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Serial killers and society

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, what lesson or purpose do serial killers have for humanity? I understand what Hitler meant to the collective masses in bringing about an energy of compassion, but I struggle with these modern-day maniacs and how they serve as life lessons for us.

ANSWER: When a massive number of people are involved in a transition back Home it has an effect upon the whole planet. Hitler, certainly, was part of a very notorious movement during your recent or current lifetime. Other notable mass events include Rwanda, Chechnya, the tsunami, the twin towers, and many earthquakes, landslides, fires, and floods. All of these events were for the entire planet to take note and be affected accordingly.

There have been a number of souls who contracted to be the source of transition for multiple souls, but not to be an impact on a global level. These serial killers have a life lesson of being without feelings or conscience, and either are unable to control their urges or are truly “evil” as modern society judges its people. These souls are not intended to have any particular effect upon all souls currently sharing life, but only upon the victims, families, and pursuers. These are individual lessons for each one of them.

These killers would have gone unnoticed to the majority of mankind but for the fact that murder sells and makes the media salivate. More than one violent crime committed by a single soul becomes a series and reporters all try to out-shock each other and the public.

For those not directly involved there is no lesson except that you should not judge. Merely evaluate this behavior as you do any other acts that represent a soul’s life lessons.

Fear and moving forward

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I feel that my potential is being delayed because of myself and my thoughts. I’m a young person and feel stuck because I don’t trust myself enough to move on. My question is what is the best way for me to move away from this fear? I want to follow through with my purpose, but something is always stopping me. I want to help others but I can’t even help myself. I found out that in a past life I had a similar issue. How can I move on and keep it from recurring?

ANSWER: One of the biggest fears a human faces is the fear of the unknown. People always seem to want to know what is coming and what will happen before they will venture out of their comfort zone. Even when a soul is extremely uncomfortable, such as being in an abusive situation, it will remain where it is-in the known-rather than chance the unknown and scurry to possible safety. Self- doubt, worthiness, and trust issues lead the list of causes. These lessons sometimes take many lifetimes to learn, as you have found out.

To move out of this fear (and the most prominent sign of all these lessons is fear) requires an awareness of who you really are. We refer to the fact that you are an eternal soul that is a piece of Source with the same powers and majesty. To stop the self-sabotage you must accept your nature. In this acceptance comes the power to know that there is nothing to fear.

The only thing stopping you from moving forward is your old belief system, placed in you by others. It says you are not good enough. Isn’t it time to leave that at home with your old childhood toys? You are as good, as worthy, and as powerful as every other soul in existence. Who would not trust in the creator, Source? Accept that you are a piece of Source; there is no one better to trust.

Once you learn your true nature you will not repeat this lesson again.

Manifestation and need for confirmation

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, would you kindly explain in detail about the process of physical manifestation of our wishes? What has the state of “Isness”* and gratitude to do with physical manifestation? Could you give a spiritual formula for instant (without time delay) manifestation where we know that we are the conscious creator of our own experience?

[* Note: for those unfamiliar with the term, “Isness” is what is going on right here, right now, whether I like it or not.]

ANSWER: We shall comment on your last question first. Why do you need confirmation or validation? Are you not going to continue to think you can do something unless you immediately know that you can? When you began school did you know instantly that you would graduate? Or did you stop after a day or two because you were not sure of your abilities instantaneously? Did you realize when you did graduate that you had consciously created that experience for yourself? No one else performed the learning or passed the exams for you.

Too many people out there talk about the ability to manifest as if there are no impediments to waving a magical wand and altering whatever you aim it at into whatever you wish. You are all very powerful beings, but since you entered physical form and chose to accomplish certain tasks while you were thus encapsulated, there are restrictions.

Souls decide that they will complete certain life lessons during their lifetimes and then come down with amnesia concerning these tasks. If one of your lessons is to experience poverty and want, your wishes alone to manifest plenty will not be fulfilled because of your own previous choices. You can work your way through school, get a great job, and find yourself with riches, but this would complete your lesson while manifesting out of thin air would not.

Physical manifestation of your wishes is possible with positive thought and intention if nothing stands in the way. The state of Isness, as you call it, is what others refer to as being awake or enlightened. You reach such a state when you have claimed all your powers, completed your lessons, and shed your fears. At that point nothing stands in your way or interferes with manifestation.

Fear and self-doubt sabotage your efforts to complete your desired creation. If the intention you release to the universe says “I would like to” or “I think I can,” you have already failed in your efforts. Both are equivocal and speak as much to failure as to success. Manifestation arises out of the unconditional intention to create. If your thoughts instead speak as if the action is already complete-“I am grateful for having created this opportunity”-it will appear.