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Stop what you’re doing!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I channel and I also have five main beings who are always around me. One of the beings is actually incarnated, living in the same town and a friend. We love each other but have never said anything in this physical world, only in other dimensions. (Also I’m married to a wonderful guy. He’s met someone wonderful and I really like her.)  I was told that we have karmic debt and never will be together in this lifetime but the problem is (other than a broken heart) that my guides tell me that we will. She says I’m under a karmic spell. I just need the truth to be able to move on, and what do I do about this being? He’s also my twin flame. ~Kichan, USA

ANSWER: First, you have to stop what you are doing and start thinking and feeling for yourself! From what you are saying you are running your life by committee: you, your husband, and all your advisors. “He said,” “she said,” “karmic spell,” “karmic debt”—do you believe that a soul has complete freedom of choice in each life it undertakes? If you do, then start writing your own script.

Karmic beliefs suggest there are rewards and punishments for past, present, and future activities. That implies predestination instead of freedom of choice. If you wish to experience that sort of a life, go right ahead and ignore what we have to say here. You have the freedom of choice to live your life by whatever rules you want to experience. Life is all about feeling different ways to go through things. Nothing is right or wrong; you get experience on both sides of the coin.

In this life you made a series of interesting contracts to be confronted with complicated interconnected personal relationships. You agreed to have a wonderful husband who loves both you and a different great gal—while you still love him and a person with whom you can only share your romantic inclinations on the non-physical plane. Doesn’t all of this seem a bit complicated to you? Your response is to blame karma, on someone else’s word, as the reason for this puzzle.

All of this is happening for you to step up and sort it out. Let’s hit the channeling first. Receiving advice: it should never be orders if it is coming from the astral plane. It is to be taken as advice only, to help you decide how to use your freedom of choice. A soul who is currently incarnate with you CANNOT be a channel from a higher dimension. You are soul mates with this individual but you are not twin flames. You are so psychically connected with him from all your past lives together that it seems to you as if he is channeling, but it is only your familiarity with him that you sense.

The future will be determined by the choices each of you makes and how they affect the others. Karma has no affect. Nothing is guaranteed or prohibited in the future, except by your own choices. Feel what is the path you desire and start down it without following the signposts other people want you to obey.

Unconscious messages

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I feel a bit “stuck.” I have been off work (due to slow recovery from surgery) for 3 months. I feel I have been deliberately slowed down by the universe but I am not sure why. Should I be in another job more suited to my talents? I would appreciate a little help and direction to see a clear way to progress healthily. ~Bernie, UK

ANSWER: You are blaming on the universe what your unconscious mind is doing with your life. You know, even on a conscious level, that your current employment does not suit you, and you are miserable when you think of the things that you could be doing. During your recuperation, your unconscious self has taken over and tried to get you to admit, just as you have done here, that you need a job that suits your talents better. So take good note of this.

The way a body heals is by a combination of third-dimensional medical healing and inner-dimensional psychic intention. If your unconscious wants longer to consider your next step, the desire to have more time to think and plan will draw out your recuperation.

Start with a visualization of yourself in your perfect workplace. See yourself accomplishing success in the area of your interest and talents. See yourself in a completely healthy condition. Next, begin looking for advertisements for openings in that ideal situation and apply for the jobs. As your enthusiasm grows for the perfect conditions to work in, you will find your body repairing to be ready to launch you into that work.

Following intuition

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know what to do about this constant urge I have to move to the north of the state. The only thing holding me back is not having a financial base and being dependent on the help of others. What should I do? I am currently married, even though I have released myself in the spirit from this man. My questions are: first, if I do that, am I on the right path? And, second, do I need to sue him for alimony or just continue to move as I am and go forward with my life and raise my children?  ~Belit, Israel

ANSWER: The urge you have to move is twofold. First, the energy in your current area is not conducive for your spiritual growth; the energy in the North is. Second, you need to break completely from everything that is now your world, to move to the next stage of your life. You are finding your strengths in this life, at this time. Honor the feelings that define who you are becoming. Rely upon your intuitions for you have developed them over many different lifetimes.

Your sense of dependence upon others exists only because you have not had the opportunity to be on your own and take care of yourself. Family and friends have dictated a lot of your past. You now have to make the decision. Exercise that freedom of choice which is yours, if you want to continue with those energies to grab hold of your future and blaze the trail on your own.

Making your own pathway is quite independent of your husband or soon-to-be ex’s responsibility for his children. You should definitely pursue a course that will provide for their needs from his pocket. The children are very strong and have their own impression of what is happening. Ask their opinions to give you a counterbalance for any drastic changes you are contemplating.