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Is being a homebody dangerous?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters my favorite place to be is at home. I love to cook; read books; organize; and be with my family. I never really feel a need to spend time with friends or go to bars or events. I am not anti-social just content to be home. But most people don’t feel that way. They always want to be going somewhere. Why can’t people just be content at home? Am I just hindering myself? ~Valerie, USA

ANSWER: Everyone is different. Souls have chosen to have a variety of experiences while on Earth. People who are afraid of taking responsibility for their lives cannot think or make decisions for themselves and constantly want others to tell them what to do. These types need to be in the immediate vicinity of others or they feel afraid, fearing abandonment or making mistakes.

Souls who are working on getting to know themselves and what abilities they have can do it more easily when not constantly being interfered with by others. You are one such individual. Your lessons have included learning about love, family, intellectual exploration, and stepping back to witness and observe what those around you are doing.

You feel some pressure from society to conform to the pattern of the majority: needing the advice of others. You are your own person and honor yourself enough to need only the inner feelings of your soul to decide what is best for you.

You are definitely not hindering yourself. To follow all the lemmings that need to run around with the crowd would be for you to deny who you are. People who cannot be content alone or at home are those who don’t love themselves or the journey they are on.

Continue to do what feels right to you and ignore all the taunts and gibes of others. They envy your freedom. To be satisfied with your life as it is without the need of the rest of society, or fulfilling society’s idea of living, is a choice that is yours to make.

You have the freedom that others crave. You decide what you do and when you do it. You don’t waste time in lounges or with people who are not on the same wavelength. You are at a point in your development toward which others strive. Go for it, girl!

Concern for animals

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been struggling with animal conditions on planet Earth. I suffer for them all the time so I realize I must learn a lot. Why are they murdered and devoured? Why do some species devour other species? Why are they used in lab tests, abandoned, spanked, tortured? I understand each man chooses his lessons, but what is the purpose of animals´ daily pain? I feel they have a conscience and I believe they have a soul once we can feel and see animals that have died. Do they evolve to be humans? ~Fernanda, Brazil

ANSWER: Most animals do not have a soul. They are animated by a spark of life. They evolved to assist humans to learn to live and feed themselves in the environment. At one time, animals were the predators and humans their prey. As humans got more plentiful, began to work together, and grouped in cities, they learned to breed animals much as they learned to cultivate the plants on the Earth.

Were it not for the fact that humans domesticated some of the wild animals to become pets to assuage their loneliness and have a constant source of unconditional love, you would not think of them as anything other than a food source or as something that could do you harm.

Animals are not equal with humans in that they are “owned” by the humans. They are not free thinking or able to take care of themselves, except those in the wild that are sustained by consuming other species.

You are thinking of animals as a soul who has chosen to spend time in the body of an animal. A very infinitesimal number of souls choose to be animals. In those rare cases, they generally choose a species that will allow them to examine some special trait not available to a human. No soul has chosen to be an animal that is bred for consumption or experimentation.

You identify with abused creatures because you feel abused mentally and emotionally. You sense that you will be able to help yourself if you can find some way to help them. They are fulfilling the purpose for which they came into existence.

Souls do not evolve. They become more aware of their essence through the physical lives they lead. If they have chosen the life of an animal – say a cat, dog, or eagle – they have the freedom to return to being human afterward. Most souls have never been other than human when experiencing physicality.

Examining the lessons

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I believe that all that we experience in this life is because we need to grow in our souls. But the last 3 years has been so heavy… my husband died in an accident, I lost my job, our son (9 years old) still thinks that money is easy because he used to have everything. Now we have a new family. I just want to understand why I feel so sad and lost. ~Sandra, Portugal

ANSWER: When you are in an environment of instability, loss, sadness, and constant change, it is difficult not to be affected by it. You have been bombarded by one disaster after another. With each event your world was rocked and split apart. It was impossible to keep only positive thoughts in your mind. The friends and family around you aided in intensifying the negativity by constant condolences and reminding you of your misfortune.

You now have the ability to reshape the rest of your life and the way you see and feel it. You cannot deny or ignore what has happened, but you can put it in the past and not dwell in its energy. The way you feel about and observe your daily life is a choice. You can pick up the past sadness, or you can look out on the world as a new day that has yet to be recorded.

Take each moment of each day and find something bright, happy, and cheerful to say and think. When darkness, unhappiness, and insecurity appear, stop what you are doing and examine the causes of those emotions. Replace each with a positive intention for the moment.

You don’t have to rewrite your entire life right away. Take baby steps. Your son is still in shock and he is trying to recapture his father’s presence by denying that anything has changed. As you redirect your thoughts and actions, he will begin to accept the truth of your situation.

You have the ability to create and manifest whatever you wish for your future world. It may be one of enjoyment or sorrow – you are the person who decides.