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Energy blocking

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been reading about heart walls – how we erect one around our hearts to protect us after we have been hurt. My friend, who is an intuitive, says that she can’t read my energy. Does releasing negative energy and emotions using things like magnets proposed by Dr. Bradley Nelson work? Is there a better way? ~Marnie, Canada

ANSWER: People will erect walls, barriers, blockades, and energy stoppages around anything from which they desire to hide. A traumatic event will automatically and immediately cause the unconscious to find a way to keep it hidden so it will not harm you. Some people break off parts of their personalities to hold onto the hurt and keep it from being seen or attacked by others. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one way hidden events can handicap a person.

There are many techniques to uncover and deal with hidden traumas. These hurts may occur in any of the bodies or waveforms: physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. Their location can have an impact on the method needed to “heal” them. Healing is really a balancing of all the energies of the body.

Physical waves, such as the magnetic ones Dr. Nelson uses, can help balance up the physical body but have minimal effect on the other bodies. The most effective way of defeating the distressing event is to have the person understand what the particular lesson is, the reason for choosing it, and how to learn from it and release it.

If one does not get rid of the cause, treating the symptoms will bury it only until something triggers a similar response again. Getting rid of the cause removes it for good with no recurrence.

Through deep meditation and/or hypnosis, returning the soul to its ordeal so it may work through it is the fastest way to erase all effects. During the process of healing it is important that the client is completely on board with the procedure and believes that it will achieve the desired result.

The method suggested above works because it allows the conscious thinking mind to go to sleep and the client or practitioner to work with the unconscious non-judgmental, non-egotistic, feeling part of the person. The obstruction can be visualized and a method found to destroy it.

Others don’t accept my perspective

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I live an incredibly happy life. I have an amazing job that makes me happy and I am thankful to love what I do for a living. I am independent, smart and beautiful. Lastly, I am surrounded by amazing, extremely thoughtful and caring people. Conversely, regardless of all these magnificent things in my life, I always feel as if something is missing. I feel lost, alone, and completely different than others in specific regards to my thoughts, opinions and outlooks on life. I also realize I am frequently misunderstood. People interpret my great intentions for them negatively as if I am trying to sabotage them. For this reason I am unable to trust and truly open up emotionally to anyone and everyone. What is it that I am missing? What is it that I need to understand in order to progress positively in my life? ~Max, USA

ANSWER: You have to understand that a spiritual journey is a solo effort. You, and you alone, determine what you learn and understand about life. You have no responsibility for others and they have no need to listen to you telling them what to do, no matter how well-intentioned you think you are. You are a very opinionated person and can’t always see others’ point of view.

Each soul creates its own reality, which is perfect for it viewed from its perspective. You know your abilities but you cannot let go of your expectations for those with whom you come in contact. You cannot stand rejection, which is how you interpret people’s choices to make decisions that vary from your ideas.

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Go with the flow of the universe and let others do the same. Your trust issues come from differing with those you do not control with your suggestions. Try going into observation mode and watching how people behave when you are leaving them to their own devices.

Establish a positive relationship with someone where you just listen – no suggestions and no criticism. See if you can understand their reasoning. Be honest with them about your feelings but not your need to control. When you are comfortable, let your emotions open so you can see how it feels. Solicit their opinions on the things you would have “shared” with them in the past and see how it impacts you, for this is a new way of living for you.

You can’t always have what you want

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, there was a man who was important to me, I was in love with him. Our relationship was complicated. It was as if we were to two opposite and complementary at the same time. I had no doubt the feeling I had for him but I felt his hesitation and it hurt me. In the end he rejected me and married another woman. The last time I talked to him I was rude and threw my frustration on him and the result was that he cut me out of his life. Masters, he feels hurt and resentment for me? He is happy now that I got out of his life? Despite everything that happened, I felt the anger that cannot be, I do not wish you had done so. It is possible that we two meet again in one day? ~Cristiane, Brasil

ANSWER: It is impossible to make others mirror the feelings you have for them unless they are wholeheartedly in agreement with your sensations. Why did it hurt you that he did not have the same feelings for you? You were disappointed because he did not live up to your expectations? That is a bit selfish and controlling of you. What if it had been the other way around and he wanted you but your feelings for him were just not there? Would you like it if he tried to force you as you attempted to do to him?

You are acting just like a spoiled child who is throwing a tantrum because it didn’t get its way. If you had been on the receiving end of the nastiness you placed on him, you too would have cut off all contact and said, “Good riddance, and never darken my door again.”

He absolutely cannot stand you at this time and feels very sorry for you for resorting to juvenile behavior. He does not wish to see you again in this lifetime. Get over it and move on. If you are angry at anyone, be angry at yourself for trying to force him to love you when he couldn’t. He is very happy in a sharing partnership.

From the beginning of your next connection, be totally honest about your desires. Look upon it as a sharing relationship and not your own little playground. Honor your mate’s wishes and not just your own.