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What is truth?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters I have read many books by incarnate teachers and those who are channels but find the differences in teachings confusing. To whom should I listen? The differences are so great sometimes; it’s enough to make me want to stop searching for ‘truth’. Whose truth is the truth? ~Karen, England

ANSWER: Truth is something that conforms to your sense of reality. No one can tell you what the nature of your own truth should be; it has to be in resonance with the person accepting it as truth, which in this case is you. Listen to no one as an absolute source of information. Take everything you hear and read and see how it feels to you. Is it something that feels right, that you would want to be a part of your reality? Then accept it until it no longer serves that purpose.

All people are souls, composed of energetic pieces of Source, who went to Earth to experience life lessons. In order to have the situations necessary for your lessons, you create an environment that allows you to have the required ingredients. You generate a reality that becomes your truth for this life to complete your tasks.

Incarnate teachers can only report what they have experienced within the shadow of the belief systems they accept as their reality. When one accepts that something is impossible, even if it has been done by others, it is impossible for that person to complete.

With channels, the authenticity of what they deliver has to do with the source of their knowledge. If it comes from a single soul, how much experience has that soul had? Can channels divorce their own consciousness from the material delivered, or does their ego add to the information? Some material delivered is at a beginners’ level, while other material is for advocates, practitioners, or masters. What comes through at one level will not be of use to those at another.

No one can tell you where you are on your journey – you have to feel it. There is definitely not a single answer to everyone’s need. Each reality applies to only one individual. Choose your reality by what you feel makes sense, and then live your life based on that knowledge. That is your truth and no one else’s.

How about a book?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, since I was a child, I wanted to write a book. I became a journalist and have written many things. Since then, publishing has changed. Many books are accessed only in digital form. I have thought of many book topics, but each time someone would point out a book that had already been written and I would lose motivation. Publishing is a difficult, for-profit business. People who get published are usually those who are already famous, making profits sure. Please advise me about this possible path for me. Should I write a book? Or has everything already been written? Of the topics I have considered, which is best? Would a book I write ever be published? Would it garner any profit? Or would it be an exercise in ego? Or worse, an exercise in futility that sits in my basement, along with my screenplay and movie? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: What has been your reason for desiring to write a book? You must be able to answer that question before you know if writing is really for you. As a career, writing has served you well but the subject matter has not always been of your choosing.

In your search for a book, listening to others does not help you at all. Some of those “advisers” did not want you to be able to succeed where they haven’t been able to, so they did what they could to discourage you. When you give the decision-making processes of your life to others, you are saying that they know more about you than you do.

Whether to write a book is up to your freedom of choice. Everything has not been written or there wouldn’t be thousands of new books coming out each year. Yes, a lot of books cover the same subject matter; genres are limited in nature but content is not.

Famous people do have an edge in publishing because they are already a household name and some people will read anything they write, even if it is garbage, just because of their name. That does not mean new writers can’t be discovered and succeed in getting their books read.

E-books are extremely popular at the present time. They are easy to publish and easily obtainable. True, they don’t produce the financial return of a print book, but many more copies are purchased with no outlay of money up front. You need to question your reason for writing. Is it to share your knowledge and experience? Or to entertain a chunk of society? Or to be honored as a best-selling author?

Your first step should be to answer the questions presented herein and then, if you wish to proceed, start changing the intention you project. Any hesitancy, doubt, or negative thinking will sink your boat. The energy of thought is powerful.

What is harmful?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, Is any amount of topical/digested fluoride detrimental to human (physical/spiritual) health? These big debates between official bodies of the society and the part of the people that believe in more natural diet and healing principles are confusing. There’s also the vaccines, antibiotics, claimed carcinogens in your food and skincare. How can I know I’m choosing the best possible option for me and my family when there are no final conclusions? Can I undo any harm by cleansing the products with prayer before using it? On the other hand are there any reasons to doubt conspiracy theories? Why would anyone just make them up? You can see them either trying to create unnecessary fear or revealing a truth that’s beneficial for people to know. Which one it is? ~Aino, Finland

ANSWER: There are no physical nutrients, chemicals, or concoctions that present a danger to spiritual health. Hazards to the physical body come in two categories: those which interfere with the growth or balance of the human body and those which are detrimental because of connection to a life lesson chosen by the soul.

Natural diet and healing techniques employ only things that the human body has known for thousands of years. When you consider that with natural means only, a human lived about 35-40 years, you can see there are some benefits to using chemicals and mixtures created for specific conditions by the scientists. The biggest difficulty with being able to evaluate everything currently available is that testing is never applied to all categories of illness and conditions, or no record keeping is done at all.

Using healing techniques and intentions to remove negativity around a substance is always helpful. We cannot tell you that certain things are harmful and others are beneficial because people are all different, with varying interactions to a substance. Some can drink poisons and, because they do not need to, will not experience a reaction. Those who are physically sensitive can react to things that most will not even notice.

Conspiracy theories report on a few factual experiments but mostly relate to an idea someone believes in and wants others to accept with little or no evidence. Some do it for the notoriety. Others have an altruistic tendency and think they are protecting the world. The difficulty with most theorists is their lack of scientific proof, which is also the problem with many claims of cures.

The answer is to see what feels good to you, and not to overdo any one nutrient, treatment, or procedure. Go forward with positive energy and the intention that all will be as it should be.