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Sexual attraction

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, since last year I’ve made a big virtual friend. I always fell for women, but this friend, I don’t know what happened. When I realized, I really fell in love with him. But my question is: Can a heterosexual man fall in love for another man? The same thing is: Can a gay man fall in love for a woman and can a lesbian woman fall in love with a man? Is it possible? ~Vinicius, Brazil

ANSWER: A human’s essence – the soul – is composed of formless, unconditionally loving energy. It has no definable sex because that is a feature of a physical form. The male/female dichotomy that you see in your question is part of homo sapiens’ duality. It was designed to allow a soul to be able to work with many chosen life lessons based upon the concepts attributed to one sex or the other.

If a soul connects with its Source energy, it has characteristics of both what is referred to as masculine and feminine traits. Depending on the direction of the life’s learning, the sex may be the pivot point of the exercises. Surrounding sexual urges themselves, you find the first major lesson of ambiguity. This balances societal beliefs against the inner feelings of the soul.

The lesson becomes deciding what is more important: following society’s limiting restrictions or allowing the body the ability to explore its potential for and from different situations. The only thing that is definite in interpersonal relationships is that it is imperative to have one man and one woman in order to procreate. Any combination of two persons can work with and experience the various configurations of love.

Heterosexuality is the societally accepted mating because it allows for increasing the population. Homosexuality permits testing one’s sense and love of self to follow internal feelings rather than the dictates of society. Some souls, in order to have varied experiences, are bisexual.

As we say all the time, nothing is right or wrong. Just as some marriages work for a while and then one or both parties grow apart from the original reasons for joining and get a divorce, sexual energy preferences may change as the need for additional lessons develops.

Psychic attack from past

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have been subject to an extensive psychic attack recently, triggered by meeting someone from a past life. It has involved some very dark energies and I have needed to dissolve some old vows. I sense that there is more for me to learn from all this. Can you help? ~Dave, UK

ANSWER: As your soul travels through a series of lifetimes it experiences many things. Since the basis of Earth learning is choosing positive over negative, you have to start with negativity to move forward. Some existences are filled with negative thoughts, feelings, and beings. Some souls make bargains with other negative spirits to get the opportunities they desire.

As a soul completes a particularly negative life and returns to the unconditional love of Home, some of the negative issues may remain unresolved and get left behind. That resulting negativity may be free flowing and attach to the soul when it returns, or it may accompany another soul who has chosen not to return to positive love but to remain as a discarnate lost soul clinging to Earth and waiting to exact revenge upon the soul with which it had dealings not yet completed.

You are correct that the immediate problem arose from former life dealings with negative agreements that you left behind. The energy was not free flowing, so it did not pop up in your life until the one with whom you had made the agreements came along to exact vengeance for being left holding the bag of negativity by retaliating with psychic attacks.

To remove this series of attacks from your future, you simply need to cut the strings that connect you to the other spirit. This can be done via past-life regression by returning to that life and resolving your feelings about the situation and removing the fear that accompanies it. If you can meditate deeply enough, you can do it that way as well.

You are facing some responsibilities you assumed in that life but did not complete out of fear. If you understand what the lesson was and why you did not choose to finish it, you will be able to send the fear and your attacker away. Once it cannot impact you, the discarnate will move on to another soul.

Finding yourself to help others

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am interested in healing people and also solve their queries through sensing information and most of the time they turn out to be true. Is this my intuition powers or am I really connected to the spiritual guides? After reading a book ‘hands of light’ I came to know about channeling. I thought to give it a try and to my surprise I saw something being written down through me. It had been true most of the time. It guided me in my self-development and I also helped others to answer their questions. I want to know that is this channeling through the spiritual guides or my rational mind writing it? I want to go deep into it and wish to heal people. How can I develop this? Can I heal people through this source without getting attuned with the anybody like it happens in reiki. ~Minakshi, India

ANSWER: There is no right or wrong way to do things. Messages are constantly being downloaded to those who are open to receiving them. Information comes from several sources. If requested, messages may come directly from the Masters or your personal guides. Your higher self, the unconscious part of you that has all the information of what you have learned in prior lives, also answers questions when you shut down your conscious thinking mind and let it be heard.

Whenever you relax and have no agenda or expectation of the nature of the message, you open a pathway from the nonphysical world to assist you in your inquiries. If you are “thinking” about what you want to hear, you are letting your ego mind from your conscious memory tell you things. All reception from nonphysical sources is a form of channeling – whether it is words, feelings, or healing energy.

The messages you are receiving are coming in vibrational waveform and your body is translating them into your language. Translations depend on your prior knowledge of the meaning of things, how clear the broadcast, and what your state of mind is at the time. In other words, channelings are not constantly 100% accurate translations of what the spirits are saying.

The most important thing is that you not be concerned about the messages you are delivering. They are not coming from you – you are only the relay station. Do the best job that you can without inserting your own opinions into the missive and let it go.

Healing is the process of balancing the physical body’s energies back to optimum condition. This is accomplished in the spiritual realm by the use of universal life force energy or the unconditional love energy all around you. Attunement is nothing more than an introduction to the feel of this energy. It is needed with a lot of people because they don’t believe it exists until they sense or feel it themselves.

When you clear your mind, reach out and see what you feel around you. Can you sense the love of Source? If you can, you have no need to get “attuned”; just use your intention to help direct that energy to those who need it. Again, remember it is up to them what they do with it. If people do not really want to use the energy for their well-being, you cannot force them to.