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Blast of negativity

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, weeks ago I went to a shopping mall with my girlfriend. All of a sudden I felt the presence of an enormous dense energy come from above. I almost lost consciousness, heart pounding, fear that I can’t control and hardly able to focus my thinking. I was struggling to maintain my consciousness for like more than half an hour. My girlfriend did feel the presence but not as extreme as I was and I think none of the crowd around felt it. I do have previous experiences encounter entities/ghost/lost souls but this time it was different – It doesn’t circle around, it just drop. Some say it was an energy vortex. I initially thought it was some sort of psychic attack. Was it true that this was an energy(negative) vortex? Does it affect other people in the crowd (knowing or not) as well? ~SMD, Malaysia

ANSWER: To be aware to any degree of the energy around you, you have to be open to sensing it. Just as someone needs to be empathetic to another’s problems in order to understand where the person is at, you need to reach out to others and absorb their pain. Not everyone feels energy because, first, they don’t believe it exists; and second, they close themselves away from any connection to others.

People who walk through life unaware of anything but their own problems cannot sense at all—and that is the majority of society. Others, like you, want to experience everything that is possible in life, so you are totally open to everything that is going on in the world.

This was not a psychic attack against you but was exposure to massive amounts of negativity. Since you live your life in mostly positive thoughts and actions, this hit you like a blast out of a fire hose. It differed from your previous experiences since it was not a single discarnate soul drifting around with its negative energy but a sustained amount of gathered negativity.

Likes attract likes and sometimes stay stagnant in an area until something causes them to move on. Vortexes are swirling masses of energy that can be limited to a specific area or connected to a deeper source and continue to produce additional energy. What you encountered was an energy vortex of gathered negativity. It was rotating like a tornado and you were sucked into it. A large group of young people had spent time near this area where they were planning how to exact revenge against two people they thought had disrespected them.

When you are out and about in public areas it would be a good idea to cover yourself in protective white light so you are not so vulnerable to negativity.


90,000 years without religion

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, science has confirmed that homo sapiens have been around for more than 100,000 years. History records point that religion was only introduced not more than 10,000 years ago. What happened during the other 90,000 years? Were humans not ready to embrace religious teachings? Were we left out till we evolved to a higher state of understanding? ~Patrick, Singapore

ANSWER: It was somewhere around 100,000 years ago that the precursor of modern man began to find ways to communicate. Their first concern was to be able to work together to survive. Few had any knowledge or understanding of any spirits, beings, or entities outside of the common man sharing their space. When it came to ancestors and controlling non-physical energies, they had only the stories passed down from father to son as superstitions. No one had the time to decide what beliefs to use to control each other’s behavior.

Life was always positive and negative, so after approximately 90,000 years of needing all their energy to survive, some, who wanted to use the fears of others as a means of controlling, put together a system of rewards and punishments. At first it was considered a governmental/societal type regime, but then they decided to bring in a non-physical aspect that would instill fear and provide an extra layer of control. Religion was born.

Organized religions began as a way to control the uneducated. They were told they were too dumb to understand about gods and spirits and that the religious leaders would take care of all that for them as long as they did exactly as they were told. It was also alleged that these same leaders could protect them from hell and ensure they went from their horrible Earthly life into a heaven.

Enlightenment is the next step in the progression of man. All individuals are perfectly able to learn about themselves and the essence of their soul, which is a piece of Source. Instead of looking for a god outside, humans, through understanding their soul, are recognizing they have a piece of that divinity within them.

Explanatory dreams

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, my recent spiritual focus has been on understanding enlightenment. I believe I have seen my soul essence, beaming in white-gold light during a meditation; however, this essence was at a bit of a distance. In a recent dream, it was the morning of my wedding day. I had the white dress but I had no white shoes (I thought my comfortable brown shoes would suffice) and my hands needed a manicure. I interpret this dream as I need more experience (the brown shoes) and need to create more (the manicure of my hands) but that my soul integration (wedding day) is close. Do you agree? Thank you! ~Sharon, USA

ANSWER: You have a very active set of guides, and like all guides given freedom, they love to have fun with you. Dreams are one of the easiest ways for non-physical assistants to be heard or seen by you. They speak in analogies. Along with the scenes you receive is an energy that is allowing you to also interpret what they are saying.

Your soul essence, which you have seen as a white-gold light, the purest of colors, also comes with a feeling. That sensation is one of unconditional love. What this part of your vision is telling you is that you possess unconditional love within you but you have not accepted that you can touch, use, and become that purity in your human form—or as we frequently say: you don’t love yourself enough.

The wedding is the uniting of your physical and non-physical, or spiritual, aspects. The brown shoes are the clinging to the physical, or third-dimensional, ego-based judgments. You need to get rid of judgment and turn to evaluations, seeing nothing as right or wrong but simply as being.

The manicure is finishing up the life lessons that are still hanging around as doubts and fears about your existence. As you see any of these around, ask why it is there and how you feel about it so you may understand it more fully. Your guides are letting you know how close you are, and they are encouraging you to take those last several steps to completion.