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Creating and projecting fears

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I`m finally ready for love and I feel it near me…he is almost knocking on the door, I think… BUT the problem is that what can I do to trust my daughter to be safe? I have bad experiences about child abuse and I´m quite sure that my daughter has had those also, or if not I still am afraid about her not to be safe. How can I get over this fear? Is there something about our past lives concerning this matter? ~Anett, Finland

ANSWER: You may feel that your love is close, but you have closed the door in his face because of your fears. When you give power to the potential for problems, it invites those activities to come and visit you. The past is the past and it will not affect the present or the future unless you call a repeat of that energy back to you.

Stop thinking – and thereby bringing – the worst possible scenarios into your world. Give time and energy only to the positive, the most wonderful that you wish to appear. Like attracts like; if you remember the bad experiences, the universe thinks you want to have them again and will make sure that is what happens.

Fears are the signposts of life lessons you wished to work on in this lifetime. When one appears, you need to go into it and find out why it is there and how you can understand and banish it from your life. Ask yourself how you feel about the fear; go back to its origin and see that it was only a lesson, and if you don’t need to experience it again and you won’t have to.

You need to be very positive about yourself and what you need. As a piece of Source energy, which is your soul, you have the power and ability to create your own world. If you envision your surroundings as only positive and loving, that is what you will receive. Be cautious that negative thoughts don’t creep in and populate your world with those things you have feared in the past.

Your daughter is also a very powerful soul and will bring to her the things she wishes to experience. Trust that she knows her own mind and spiritual path.

Only perfection will do

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m a mom with two beautiful daughters. I have some problems in my relationship with my husband, in my financial state, with my house etc. I thought I’ll be able to be a good mother and do most of what I wanted to do for my kids to be happy. But now I find that It’s all too overwhelming for me and I’m not coping well enough and several goals about my life in general that I thought I was going to achieve failed. And I get problems with my kids now too. And I think- is it because I’m not trying too hard? Am I really a bad mother? Am I lazy? Was it designed so for some reason? I don’t seem to understand all about the situation and the lessons of it. I hope for some indication of where to go from here. ~Margarita, Russia

ANSWER: You have such intense expectations about the “way things should be” that you do not allow for the interaction of other people and family members. You are overwhelmed only because things are not going the way you think they should. You cannot dictate the way others will respond to the same stimuli you face. Every soul is on its own path.

You are very much involved in third-dimensional ego judgment. You are constantly judging, rating, and grading yourself against what you observe and read of others’ behavior. You are not them. They have different life choices that they are following. Your choices are to be able to understand yourself and your motive in life.

You have been fantastic in giving love and support to your daughters, but now as they age, you want to control their thinking and they are rebelling. Let them lead their own lives. They have to deal with their lessons to learn and to see where they will go from here. If anything you are trying too hard to be perfect. Lighten up.

Time is right for you to step back and evaluate what has happened in your life, marriage, and child rearing up to this point. What have you learned from the experiences? Is there anything you would like to modify in your behavior that would make life more pleasant for you? Do it.

It is time to stop thinking and working for others – husband, kids, other acquaintances – and start working on your spiritual growth. Stop plotting, envisioning, and analyzing, and start seeing what actions resonate with your soul. Always ask: How do I feel about this? Get away from the analytical thought comparisons that you have been making.

Taking an idea and giving it life

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, after spending years asking my inner self what my life mission was, in 1977 I saw a beautiful Light Being who told me to go to a farm to build a place where courses could be offered promoting spiritual awareness and the need and means to restore and preserve nature, which would be important for this changing time now occurring like one of the survival areas. I was told others would come to help. In 1984 I found the place as described, bought the land and worked the best way I could. Faced many difficulties along the way… Now I see myself basically alone, lost and the place closed useless… Was it all an illusion, an invention of my ego? What did I do wrong? What´s the lesson and what to do now? I will be very grateful if I deserve an answer. ~Ana, Brasil

ANSWER: Beings of the Light will never tell you what to do. They will give you suggestions but not dictate your actions. This entity was a discarnate who gave to you the dream it had but could not complete. It had not moved on because it wanted to interest someone else in fulfilling its desires.

You put tremendous pressure upon yourself to come up with a mission, a purpose for living that would allow you to help others. This did not help you but only gave you a ton or work that needed to be done. You created a dream based upon the wishes of another and then placed all of your energy into it.

This was an experience of going where you were directed and permitting yourself to think it was exactly what you wanted. If it had been useful to others, the energy would have drawn people to you to make it a success. It is time to start feeling for yourself and taking responsibility for your actions.

All people create the illusion they wish for their life. You did that, but only at the direction of another. Meditate on what your soul wishes to create for yourself. Don’t worry about helping others until you have been able to help yourself. Nothing is right or wrong; everything is just an experience that you can evaluate for the benefit it has provided you. Determine what you want and make it so.