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Demands from beyond

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my fiancée is being pressured to reconnect with her mother. After years of psychological abuse that culminated in betrayal, my fiancée established a boundary with her mother. She then made several attempts to reconnect, but was rebuffed by her mother who refuses to acknowledge the betrayal and insists on being addressed as “Mommy.”  Almost nightly, my fiancée says her guides and angels demand that she deprecate herself to her mother in order to serve as “an example,” and even threaten her. Is this true and what would be the best course of action for her to take? ~Jay, U.S.A.

ANSWER: Non-physical beings of the Light never threaten or demand that something must be done. The soul’s freedom of choice is an edict that prohibits guides or an angel from interfering with the lessons a soul is engaged in learning. Your fiancée worked long and hard to understand the power that her mother held over her, and began to respect herself sufficiently to take back that power and say “no more” to the abuse. Guides and angels exist in unconditional love with a total lack of judgment of what humans consider “right and wrong.”

Her mother is an extremely negative person and pulls all forms of negative energy to her. This includes discarnates that have refused to leave negative Earth and are hanging around trying to get people to do things. What has been approaching your fiancée at night are some of these negative energies. She is still working with life lessons concerning her mother. Part of the accompanying thoughts she is faced with make her question what her responsibilities are to her mother. In this indecision, the negative energies weigh in and try to convince her to re-enter the emotional conflict with her mother because that would create another large amount of negativity, and they love that.

When she goes to bed she should ask the universe and all beings of the Light to protect her and not allow any negative energies to disturb her sleep. Have her fill her thoughts with unconditional love and understanding of her journey. There are negative beings hanging around her. They do not like burning candles or sage, which may help them move along. If they persist in bothering her, going to an energy-healing circle or working with a healer that can separate and dispel negativity would solve any remaining problem.

An orange mist

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I recently went through orange mist whilst driving with my husband on a dark lonely road.  The orange mist was gritty and was about 6 meters long by 4 meters high and hovered over the road.  The mist emitted a smell not familiar to both of us, perhaps a little bit sweet. Would you please explain if this was an orb or a manmade substance? ~Janice, Australia

ANSWER: This mist was not an orb. An orb is a structure souls visiting from Home frequently use to be seen by humans when they do not want to take the effort to construct a physical-appearing body. They are generally circular in appearance and may have faces within but normally contain geometric shapes, which are one of the means we have for communicating. Orbs are frequently not sufficiently vibrational to be seen by the human eye and must be observed digitally or on film.

There are other ways that souls may be seen. They may manifest ectoplasm that appears filmy or smoky. Discarnates who have not gone back home yet may develop this as a way to be seen and to let people know they are around. Some use it as a means to scare humans.

Next we must discuss purely physical molecular material that has an affinity to clump together due to its composition of electrons. This may be particulate matter or living matter such as micro-organisms. What you came upon was a combination of inorganic and organic organisms.

The mist was composed of minuscule organisms that were disturbed by nature and man that were light enough to take flight. The same event that set the particulars free also disturbed the surrounding dust and decayed substances. The organisms were able to feed off of some of the debris, so they clung together. What you smelled was the combined odors of the entire mass. It was hovering near the ground because the winds had died down and the mass was getting ready to settle.

From chakras to discarnates to guides

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for chakras to be broken or damaged?  Are my chakras broken? Also I played with a Ouija board and now it makes me do uncontrollable things at times, what should I do?  Also If I meditate every day, do I have a chance to meet my guides? ~Radheshyam, US

ANSWER: It is not possible for chakras to become broken as in irreparable. Chakras do become unbalanced and partially blocked so they do not allow energy to flow through in an expeditious manner. This is a very common occurrence and happens to all if they do not constantly attend to the health of their chakras. At the time of this writing your chakras are all out of order; some are rotating clockwise and others counterclockwise. This makes it very difficult for energy to flow freely though your body.

During your daily meditation, visualize each chakra and help them all to rotate in the same direction at the same pace. This is akin to aligning gears in a mechanical device. Then things will run smoothly.

We have talked before about summoning Earthbound energies via the use of the Ouija board. You have invited in a rather nasty discarnate who thinks it is fun to ridicule and hurt other people. He is currently attached to you. If you wish to get rid of it you will need the assistance of a practitioner trained in spirit release. You have to go through a process of uninviting him and severing the connections he has established with your energy core. It is very important always to be aware of what you are asking to come forth. Negative beings take the tiniest opening and barge in. Want to talk to someone from the non-physical realm? No problem—here they come. Be forewarned.

Your guides will be happy to talk to you, but they will not tell you what you want to hear like the negative beings do at first. They will not tell you what to do but will give you advice to help you make your decisions. Since you have extended an open invitation in the past to anything that might be around, they want to make sure you really want to communicate with them. Set the space with an invocation for only beings of the Light to come in, and only for the highest and greatest good. Present a question to them and listen for the answer. Sometimes it will come verbally, and other times they will arrange for you to see something that answers the question. Have no expectations; just live in the moment and observe all that happens.