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Fear of manifestation

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am having trouble manifesting a girlfriend. This has always been a hang up of mine; I had my first and only girlfriend at the age of 33 after much prayer. Now I am stuck, because I know prayer works and I fear it. If my every whim were to be answered life would become unbearable and I wouldn’t develop. So I cannot pray without internal resistance born from fear that my prayers will actually be answered. If I was praying for something spiritual I would have no fear, but this prayer seems to be only about satisfying my ego. But as I said, having a girlfriend is a particular hang up of mine, because I often satisfy my ego in other ways. How can I transcend this problem without becoming a monk? ~George, UK

ANSWER: Prayer, as recognized by most people from the instruction of organized religion, is the beseeching of a supreme being, who has the power of judgment over all others, to grant the subject matter of the prayer. This being outside of oneself is believed to have ultimate control over everything that happens.

Within each person is a soul that is a piece of the Source of all, who exists in unconditional love with no judgment whatsoever. Therefore, each person’s soul has the same magnificent abilities and characteristics of the origin of all existence. For humans, the basic problem is they first have to accept and realize that they have these capabilities. They are all powerful, all creative, all knowing, and all magnificent.

Even if they accept their abilities, they may not be able to use them in a particular lifetime because doing so would interfere or conflict with the life lessons they chose  before coming to Earth. If something that is desired is not in conflict, it then becomes simply an issue of people having faith in themselves and their powers.

When they think they are praying to an entity outside of themselves, they are actually asking themselves if they believe they deserve, and wish to use the energy to create, the object of their desire in their life. Doing so is a spiritual act because it is using one’s essence. An ego is not able to create something, but a soul is.

Your difficulty is having faith in yourself and the need to stop questioning your worthiness. Life lessons include accepting yourself without question; avoiding negativity and seeing only positive outcomes; getting rid of phrases like “I can’t”, “I don’t believe it”, “It will never happen”, “It won’t work”. Start saying instead: ”I have a beautiful female companion” – and believe she is coming to you.

The cause of disabilities

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter had a medical crisis in her infancy that left her with severe disabilities. In seeking clarity on the “why” of this I have encountered two schools of thought: 1) This is her choice and part of her/our life lesson. 2) Source energy and illness cannot co-exist — it is caused by negative thoughts. Healing is always available to those who accept it. So which is it: Did/do I lack the faith to enable her healing? Is healing a possibility for her if I am the one requesting it? Or, if having disabilities is her pre-life choice, is there anything I can do to change it? ~Phoebe, USA

ANSWER: All things that occur to a soul while in human form have previously been chosen by the soul as part of a life lesson. The lesson can be singular and impact the soul alone, or part of a group lesson in which those around the soul are affected directly or indirectly by being in the presence of the soul.

While there is no negativity in the realm of Source energy, souls, who have some Source energy, come into negativity in order to learn life lessons. It is in choosing how to react to negativity that the soul becomes enlightened. Some people who become preoccupied with a negative thought, such as being certain they are going to get the flu, bring that energy to them and become afflicted.

Your daughter’s healing has nothing to do with your faith. Each soul is responsible for its own condition. She is the only one who can request her healing, as long as it does not conflict with the degree of disability she wished to deal with in this lifetime.

The principle behind this is that no one can control another’s life. No matter what things you do – send her healing energy, work with physical therapy, give her health supplements, etc. – they will only be beneficial if she accepts them. If she rejects your efforts they are in vain. It is impossible to change people’s life choices without their cooperation and consent.

You are a part of your daughter’s life to learn about restrictions to your desires. You wanted to experience guilt, depression, inability to control or influence, and patience. Continue to provide your unconditional love and receive it back from her.

Life lessons and self-love

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I feel that I have never had a satisfying relationship in my whole life. I’m already 47 years old, I have a son who is grown up man already. Since I was a little girl, I have been searching for a real love, but I have mostly lived in violence relationships. I have had many depression periods and been addicted to alcohol for a very long time. Now I have found help in AA-groups to my alcohol problems, but still I feel lonely and unloved. Is there anything I could do differently to help myself in this situation? I see myself as a spiritual person. I foresee some things and “know” things. But I don’t know how to find love to myself. ~Sirpa, Finland

ANSWER: You create expectations about how things are going to come out and then think they will change to conform to your dreams. You don’t know what love is because your imaginings of it arose from movies and books. One of your life lessons was to deal with abuse and violence and to realize you did not have to remain in those situations but could remove yourself from them.

In the past, instead of facing these lessons, understanding them, and choosing to honor yourself so you could move on, your response has been to hide from the facts in alcohol or depression. You are awakening to alternatives through your groups and will now be able to create the type of life you desire.

The loneliness will remain until you accept yourself as the controller of your existence. When those around you are sad, you join them because that is what you have always done. Change your thoughts to positive, happy, loving things and you will immediately feel the difference.

Love first comes through acceptance. Just as you accepted your son as a beautiful person, you need to accept yourself likewise. Look at all the strides you have made recently and congratulate yourself on your progress. Rejoice in no longer thinking violence is what you deserve. Love that you now direct your life.

You bring to yourself what you need to experience, so decide what you want. Imagine the companion you deserve in this new life. Go inside of yourself and search for that unconditional love Source has for all and a mother has for her child. Spend time in that energy and then choose to make it your default emotion.