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Communion with the One

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

QUESTION: Dear Masters, I have this beautiful connection to an energy that I call God energy. People come to me for healing. They say they feel peaceful with me. I want to do more….reach more people and animals and give back to the planet.  I am about to burst with this wanting because I want to do great things…not for ego but because I feel it is my true desire to help in a larger way. If you have any guidance, please show me the way. I have seen this energy in a dream-or did I die? I have crossed over and have seen the light and felt the immense love and now, when I want to, I inhale this energy and share it with others on an exhale…breathing new life into others. I know that I am only a conduit, a hollow bone. I take no credit but I am joyful in my abilities to help and also to have found my calling. This said, I have noticed that I don’t have any personal sadness, only tears for others’ sadness and pain, or tears of joy when I see others helping and giving to those in need. Please share your thoughts with me. P.S. I am a real human having a human experience, not trying to be a saint. I really dislike people who put on a phony face of love. I can be loving, but I can also show my human face.

ANSWER: We included your whole message to us as an example for all those readers who are fighting the various feelings caused by being an eternal, all- powerful soul contained in an all-too-human, fragile shell. You express beautifully the various aspects of the journey of life from the human perspective.

We will comment first on your out-of-body experience wherein you returned Home to the unconditionally loving energy that is our continual state. In the physiological sense you did not “die” because none of the physical faculties of your body-shell ceased to function, even for an instant. When the body is rejuvenating during the sleep/rest cycle, the soul often goes about its business of experiencing things with just a thin attachment to the body to keep it functioning.

The essence of each of us is energetic, unless we choose to appear in some constant form or body. Being energy we may merge with the Universe and be conscious in as many places as we choose. Since our primary essence is unconditional love, we return to it to renew ourselves. Generally when you return back into your physical form you have little or no memory of the sensation of the experience.

You chose to remember the intensity and grandeur of the unconditional love so that you could establish a reference point to enable you to infuse it into others at will. You do this with the breathing technique you have developed. The new life you breathe into others is a sampling of their own essence that they have forgotten, so you prime the pump to get it flowing again. The sense that this does not originate from you, of course, is correct; it is the energy that is sometimes called the Oneness or Source or, even, Divine energy.

The emotional condition of lack of sadness, etc., results from being at peace with your life. You flow with the energy of all. You accept yourself and the role you chose to fulfill before this particular incarnation. This is a function of being out of judgment, where things are right or wrong, and into a state of evaluation where you can dispassionately observe your life patterns and experiences for their knowledge without criticism.

We chuckled at your P.S. It shows that you can still be aware of all the physical happenings that only a body can afford, and can have opinions and evaluations about the way others are choosing to spend their lives.

To use Earth vernacular:  Rock on, baby!

Global finance

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, governments all over the world are struggling to find a way to lessen the impact on the public of the current financial crisis. Is there a sound policy for fiscal reform that they can adopt? Do spirit guides play any role in giving such advice?

ANSWER: Ah, here we go again. “Can you tell me what to do?” “Make my decision for me and tell me the best way to do things.” “Is there only one way to do this?” “Please take the responsibility for this situation away from me and only let me have to worry about the good life.”

The current financial condition of the various governments and countries on your planet has as many causes as it has cures. Greed and lack of accountability to others, for the use of their money and potential, created your problem. The first thing that will balance out the resulting distress is to know what is actually involved.

Everyone dropped into panic mode and most still have their heads buried in the sand waiting for the debris to cease falling. They must stand up tall, look around, and take inventory. Until the agencies know what they have left, they are unable to know how to use what they have to remedy their mess.

You are hearing more horror stories every day because those in charge are themselves still discovering more depleted funds. No one had their eye on the ball and it went rolling into the gutter-and some financiers haven’t even discovered that their ball is missing yet.

We can guarantee you that those who were only playing around and not watching the store would not have heard a word said to them from this dimension. Their ego was, and in most cases still is, king. To hear your guide you have to accept that existence reaches beyond your physical boundaries and that someone “up there” might know and be able to see more than you could ever possibly be aware of.

Now, if those seeking to help balance the monetary situation again wish to seek help from knowledgeable guides on this side of the veil, we are more than happy to lend our assistance. We do not foist ourselves unbidden upon incarnates, but must be asked for help.

Religious rituals

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, some people have left behind the dogmatic teaching of their religion as they embrace freedom to think for themselves, as you encourage us to do. The rituals and music of church, synagogue, and mosque are hard to give up, however, especially those celebrating birth, coming of age, marriage, and transition. Is it good for spiritualists to revise or re-invent such rituals, or do they represent some kind of threat to our freedom of thought?

ANSWER: In each case, you must ask what the ritual means to you. If you are partaking in the process out of allegiance to the rite, i.e., the sect that tells you to perform it, you are giving up your freedom of choice and allowing yourself to be controlled by another. If you perform the ceremony to proclaim to the world your beliefs in the stated purpose of such ritual, it is by choice and an exercise of that choice.

An example is the ritual slaves used to proclaim to others that they were united and wished to set up housekeeping with another: they joined hands and jumped over a broomstick. This was invented out of necessity since their religious leaders were not present and they wanted a sign to give to the world of the sincerity of their pledge.

To invent a ritual and instruct others that it is the only way to do something correctly is a judgment and a demand put forth by the human ego. This would be a control platform used to ensnare doubting souls. You cannot and should not even try to make decisions for another person.

These rituals of old you find hard to give up because most remind you of emotionally happy events wherein lie lots of promises for the future. The music calms and soothes you, incense takes you to the comfort of a home fire, and the camaraderie makes you feel accepted. If these symbols of physical comforts are what you seek, create for yourself a place where your senses obtain the same treatment, but don’t make that a religious experience.

Going into your heart space and basking in the unconditional love from Home that resides there will more than satisfy any soul who is open to the experience of self. If you only feel safe in a herd, make that the basis of your choice. After all, in the journey of the soul through physical life, nothing is right or wrong.