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Attracted to what you can’t have

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, what is the higher purpose, or spiritual significance, when we feel a strong bond or attraction to another who is already married? I feel that I was meant to understand unconditional love when it happened to me, but I find it difficult to move on even though I get the lesson. Could you please help? Thank you!     ~ Grace, Malaysia

ANSWER: Many reasons cause attraction to other people. Some of them are part of your life plan and others are the result of coming too close to a soul who is a part of your soul group or someone with whom you have had several prior incarnations. And sometimes the reason is part of a particular lesson you have chosen to experience during this lifetime. Each of these reasons results in a strong attraction to the other person.

You are correct that this was a lesson on love, but not unconditional love. Modern society heralds unconditional love as the truest form of romantic love. It is very difficult to have unconditional love for another human. Do you unconditionally love a spouse? If you do, then whatever he does, however he treats you, even being unfaithful to you, would not dampen your love for him.

In your polarized world of positivity constantly balancing against negativity, nothing is unconditional. You would be unable to learn lessons unless a choice were presented to you. Your lesson revolves around being able to love yourself for the lessons you have chosen to learn.

You sense that you cannot be happy without being in a relationship. Your identity is defined by what you do and not who you are. You see yourself as family member, employee, friend, but not as a soul, divine being, journeyer. Take inventory of the magnificent person you are and love yourself as an individual, not as a piece of something else.