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When desire conflicts with lessons

Friday, October 17th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I realize entire books have been written on manifestation, but if you could boil down the mechanics of creating our own realities to a few paragraphs, what would that be? Some of us have been reading channeled material for years and applying it to our lives, yet still are not totally living the realities we prefer. So please answer this in a general way or, if you’d like, specific to me.

ANSWER: The human experience has many phases. It begins with contracts made before incarnation concerning what particular lessons you wish to learn during your lifetime. That is the first layer of intention concerning the reality you may create and is mostly hidden from your consciousness. Once involved in a human life, you have freedom of choice as to the specific mechanics you use to create your reality. Your underlying intention is almost always to experience the highest and greatest good in your search for knowledge. This may match a third-dimensional (earthly) view of prosperity, or it may be the exact opposite. If your lesson is to deal with a condition of want, no amount of intention is sufficient to create any other reality. You will not be able to manifest prosperity until, first, you have come to appreciate and understand why you needed the energy of want.

If your life plan calls for you to learn your own power and self-worth, you must do that before you can manifest the ability to create your reality unhindered. Once that lesson is learned, you can visualize your intention with total faith and confidence in success in order to fulfill your desire. There is a universal law that you draw to yourself whatever you need to experience, so it is very important that you monitor your doubts and fears because their energy will return to you as the manifestation of those same doubts and fears.

The simplest way to a desired reality is to see it before you with the intention of achieving this or something greater. Let go of the absolute need to have things exactly as you think you want them (an expectation that limits the possibilities). Set aside your (ego) judgment about what is happening, and go with the flow of the universe. With no interfering pre-incarnation intentions, or present-life doubts, fears, or limiting needs, you will see your reality materializing.