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What is Halloween?

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Note: We reprint this previously published message because is very appropriate at this season of the year. We hope you will enjoy the Masters’ timely words.

Dear Fellow Souls, a week from today is what people on Earth call All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. To many in the northern hemisphere it merely signals the change from summer into winter, a last chance before cold sets in for the children to have a romp outside. It is an opportunity to gather a horde of goodies for the winter just as the squirrels are preparing their winter stashes. Mirth and trick-or-treating is the assignment of the day. It is acceptable to dress up or disguise yourself so that you may play pranks on people without their knowing your true identity. You may be queen for a day, a pirate, or an alien—anything but whatever you are in real life. It is a chance to step out of yourself and seemingly not be responsible for your actions. For adults, it is a reverting back to their carefree childhoods when they could still dream of being a fireman or a ballet dancer.

But there is another reason to celebrate this day. The true origin of Halloween was to acknowledge and honor the spirit, a remembrance of all the physical lives and experiences your souls have led on Earth. It was also a time to help any soul that might be stuck on the physical plane to go into the Light (return Home). People went in search of the wayward souls and, with compassion, helped them to understand that they were no longer physical and were free to move on with no further earthly obligations.

Your media, who like to sensationalize everything to sell themselves, have taken this honorable task, switched the roles, and villainized the action. The poor stuck souls have turned into horrible, mindless, stalking images that roam the surface looking for unsuspecting humans to prey upon—to turn them into ghouls after sucking out their blood for nourishment! Halloween has become a time of frightening little children and for teens to see how brave they are.

We ask you to reflect on this thought. Let this be a day to renew your life’s mission of learning lessons. Remember all those who have gone before you were trailblazing the pathways back Home. The day following All Hallows Eve is called All Saints Day in many Christian denominations. Take a moment to reflect in particular upon those who have returned Home, both relatives and friends, who played a part in your own experience. Thank the teachers who had agreed to be here with you to keep you on your pre-determined track, but have now moved on. Celebrate the whole cycle of the soul, from Home, to earth, to Home again with a sense of gratitude.

The Masters of the Spirit World