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Why can’t I hear?

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Q: Masters, all of a sudden I could barely hear anything around me. I have been to the doctor and she explains it as a buildup of wax—that when I used over-the-counter wax remover, it dissolved the wax, which reformed as a solid barrier over my ear drums. This has now resulted in inflamed ears, and I am on antibiotics and steroids. When I asked my guides in meditation what this was all about, the only response I got was that I hadn’t been listening. Can you elaborate? What is it that I am supposed to be listening to?

A: You have a very good relationship with your guides. Lately you have not maintained a steady communication with them concerning your own issues and have not been tapping into your intuition (your inner self) either. When souls ignore the non-physical aspects of self, they create blockages that manifest as physical ailments.

During the recent past you have spent a lot of time helping others and very little time on yourself. Danger signals were sent out to you but were not noticed because your concentration was elsewhere on other people. This is a good example of the problem of living in the past or in the future rather than the now.

First, your soul said, “Do you hear me now?” The outside world was cut off so that the importance of the inside world would become evident. The message having been delivered, you now have the opportunity to reverse the effects of your neglect.

The medical procedures that you have to follow, the drops and pills, are creating a return to the discipline of listening and communicating with your body. The second step is to use your intention now to increase the connection you have with your healing abilities and speed the blockage removal along.

Disaster deaths

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, recently we have been welcoming home large numbers of souls from their earthly domain. The majority of these transitions (deaths) has been the result of natural phenomena on your planet. Please know that all these souls had included their seemingly untimely death as a facet of their life lessons, and therefore had given prior consent to be a part of this mass exodus.

Some of these earthly disasters have been caused by the planet’s cyclical changes, and others are the result of its inhabitants’ behavior. You are entering a period of time when many of these patterns of destruction will continue, but you are able to mitigate the intensity of some energy-related events with your intentions.

The way people are reacting in these trying times is allowing the energy to formulate patterns that will help them to change the governance of many nations. Earthly disasters are also causing all humans to examine their impact on the environment and to decide whether and how to change their behavior in relation to planet Earth.

Be conscious of the energy at this time, and you will move toward the discovery of your own creative powers.

Love, light, and laughter to you.

The Masters of the Spirit World

Open invitation to spirits

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Q. Masters, a group of friends and I have been having weird things happen to us lately. It is almost like in the movies when they talk about poltergeists and discarnate souls that haven’t crossed over into the light and want to cause havoc. Strange dreams have been the norm. All of these occurrences have taken place in a hunting and fishing cabin we jointly own. None of us have had anything happen anywhere else. It all began about five months ago when the weather was horrendous so we stayed in drinking and working with an old Ouija board. None of us really professed any belief in the game, but it seemed to be truthfully answering our questions. Some of the guys don’t even want to come to the cabin anymore. What can we do to get our peace back again?

A. You are right to connect the current activities with your use of the Ouija board. The whole premise of using the board is that you want to communicate with non- physical entities. Any time that you indiscriminating invite energies into your presence, anything that is there may accept the invitation.

When most mediums establish contact with non-physicals they protect themselves and those with them by asking to make contact only with energies that will come forth for the highest and greatest good (known as “beings of the light”). With protection in place, discarnates (those souls who have left their physical bodies but have not crossed over to the spirit world) may not come on their own and may only answer questions directly put to them. They do not have carte blanche to come and stay.

When you, with no thought of whom you might be asking to come into your cabin, played around with the Ouija board, you attracted a group of spirits who have not gone home. They were having too much fun staying inebriated while still alive, so they choose not to leave. They identify with your fun times in the cabin and want to relive some of their exploits through you. They will remain around until they are asked, or helped, to leave.

The easiest way to get them to leave is to rescind the invitation unequivocally. Once invited, to uninvite, you must say so three times. Discarnates also do not like the smell of sage (used frequently by American Indians and others to clear unwanted spirits from locations). If none of these things work, try contacting a local channeler of medium to talk to them and find out why they are sticking around.