here on earth. I am in contact with my twin flame in spirit on a daily basis telepathically. I am aware that we will reunite permanently once my time to transition home comes. What I am confused about is if my twin is on the other side or if a part or fragment is still incarnate. Do all twin flames reunite physically here on earth if it is their last lifetime or is it different for every set of twin flames depending on their paths and situation? ~Jeana, United States

ANSWER: All souls have total freedom of choice to decide what they are going to do and when they are going to do it. When you are in a human body, your soul’s decisions are not known to you. What your human consciousness (from its limited third-dimensional perspective) thinks will happen doesn’t govern the actions of your soul.

Most humans, because of the lessons they have endured, believe or adamantly proclaim that this is their last human existence. But what if, as a soul, you were to see something you would like to experience and simply must engage in, and boom! – you are back on Earth in another body? You haven’t decided what you will do once you return Home.

Twin flames hardly ever incarnate at the same time. They would be so intertwined with each other that neither would be able to work on any lessons. You and your twin have had different experiences. Your twin is not as advanced as you are, so the chance it will want to come to Earth in the near future is very good. At this time it is completely in the nonphysical world.

All souls are different, even twins, with various ideas about what they want to master. Your daily conversations are not always with your twin. Some of your other soul mates – and even some discarnates – engage you in discourse. Whenever one of them says that you have to do something, or that something is definitely going to occur, it is not a spirit of light because spirits of light cannot interfere with your path.

You will find your remaining time in this life to be much more rewarding if you stop spending so much time on the future and live in the moment, absorbing all the lessons around you. Each segment of time lasts for only a second. If you do not catch it as it happens, it is gone and you cannot benefit from it ever again. The human world is a fantastic place to experience; don’t miss anything by thinking and plotting too much.

Living with others

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’m one who does not know how to deal with human politics and it seems to be happening everywhere. I have thought of leaving my job but after many years, I’m still unable to know what I want and what I can do if I’m not working since I need money to survive. I’m quite afraid to get involved in politics and am too dense to handle it causing my kind boss trouble very often. I feel bad and tensed up as though I’m guilty and I do not dare to speak up to offer my help afraid of trouble. Should I even try pursuing other opportunities and can I even survive out there with my personality? ~Jun, Singapore

ANSWER: Your life lessons of lacking self-confidence and accepting without question whatever is said to you are at the root of your personal difficulties. You are hyper-sensitive to what is happening around you, even if it has nothing to do with you. You think people are talking about you all the time and imagine what you think they are saying against you, even when they are not saying anything about you.

The truth is most of the other employees talk about you only when they know they can upset you – it is like a game to them. These people can truly upset you only if you let them. If you do not pay any attention to what they are saying they will give up because it is no fun when they do not get a reaction from you.

What you call human politics is nothing more than the interaction between persons occupying the same space. When asked for your opinion on something, you hesitate, not wanting to make yourself vulnerable to criticism, because you feel you are constantly being judged. That is not the case. Some of your fellow employees believe you have something to offer and are just trying to get you to participate.

You can change the way you sense things in the workplace if you understand who you are and what your strengths are. Isolate yourself from others and see how comfortable that makes you feel. Then take that sense of comfort and open yourself to the interaction with others. When you feel a thing is right for you, don’t let anyone change your mind.

The only other possible situation for you would be one in which you work alone, with no contact with people. This would be very lonely and would prevent you from learning about yourself and the meaning behind your life lessons. The choice is up to you.

Living your own life

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I’m 20 years old spiritual young woman and I want to follow my heart and dreams. My heart desires to see the world, perhaps study abroad. I have already started on my journey toward my dreams. Right now my parents, especially my mother’s bad attitude, holds me back. My question is: Can I really do whatever I want with my life even if it really shocks my parents and other people around me as well? I feel enthusiasm to start my own life but at the same time I feel sad because no one in my family will support me. Could you please help me? ~Heli, Finland

ANSWER: This is your life. It is not your parents’, your friends’, or society’s. You have been looking to others for an indication as to what you should be doing with your life. They have been telling you what they think is right, but they are not in your body so they do not know how you are feeling or what your desires entail. Part of the maturation process is making your own decisions and being responsible for the outcome.

If you truly want to create your own life, then just do it. Understand that following your dreams may create a rift for a time between you and your parents. It is also possible that they will not fund any adventure in which they do not believe, so you will have to find a way to pay for everything yourself.

Your mother is jealous that you may be going to have experiences that she always wanted. Don’t let her unfulfilled dreams become yours. If you want to study abroad, start looking for scholarships available in subjects that interest you. If you present a completed plan to your parents, they will understand that you are serious about your future. This may or may not sway them to approve your plans.

Every soul has freedom of choice, and that is part of the life lessons you chose before coming. It is time to decide if you believe in yourself or if you still want to be directed by those who have different agendas from yours. Nothing is right or wrong; you will learn from whatever choice you make.