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Soul vs. mind and brain

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters how am I to perceive the role of the soul in an incarnation on Earth with respect to the functioning of the normal human mind and brain? The human mind functions with inputs mostly from the brain, it’s senses and the body. How does the soul influence the mind in order to achieve its purpose on Earth? How to perceive the role of the soul in a day to day activity on Earth. “Free Will” belongs to mind or soul? ~Oinam, India

ANSWER: You are not a human who just happens to contain a soul. You are a soul who has chosen to have a human experience. The soul is the essence of the person you see in the mirror every day. It has the freedom of choice of which you speak. The physical body, containing the brain with its memory cells (or hard drive) and the mind, is the sensory awareness you have within this lifetime – the human aspect of the soul’s journey.

When the soul is in its original form, which is an amorphous cloud of energy that knows all, senses all, and can be in a number of places at the same time, it is not limited by a single point of awareness such as the body is with its mind. The soul chooses the lessons it wishes to deal with while in a body and gives that mind/brain amnesia concerning its purpose.

As the human goes through its life cycle, it gathers information that is stored in the brain for the use of the mind in selecting choices. Because the soul has freedom of choice, the mind also has freedom to choose that which it wants to understand. Since the brain is very pedantic, it frequently does not see that it has freedom to choose because it does not recognize the available choices.

Truly taking advantage of freedom of choice sometimes needs the realization of the composition of Earth with its duality of negative and positive energies (a hint of spirituality). This allows one to see the difference between negative ego judgment and positive loving energy.

You are trying to separate the physical brain/mind from the nonphysical soul, and it cannot be done. Without the soul nothing else could, or would, exist. The soul does not influence the body except in providing wisdom it has gathered from past lives when the human aspect goes looking to connect with it. As long as the body remains entrenched in the ego judgment, the soul is pushed aside and the brain/mind is on its own to learn and make choices if it can see any.

Letting lessons control you

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters about 5 years back in a relationship I had got physically abusive after months of escalating verbal abuse. It went both ways, she would goad me and I did my fair share too, but one night, alcohol fueled, I lost it, smashed the bedroom up and walked out. I woke up the next day horrified and rushed back around to try and fix things as much as I could, I convinced her not to tell the police and she didn’t, but the relationship broke down and we parted ways. I went through years of anguish over what I had done. I’ve suffered massively with depression and anxiety after this event and can only think this was brought on by the stress. I’ve since realized that both our souls must’ve had a contract to have this lesson together, however are my mental health issues permanent and still the lesson? ~Jon, UK

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You chose many lessons for this lifetime, and included therein was addiction to drink, anger, control, and self-punishment. You need to examine the ability to release self-loathing and allow forgiveness to permit self-love to return. You are causing all the restrictions you see as mental health issues by choice.

You have control over your reactions to events in the present, but you continue to chastise yourself for the one incident that highlighted all your learning processes. One activity does not sentence a person to a life of constant upheaval unless they keep reminding themselves of what they believe they consciously chose.

Both of you needed to be more aware of the impact that your words and actions have upon others – it was a lesson for you both. Going back over what happened, can you see that it was not an intentional act on your part? The stress, the escalation, the drinking, the unhappiness you would not allow yourself to realize – all those led to the explosion that you used to escape the inevitable physical harm directed against her.

Nothing of a permanent nature took place except setting your unyielding mind on a course of self-condemnation. You have the power to begin anew. It was only a lesson, not an indelible tattoo branding you a dangerous uncontrollable menace. Let the guilt go!

Part of the depression is the result of releasing the concern and love you had for your partner and letting that space fill up with loathing for yourself. Chase out the despair and fill the empty places with unconditional love for yourself and this difficult life you chose. It took a lot of courage to face your past. Rewrite your future with the understanding that you are love. Feel that beauty and accept that it belongs to you – but you have to let it in!

Why can’t I prosper?

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I was born poor, but happy. I have never been prosperous and scarcity has been with me since childhood. I have always strived to study and work for a comfortable life. I never succeeded. There has never been a lack of food or housing, but my achievements are just that. My decisions have always led me to scarcity. Things have gotten worse since my second marriage in which I and four other people depend on the same income. In the most difficult moment I created a cycle of scarcity. I have struggled in my inner shift and tried to open up prosperity by using the law of attraction, despite some advances, the results are still very weak. So, what life lesson is hidden? Should I stop trying to attract prosperity and focus on the spiritual growth that this lesson gives me?  ~José, Brazil

ANSWER: The life lesson you are fulfilling is one of taking responsibility for the choices you have made. Your decision to take on financial responsibility for additional people has used up all the possible discretionary money your work has brought to you. You started out with a poverty mentality from your family and have not learned all the possible lessons from it.

You can try bringing money in through the law of attraction, but it will not help until you analyze the total situation of your life, including your expenses when judged against your potential income. Be honest with your family’s spending. Yes, you would like to be able to provide them with more than you are capable of at this time, but it is impossible.

Prosperity is not just monetary. Prosperity is the ability for your life to abound with happiness, health, sharing, and love. Appreciate all that is possible for you – that is your lesson. Sometime in the future, when you rejoice in your physical prosperity, you may be ready to also have some degree of monetary prosperity.