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Dreaming and traveling

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have been having dreams where I am aware that I am dreaming and have been trying to control the dreams such as meet with my spirit guides, fly and levitate objects. I have had some success but would like more information on how to control the dream as I don’t always get what I ask for. Some of the time when I am performing these acts in my dreams my hands hurt and once they felt so cold I thought they were getting frost bite. Why do my hands hurt so much? What other things might be beneficial for me to try in my dreams (can I try viewing my past lives)? Is there a way I can have these experiences more often? Also, do these new abilities have anything to do with the Earth’s electrical impulses lessening? ~Sue, USA

ANSWER: The biggest problem with giving instructions to yourself while awake, in the manner of controlling your dreams, is that once you are asleep, the unconscious mind is in control. Your unconscious is the residence of your higher self, or soul. You may think that you need or want to do one thing, and your soul may think that it is better for you to try something else first—or, maybe, that your desires are not appropriate for you at that time.

The pain in your hands is partially caused by your determination. When you want something desperately enough, you clench your hands into fists, putting pressure on the nerve endings. If you crick your wrist sharply enough, you cut off all feelings and circulation to your hand and the area becomes cold from lack of blood flow. Learn to relax and not be so invested in the outcome of your nightly activities.

You must learn to be a little more patient with yourself. You are doing wonderfully. Your guides are there to help you and to choose some of the experiences you are having. There is a lot more going on than you remember when you awaken. It takes time to train the conscious mind to recognize what is important for you to recall.

As you become more proficient in using your dream time to remember things and how to do them, you will get closer to opening your akashic records for examination. All past lives will then be available for review. Start each sleep cycle with your desire to experience something, and to remember it when you awaken. But don’t forget to allow your inner direction to take you where it is important for you to visit.

The cycle of the planets and the shifting of electrical impulses are allowing all humans to more successfully use their essential energy. You can communicate better, interface faster, and understand more. Happy travels!

Illnesses and life lessons

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, recently our stay-in housekeeper who has become like family to us returned home to care for her mother who suffered a stroke, only to be diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer. For now at least she is opting for traditional therapies and not for the operation advised by doctors. Based on your advice to others on the website, I have suggested that she might be able to heal through meditative techniques and energetic healing remedies. Since I have not been successfully able to do so for my own chronic condition, I feel inadequate to advise her. What can / should she do? Is being healed against part of her life lessons that cannot be changed? We love her dearly and hope she will live long. She is still so very young. Also, why has this happened to her? We have been staying in rather un-ideal conditions. Has this contributed to her condition? ~LW, Singapore

ANSWER: Your housekeeper is on her own journey filled with life lessons that involve making decisions concerning her human condition. Her current tests were not brought on by any living situation. She is very sensitive and does feel compassion for people and sometimes picks up their need to be victims or to struggle with serious issues.

Not everyone is able to reverse a medical condition with meditative and energetic methods. All the reasons for the disease to exist play a part in the process of bringing the system back into healthy balance. In some cases the modern medical intervention has been made a part of the lesson, and surgery or chemical medications are necessary to reach a conclusion. Each soul must make its own decisions to complete the lesson.

Medical problems are sometimes the base upon which other lessons ride. Many of these are common situations, such as lack of self-confidence, self-love, or self-worth, or refusing to be responsible for yourself—but definitely not accepting the powerful essence of your soul. Souls have the ability to accomplish whatever they set out to do. They determine these goals before they leave Home. Once a situation is set in motion, they use their freedom of choice to try to understand what was desired.

There are certain things they cannot work through back to health, because that was not the intended lesson. Relax in all matters. Follow the fear and doubts that outline your chosen tasks, and then work to remove the impediments and flow forward.

Titles and expectations

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, apparently I am on the 2nd Ray Soul, the yellow ray of Wisdom in this incarnation. I have been on a spiritual path for the past few years (especially the past 2!) where I have been a little bit successful visualizing and meditating with my Spirit Guide, but I have been experiencing blockages with communication due to my impatience. I would like to know if my true Twin Flame is in Spirit guiding me and what lessons do I need to overcome to take that next step forward with confidence for the future? ~Susan, New Zealand

ANSWER: Patience, self-worth, confidence, and especially self-love are huge blockages before you. Trying to live up to a label or title puts increasing pressure on you. No two souls having a human experience follow the same path—each life is unique. Whenever you identify with something someone else has reported, you immediately give over your power to be in control to the one whose past experience you espouse.

Accepting responsibility for your journey, and letting that journey contain only what feels good to you, takes an investment in trusting yourself. It is very easy to pick up a copy of a belief system stating that if you do this you will accomplish that, and if you fulfill some intention you will be in a certain place. It just doesn’t work that way.

You will find yourself much more than just a “little bit” successful in meditating, visualizing, and having communication with your guides if you accept yourself and forget about the rest of the planet. You are a beautiful, magnificent, powerful individual. You are a soul broken off from Source and share that divine essence. Accept it. Believe it. Feel it. Live it. Use it. Love yourself because of who you are, and all the insecurities will vanish.

You have many guides who are attempting to assist you—your twin flame is one of them.