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Wanting to be alone

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Question: Masters, I have read time and time again how family, friends, and community are important. I can engage in small talk with them but can’t wait to be alone again. I do agree we are all one and interrelated with others, but to me, a perfect life is seen in the movie Castaway, starting Tom Hanks.             ~Lee, USA

Question: Masters, I am not interested in having any relationship with my relatives, friends, or anybody else. I don’t know whether I belong to this or to any other world.  ~Vjaiand, India

Answer: Every soul is on its own journey. You come to Earth to be able to experience the duality or negativity available nowhere else. For most souls those lessons will include contracts you have made with other people, and therefore it is necessary for you to interact with others in order to complete your tasks.

Each soul is on Earth for itself, not for the benefit of someone else. There are individual lessons that you are here to understand. If you are working on an issue of self-worth, self-love, or any of the human emotions that you have carried over from a past incomplete lifetime, solitude is the best way to work on your journey without interference from other people.

Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway was thrown into a situation where he had to face himself. Did he value his life enough to keep fighting with his inner demons and with his physical environment? When the thought of ending it all took over for a while, his subconscious kept putting up obstacles and giving him reasons to live. He would not have grown in the self-acceptance and inner peace that he took away from the island if other people had been around.

Some of you have chosen to have lifetimes in which you can advance your wisdom only when you are alone to work on your fears and doubts, which are the outward personification of your chosen life-lessons. Society around you is begging you to return and interact so it can have the benefit of your hard work. Believe in what your intuition is telling you to do. Mystics of your past history followed their inner feelings and knew, for them, the way to enlightenment was a singular journey.

Is it OK to feel happy?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, there seem to be many humans at this time feeling low, depressed, confused, even down to the point of wanting to be out of here. Yet I don’t feel this way. From what I read, only a very few feel that this moment is the complete opposite—one of joy, peace, and calm. Can it be right to be feeling this way? Or am I completely blocked from the energies coming to us at this time that I am not feeling what other people sense?                          ~Steve, UK

ANSWER: Clarity is available to all at this time. The energetic positioning of the planets across your solar system has allowed blockages that have existed for many of your centuries to dissipate. Souls who choose to be present on Earth at this time are in a position to feel the essence of their soul, or the despair of all their unfinished lessons.

Your soul when at Home exists in unconditional love in a totally positive energy. To be able to sense the joy, peace, and love of the universe is merely an indication that you are not preoccupied with negative lessons now. You are sensing the feelings of the lightworkers who are present to help all those lost souls who are either finishing their lessons or totally in the dark about the purpose of their current incarnation.

The proper way of handling your condition is to rejoice that you are here at this time. Then decide what, if any, assistance you wish to provide for your fellow souls. Some souls have just come to Earth at this time to observe the events with no plans for rescue efforts. So if your choice is simply to sit in the grandstands and watch, take full advantage of the wondrous sight before you. If you are here to assist, let your intuitive feelings show you the way.

Life-between-life information

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Question: Masters, I recently had a life-between-lives (LBL) regression session which I found interesting and helpful, but which left me with many questions. Firstly, my soul stated that I am interested in the concept of power. I can see how that might mean a person’s ability to use our personal power to influence others or our environment or manifest our desires, but is there more to it than that? I believe that my soul group is also interested in this subject; does that mean that we incarnate together over the course of many lives in order to explore this particular theme over and over again? Secondly, my soul’s communication during this session was very succinct and explanations were very brief compared to other people’s experiences of inter-life regression that I have read. Is there a reason for this? Here’s hoping you can shed some light!                              ~ Viki, Switzerland

Answer: For our readers who are not familiar with the procedure you are asking about we will provide a short background. Using hypnosis and other means of obtaining a deeply relaxed state, the practitioner asks you to access memories from the planning stages for your current and past lives. This state allows the human body to disconnect from its usual reliance upon the thinking process of the mind and connect with the subconscious and unconscious awareness of the soul. It is similar to a hypnotic past-life regression where you recall what happened to you during a different incarnation, but with LBL you are remembering the time before the physical life began.

You and a group of your soul mates are conducting an extensive study of the concept of both physical and energetic power. It includes the segments of power that you mentioned but also the way souls use their own powers in everyday situations. Do they allow others to tell them what to do? Or do they assert themselves and take responsibility for their own actions? How much of your life is using your freedom of choice to learn? And how much is just following the crowd? How can you determine or feel when another person is taking your power away from you? Or how does it feel when you take another’s power?

You are what is known as an older soul—a soul who has had hundreds of life experiences. You do not need to be led by the hand to resonate with inner wisdom that during this incarnation you are hearing for the first time from your historic files (akaishic records). Your succinctness is your shorthand to trigger memories just below the consciousness that will affirm and remind you of your path.

Most of the accounts you have read that have been detail-packed were coming to souls who haven’t had as much experience as you. They have needed a remedial course just to use the information that is forthcoming. Of the written records you have seen, some also include multiple sessions which were needed for the individual to bring out all the necessary information.