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Higher state of being

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I strive for Spiritual balance and loss of ego. With the use of psychedelics I have experienced fleeting moments of a higher sense of being. I strive to achieve that state of consciousness but I understand that the journey is far more important than the actual achievement. How do I go about becoming a Master of Self and take full control over my physical vessel so I can be of most assistance to those I Love and be a channel for the Universal Energy? ~Juan, USA

ANSWER: True spiritual living can only come when the ego is tamed and put in a cage. Ego is the judgment aspect of society. One byproduct of psychedelics and other drugs is the loss of concern for the beliefs of others, particularly the judgment phase, while the uninhibited consciousness is freed of all fears and doubts. This appears to duplicate the elevated enlightened state one may work to achieve.

The soul comes to Earth to learn lessons, which appear as negative doubts and fears. It is the soul’s intention to understand these demons by facing them, going into their causes, and, while understanding them, turning them into positive experiences and wisdom.

The journey to be successful and repeatable must be done step by step. You have to face each negative challenge, go inside to find what it is attached to, and then, using your freedom of choice, replace it with its positive opposite. Under drugs, all you do is banish the challenges’ existence until you become sober again, and then they are still facing and taunting you.

When you have removed all the negativity, you will be no longer be faced with judgments that require ego. Your only job then is to evaluate a situation and see if it is something you can learn from while never declaring anything right or wrong. This journey is one of modifying your life as you go through the process of finding and changing all the judgmental situations.

Each time you remove negative energy, it is replaced with positive, unconditional, universal love energy. When you have replaced all the negativity, you have mastered this physical life.

Finding balance in overwhelm

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been deeply affected by the difficult life lessons that I chose for myself in the life, I have been trying to heal and repair and accept what has happened in the past and move forward but I feel very afraid of life and have completely changed since the death of my boyfriend whom I felt and still feel strongly connected to and despite trying to remain positive and optimistic I just don’t like the negative aspects of this world even though I know that is part of the experience, I really feel everything and wonder how I am going to rebuilt my life and get through this rebirth and spiritual awakening without completely breaking? I often feel so overwhelmed. ~Sara, New Zealand

ANSWER: Your boyfriend shielded you to a large extent from the negativity of the world. It was always there, but you just didn’t have to deal with it. You two had  agreed that there would come a time when he would depart so that you would be forced to step up and make your own way through life without protection. He is a soul mate of yours and you have shared a number of lifetimes together. He is watching over you and trying to give you advice from the other side.

Your sensitivity is both a gift and a curse. It is a curse because you cannot hide from the negative experiences, and a blessing because it points you to the things on which you have to work. The human incarnation is a schooling in using freedom of choice to take the lessons desired, shown to you through negativity, and turn them into positive understandings that can then be used on other negative situations.

Used properly, it is a win/win affair. Take each fear and doubt, ask why it is there, go into the process that brought it to you, understand that it is only a lesson, find a way to defuse the constant aggravation, and make it a positive learning forever. You rebuild one step at a time. Each conquered fear makes your burden less. As you strip off all the difficulties, you will feel the beautiful unconditional love energy of the universe.

Go slowly as you alter your life. You will find it is not as difficult as you have allowed yourself to feel it to be.

Beings lurking about

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am in search of an explanation or guidance. With Reiki which I usually use when cleaning energy from the environment (in my house), I see some spiritual beings. They are close to walls, with their black robes and hood. Never see their faces. I ask mentors and protection of these beings leave. I need to know if this really happens or is it my imagination. If it is true, why are they there? What I need to learn or do with it? I am very grateful for your help and happy with your answers ~Suian, Brasil

ANSWER: Your house contains a portal through which nonphysical spirits move. Most are of the light and you are never even aware of their transit. The ones in black, hooded robes are disincarnates, which are negative spirits who remained on Earth after their bodies expired because they wished to continue to interact with humans.

These beings have refused to return to the light because they are forces of negativity that cannot exist in the unconditional love of Home until they give up their negative energy and trade it in for positive love. They slink around the shadows hoping they will not be noticed so that they might find positive energy to steal to maintain themselves. This is not your imagination.

Your constant cleaning prevents them from building up a large enough mass of negativity to overpower you. Your mentors, guides, and healing guides are keeping them at bay at your request. What you need to do is either close the portal or place a white light filter on it, which will only allow beings of the light to use it.

If you close it, the positive energies, which will never bother you, will have to find another transit. If you place a filter on it, the negative beings will be barred while the loving spirts will not be affected.

To deal with the portal, it will be easiest if you have two other positive souls assisting you. Form a circle, burn incense in the corners of the room, have a few quartz crystals to increase your power, and while asking your guides for assistance, place your request for a filter or a closure of the passageway. Repeat your request three times.