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Listening and letting go

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, for as long as I remember, my spiritual progression has been my main focus in my life. Even as a child. While I am able to acknowledge my own self-absorption, I try to be equally self-aware to offset any damage it may cause. There are several different perspectives of reality that I experience on a daily basis, and I am finding it impossible to find my Own Path. How do I know which parts of myself to listen to and which to let go of? How does one let go? ~Amanda, US

ANSWER: You have described beautifully for everyone what it is like to be living in a human body, which is animated by a soul and influenced by all the duality of the third dimension with input from fifth-dimensional soul-essence aspects. A spiritual growth pattern entails taking all the judgmental parts of human life and setting aside the negative while implementing the positive in all activities.

Self-absorption is ego, which is governed by rating, grading, and judging everything in your life. Spiritually, ego is removed along with all judgment, and the acceptance that there is no right or wrong rules. Your path toward awareness is giving power to judgment on some occasions and honoring acceptance on others. Since these two configurations are opposite, your reality bounces from one to the other depending on the behavior you are following.

The records for creating judgment are stored in your brain, having been deposited there by what you have heard, read about, or seen of the beliefs of society. The ability to know there is no right or wrong – only experiences – comes from the feelings in your spiritual energy that arise out of your previous experiences and soul knowledge, which is individual to each soul.

You call to yourself the situations that will enable you to learn the lessons you have chosen, and you are always in the right place when you are there. You have complete freedom of choice, which allows you to always decide how you wish to deal with your life.

The physical thoughts you have come from those others who contributed to your memories, and your feelings come from your own experiences. If you wish to be spiritual, follow your feelings and be in the present, observing what you have called to yourself.

“Letting go” implies you are clinging to something that already exists, which means it has to have come from the past. You can’t change the past, so be concerned only with the moment. Observe, feel, and act in response to what is around you as if you are seeing it for the first time.

Needing to know

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who lives in the Philippines. She is half Filipino and half Japanese – and I think – has taken on some difficult life issues. She has never seen her father since birth – doesn’t understand why her father would not seek contact with her but would like to find him if possible. I feel her pain around this issue and would like to help if I can, at the very least to help her understand the life lessons that are being learned here. Her Aunty lives in Japan. Unfortunately although she has looked, she has not been able to find her niece’s Dad. Thus, it seems pointless for me to search online and this seems like the best route to start. ~Rex, England

ANSWER: Your friend’s lessons in this life include feeling abandoned and unloved because her father, who is nothing more than the person who contributed the sperm to fertilize her mother’s egg, chooses not to have anything to do with her. He does not wish to be associated with the mother, the daughter, or the family in any way; he did not want to have a baby.

This man’s lessons include guilt, thoughtlessness, selfishness, and insensitivity. He does not take responsibility for his actions and chooses to run away from anything he cannot control. Introducing him into your friend’s life would only create more heartache and difficult situations.

The biggest lesson for your friend is to recognize and accept that this is all about learning to love herself and not judge others. Self-love, when it is truly accepted, completes the needs for the human experience. It is not selfish or narcissistic to love oneself. It is merely an acceptance of the soul inside and its status as a piece of the magnificent, eternal Source.

Spending time trying to find your friend’s father takes away from the work that can accomplish learning and love in her life. She has created expectations of a loving individual and he is not it. He will not add anything to her life but sorrow. Whenever she thinks about him she is inviting in negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This attracts more negativity, and happiness (positive energy) is hard to find hidden in all of this.

Let her create a life of her own. She doesn’t need anyone else to tell her what she wants. She is looking for answers to her existence and they are all inside.

Connections with guides

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am physiotherapist and after many years without working, I felt insecure in the first visit. I asked for the presence of the Light Beings and Ascended Masters to give me support during the service. Once I put my hands on the patient various information about them came to my head. I told them what I had “heard” and soon everything was confirmed. It happens to all the people who I treat. After some time, during my meditations, I began to feel something happening in my eyes and ears. My hearing was tumultuous, feel pain and do not understand correctly what people tell me. When I try to access something about me, I cannot. Can you tell me anything about ths? ~JéSsica, Brasil

ANSWER: You have for many years asked for assistance from the nonphysical guides and masters around you and they have obliged. Now you are questioning whether you want to have the information with which they are helping you connect. It is your choice. All souls have the freedom of choice to decide what is acceptable in creating their awareness.

You had decided before coming to Earth that you wished to be a healer and to assist others in bringing their bodies into alignment and balance. Knowing what afflicts them can be the first step to allowing people to reverse and heal themselves. You are able to access this information and pass it on to your clients.

The set of physical symptoms you have during meditation is the result of energetic connection with your asked-for assistance. It is opening up pathways for the flow of information. It is temporary until you acclimate to the frequency. You have the ability, at any time, to stop what is happening, but it may be a permanent cessation.

To receive information it is necessary for the channel to have no interest in what is being received. Your mind has to be blank. When you seek to get information for or about yourself, you have a vested interest in the answers and, therefore, your mind is not empty but loaded with expectations. The information cannot flow freely at that time. Simply said, you cannot get information for yourself.