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Accepting negative entities

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have not believed in negative energies being able to attach to me. I’ve had intimations (via the Michael entity) that I may be sensitive to perhaps two darker/heavier energies that attack my peace of mind, particularly when I’ve neglected taking better care of myself psychically or spiritually. I’ve realized I would serve myself and others better by no longer dismissing the possibility of this being real. Something is certainly affecting me. Can you advise me whether I can address this on my own through my meditation, channeling or shamanic journeying, or whether I need another to help me? ~Sally, UK

ANSWER: The surface of the Earth has a lot of negativity hanging around. There are pockets where circumstances have caused it to gather. When someone walks through these areas, the negativity is sticky and likes to latch a ride. Light workers and strongly positive people provide a scrumptious meal for negative entities.

Generally they attach to the outside of a person and try to affect their feelings and activities. If an off-hand invitation is extended, such as “I don’t believe such a thing exists so bring on the proof,” they may enter and have direct control over your body.

Once a negative entity is firmly attached, or inside you, your world begins to gather other negative things around you. Sadness, unhappiness, anger, disaster seem to be ruling your world. The more negativity you allow, the stronger the entity becomes. It may affect your thinking and even your physical health.

To prevent attachments, or to prevent their activity once attached, call in guides and positive beings of the light to diminish their power. It is very important, when dealing with any type of energy, that you exercise caution by informing the universe you wish to deal only with energies and entities of the light, and only with those who will interact with you for the highest and greatest good.

It is possible, depending on your degree of trust in the process, to cleanse yourself of these attachments through the practices you mention. If you find you are having difficulty, you may require help from someone who is acquainted with attachment removal.

Channeling living people

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible to channel spirits of living people without any sort of permission? It’s happened only a few times… when I’m in an argument with someone very close to me–I channel one of their ex-girlfriends or boyfriends in the heat of the angry moment in locations where I think former arguments that I’m channeling took place. It happens subconsciously as if I’m teaching a lesson? In all cases I was shocked and embarrassed by what came out of my mouth the next day. I don’t understand how or why this happens, but I’d like to. ~Al, USA

ANSWER: When someone has had a highly emotional experience, a residual or shadow energy remains. When you engage in an argument with an individual, their unconscious mind will sometimes “leak” thoughts of other things that were very emotional in their past, and this broadcasts them out to sensitive individuals nearby. You are an extremely sensitive person and can hear these thoughts.

In your past lives you developed your psychic abilities to a fine degree. You were able to communicate with others through the intention of your mind alone. A modern-day psychic “knows” things by reaching out to the thoughts of a client and picking up the thoughts that the higher self or unconscious has stored from its experiences. You have this ability.

Your ability may be considered as super-sensitive hearing. It is like being able to hear what your next-door neighbor is talking about, but you don’t need voice-created sound waves to intercept thoughts. This is something that you can control as you see fit. What you do with it is up to you. It may be very important to some people to understand what they are projecting. It may explain to some people why others appear to have strange reactions to them that are, in fact, responses to their negative inner thoughts.

Controlled by prophecies

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, about 10 years ago, my girlfriend channeled through that I come from the stars, and my job is to have children and “other exports out of here”. We were “mercenaries” and have a “messenger”. Our lives did not go quite so, in fact, I own my actions and my problem in our world caused by the fact that I failed in getting children. Eventually, we parted, and the messenger is now away from me. I was left alone, but I now understand the effect on me. I do not know how to love, even if I got this strong message. Do I get my love, my messenger, back beside me? What is the “other exit”, also associated with the rise “Commander”? What is the job now? It was said also that I am here only once. ~Juha, Finland

ANSWER: There are a few facts in your question that we agree with and several more that we do not. You do not “come” from the stars; you come from Source, or Home. You have lived lives before on stars and have experience in intergalactic activities. You are here only once as the person that you now know as yourself; whether you come back or not is completely up to you once you complete this life, return home, debrief the events of this life, and decide what you wish to do next.

No souls choose to come to Earth to birth Earth humans to have them exported to the stars. Most of the outer coverings used by souls on the other planets are not like homo sapiens, and Earth children could not live on most other places. Since each soul decides what it wishes to do with its life, were a parent to make such a decision for a soul, that parent would be in violation of the freedom-of-choice principle that rules the universe.

It is true, at this time, that you do not know how to love—this is the major life lesson you came to Earth to learn. You have to find the love within you, that unconditional love which is the essence of your soul. You have to rid yourself of all negativity in the form of fears and doubts to connect easily with this energy. Nothing is preventing this integration but your own negative thoughts about yourself.

The “messenger” you have heard has been more than one entity. In the beginning it was a negative entity that was perpetuating the message you believe your girlfriend received; it came from an Earth-bound negative being who was having fun playing with you. Later, as things began to fall apart, the voice that came through was a guide trying to offer assistance. You can no longer hear the latter because you have lost faith in yourself.

In meditation, seek to establish contact with your guide; he is waiting. Let him help you work through your problems and reach love. That is your job now.