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Discarnate on board

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have what I have come to believe is a ‘jump-in’ [discarnate soul] three years now. I am distressed by the behavior of this entity and am concerned that I no longer have the loving presence of my guardian angel/own spirit. I cannot believe my own loving spirit deserted me and fear that this entity ousted her and supplanted itself. It overrides my own will, and my poor husband and I have tried to find solutions to no avail. Medical people cannot comprehend it, and want me to seek psychiatric help. I am wondering if it is the beginning of Alzheimer’s or something. It communicates by tapping my back [internally]. Certain stresses of the tapping mean disapproval—and if I do not obey I get sick! It has no concept of my pain because it continually tortures me in this way. I want to get rid of it and get my life back. Please can you point me in the direction for help? ~Josephine, UK

ANSWER: First, your guides have not deserted you, nor would they ever be scared away by a physical/crazy discarnate soul. A discarnate can enter into the body of another only if it has somehow been invited in. You have allowed this entity to grow strong, and it is time to take your power back. Start controlling your own life again.

The fastest and easiest manner to accomplish this is hypnosis. It is possible for a good therapist to talk to the discarnate and find out what it wants—and also to communicate with your guides and ascertain how to set them free. Causes for your accepting this discarnate may be deduced from your unconscious, allowing you to more easily revoke permission for it to occupy your body.

Medical professionals, unless they have a spiritual basis, will not recognize what is happening to you. They do not accept that there are non-physical things that can have such an impact on the physical body—unless it is psychological. If they don’t have experience with something, they shift it off to a psychiatrist who then is unable to assist unless he understands non-physical causes of problems. You would end up medicated so that your mind would not be aware of what is happening to your body.

Practice meditation or self-hypnosis to see if you can make contact with your tormentor. If you can, ask it what it really wants and how you can assist it to move on. Learn relaxation techniques so you may reduce the effect the being has on your muscles and nerve endings until you can change its ability to control. Small baby steps are needed in getting to know and understand how to separate yourself from the discarnate. A spiritual hypnotherapist will have experience in separation and cutting the ties that bind you to it, as well.

What’s with my daughters?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, for too many years my daughters have stopped talking to me or not keeping in contact with me. I have made mistakes in my life but I don’t think I have done something so terrible that has caused this to happen. I have been a devoted mother, of course, I have made my mistakes in my private life and I believe that this is no reason to stop talking to me and keeping even their children away from me. In the beginning I was very sad and depressed and eventually I had to get used to live that way however I miss them and would like to know the real reason why this happened. ~Cristina, Colombia

ANSWER: With your erratic behavior in the past, your daughters had a period where they feared your actions and the people drawn to your negative energy. Your responses to them were unpredictable and hurtful. They grew concerned that you might affect not only them but also their family and friends in the same manner as you had affected their lives, and that is what has created their standoffishness.

People like to know what to expect in any given situation. A person grows up seeing and expecting various people—such as parents, siblings, officials—to act in a certain way. When one moves outside the normal patterns of interpersonal and societal exchanges, fear develops. It is necessary that you build up a predictable pattern of behavior when it comes to your interactions with your daughters.

Start with a letter of apology for any misunderstanding in the past. Ask what you can do to allow them to have a trusting relationship with you. Suggest that you and they, just your daughters, meet in a neutral place such as a coffee shop or restaurant to re-establish family ties. They will need to see that you are “normal” in the way they expect a mother to be. Do not let them bait you into an argument.

If you truly want to get back into their lives, you must see what they want and try to comply with their wishes—but only if it feels comfortable to you. Do not let them dictate the patterns they want you to follow. If you are unable to reach an accord at this neutral setting meeting, they are not ready to let you back into their lives. You will need to have a little patience. Trust is hard to create.

What’s my future?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder what I should do to earn money to live? What am I born to do? Today, I work 50% with people who are struggling mentally. I feel that this job drains me of energy, and I think quite a bit of stopping work there. This year I studied to be able to do hypnosis regressions with Past life Regression Academy. I like to give healing. Do you have any advice for me? ~Vigdis, Norway

ANSWER: You can do anything you put your mind to. There was no one particular thing that you had decided would be this life’s profession. You wanted to search around and try a number of things. You are a very giving and caring person, but you have allowed others to take your energy from you; that is why you feel so depleted when you work with people. Even if someone has mental, emotional, or physical challenges, that does not mean you have to allow them to take your energy.

You must learn to honor your own path. You are very sensitive to negativity and that is how your energy gets drained. It is imperative you set up blockages to prevent others from taking energy from you without your consent. Surround yourself with protective white light whenever chaos is around. Pull in extra pure unconditional love energy from the universe so you have some to give to those in need. Whenever you sense strong negative emotions or energy near you, fight back by bringing thoughts and feelings of the happiest, most positive memories you can.

One of your strongest assets is empathy for those around you. It is also one of your biggest problems. You need to learn when to accept the feelings of others in order to be able to help them, and when to block it or give it back to them so they may acknowledge what it is causing their problem.

Empathy would be a fantastic tool to use with your hypnosis and past-life work, enabling you to find core problems and help direct clients in ways to work through difficulties. You must, however, reject and shake off their negativity at the end of a session and repower yourself with positive love energy.