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Pulled two ways

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, My relationship of many years feels energetically stuck. I feel drained and without motivation or focus. I feel very little interest or connection except we have a child together and financial ties. He is a good man, handsome and loving. I have recently met a man that I felt an instant soul connection with on a very high level of consciousness. It almost felt like a spiritual union, a very high state of love. Upon parting, I felt a withdrawal from his energy as if someone had pulled something from my center making me feel dizzy for a moment. My inner voice told me that my higher angels sent this man to me, that he is a soul mate and will be in my future. I want to honor my intuition, my heart and soul’s desire but want to respect my current relationship and family. What is the lesson of this meeting? How do I obtain clarity, direction? Healing and soul growth? ~Shelly, USA

ANSWER: Ambiguity is a powerful lesson with which to deal. You have a very human physical relationship of a normal variety started when you had little experience and confidence in who you were. You then have an energetic being enter your life who stimulates you not on a merely physical level, but also on a vibrational level. It is virtually impossible to compare the two.

You made a contract with this new soul to enter your life at this time to awaken energetic feelings within you. You wished to then tussle with the decisions presented. Your intuition is simply telling you that this is what you wanted to happen, but you did not have a set outcome in mind. It is for you to examine your life and see what feels right to you.

Honor yourself in this situation. You had become very complacent in your marriage, stuck as you called it. There is no real excitement—just a job you are stuck performing. Your choices are to stay or to leave. We suggest, to assist in your decision, you start a list of everything that feels good in your marriage and everything that does not feel good or satisfy you. Then you have to decide what YOU want to happen. This is about your growth and understanding, not a sense of what society might tell you is “correct.”

Your child can feel when you are vibrant and when you are depleted. If you choose that it is time to move on, staying around because your husband doesn’t want you to leave is saying to him and yourself that he knows more what is right for you than you do. Take charge and you won’t be stuck any longer.