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In celebration

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


Dear fellow souls, we have now completed one of your Earth years of bringing messages to you. We have seen a change in the questions that you are asking and in the complexity of the answers we are able to deliver to you. This is a very good example of how you on Earth are awakening to a realization of your souls and of eternal life.

More and more of you are starting to feel where you are and to know the intended contracts and pathways you had envisioned for this incarnation. It is always enjoyable for us to witness this transformation within a human: first being totally controlled by the brain/ego on the Earth plane, determining everything by judgment, and then converting this experience into a life of feeling from the heart and soul which educates your soul for all eternity.   

We urge you to be steadfast in your progress. Be open to what you are bringing to yourself to experience. Live in the present without spending much valuable time on the past or the future. Relish each experience and learn everything that is possible from each situation.

We are always here to help when needed. But lest you forget, we cannot make decisions for you. You have total freedom of choice to determine the way you learn each lesson. Evaluate each experience to see if you want to take the learning further in that area, or if you have had quite enough just as it is. The choice is yours!

Enjoy the journey with love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World

A pet aids with contracts

Monday, July 28th, 2008


Q: Masters, five years ago my beloved pet dog disappeared. I was heartbroken. I put up signs all over the neighborhood for his return. I visited all the local animal shelters and veterinarians. I was not able to locate him anywhere. I always had the feeling that he was around, but I could never confirm this. After a period of mourning I moved on but could never get another animal since I always knew he would return. This week, out of the blue, I was notified that he had been brought to a clinic as a stray. We had him tagged with an identification chip and my name and phone number popped up. I am beyond ecstatic but would like to know why he left, what I was to learn from the experience, and where he has been all this time.

A: Your friend did not willingly leave. He was taken, “dog-napped,” by some very lonely children. They convinced their mother that your dog followed them home and didn’t belong to anyone. She decided he would be a cheap babysitter. The family lived on the other side of town, too far away for your signs to be seen.

Your dog sensed their need for companionship and remained to care for them. They were home alone every day after school and he kept them company and gave them the love they craved. He was turned out by the mother when she decided to move the family to another city, but your dog didn’t know where you were, so he wandered in ever-widening circles until he was picked up and subsequently identified.

For your part, your soul had the desire to feel deep sorrow, abandonment, despair, and betrayal. All of these emotions played in your life for several years, intensified by the knowledge that your dog was out there somewhere. You blamed him for not breaking free and returning to you, but that was a human characteristic you attributed to him, not an animal one. For his part he was torn by loyalty and love for you and the need of the children who took him. As you could see when he got home, he never forgot you.

Safety vs. choices

Friday, July 25th, 2008


Q: Masters, I have become absolutely paranoid lately. As a child I remember a time where life was carefree and we didn’t worry about anything. Then came the Tylenol deaths where someone put poison into containers of pain medication at drug stores and killed a number of people. Subsequent to that, adulteration of other foodstuffs has occurred at supermarkets resulting in safety precautions and double seals on everything. Every time I purchase something that could have been opened before I got it, I think it may be tampered with. What can I do about all my fears? Are they justified?

A: A number of things are at play in your scenario. The time of your childhood was before it became so easy to inject fear into people. Governments are very cautious trying to protect their citizens in these terrorists’ times. Stores and manufacturers are afraid of the average consumers who are quick to file lawsuits, sensing they can obtain money if a merchant wasn’t overly careful of how all the merchandise in their control was handled.

One of the main things that is suffering throughout all this precaution-crazy world is interference with the soul’s life lessons, particularly the exercise of freedom of choice. You may have set up a situation where you were to be affected by a tampered-with product, but lo and behold, your protagonist wasn’t able to set up the planned event because of all the precautions in place preventing access. You therefore are unable to make decisions about how to think and deal with the resulting infirmity.

Remember, you only draw to yourself what you need to experience, but if blockades are erected so that the test can’t come to you, you may find yourself not completing a lesson and coming back again. Some of the fear that you sense results from feeling you have no choices in life.

As with all of your thoughts you must watch what you fixate upon because it will bring the dreaded event to you one way or another. You don’t have to worry if you exercise reasonable precautions. Don’t take a drink offered to you by a stranger. Don’t use a product that has had the seal broken on the cap. Trust that the government regulations are protecting you. Don’t buy into the fear that the tamperers are seeking.