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Humans lacking souls

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I have heard this from a source that tells us that half of the people on Earth are without souls and belong to a “Group soul” like animals do. I think I’m one of them and when I interact with others, I am supposed to be stealing soul energy from others. Are all these valid? ~Orion, USA

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth in order to have experiences within the duality of negative/positive energy where they can learn about their abilities. The vehicle enabling this is the human body. No human body can be animate, that is alive, without the power source of a soul. Every person on the planet has its own soul, and when the soul decides to return Home, the body ceases to function.

The concept of “group soul” would defeat the purpose for incarnation. If the soul does not have the ability to use freedom of choice, it is outside the framework of learning from its actions. The only reason a soul enters a body is so it might have the capability to learn from the lessons it chose before coming.

The spiritual journey of all souls is a singular expedition. No one can make the decisions for each soul but itself. Your soul chose to have a life on Earth. It picked all the variables that make you who you are so that it could be presented with the lessons you sought to explore.

All souls with whom you come into contact while you are in human form exchange energy. It is one of the principal ways they learn. When it comes to making your freedom-of-choice decisions, you do so by examining the various amounts of negative and positive energy that are present and then choose what resonates with you.

Souls can also give up their freedom of choice by following the demands and ideas of others without engaging their own senses at all. This is what you have done. Since each soul creates its own reality, you have adopted the beliefs of another and hold them to be your reality.

There is nothing wrong with this because it is part of your lesson of self-awareness and self-confidence. You may continue on this path until it no longer serves you or you can step back and examine the energies that are being thrown at you. Stop thinking about the beliefs given to you and start feeling for your own essence.

Every soul is a piece of Source energy broken off to have individual experiences. Therefore, you have the same powers and abilities of Source, but you must first accept this as a truth, bring it into your life, and let it help you understand this journey you are having. You can then begin to live your own life.

Chemtrails and contrails

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, are chemtrails real? That is, are they more than just the normal emissions of a plane? ~Am, Australia

ANSWER: Definitions here are important. Considering a chemtrail as a conspiracy by a large group of people who are poisoning themselves and their children for some nefarious reason is one thing. But it is also a method for the scientific correction, by using a chemical substance, to change the weather for the benefit or all or to improve farmers’ crops. These last two also go by the terms cloud seeding and crop dusting.

Contrails, or condensation trails, are just that: the product of something changing from a gaseous or vapor substance into a solid form. As airplanes ascend, the fuels that they burn in their engines produce byproducts of that combustion. At the higher altitude, where the temperature is lower, these hot substances combine with the water vapor present and become frozen into tiny crystals that form clouds or trails.

The duration of their existence has to do with temperature, humidity, and wind influence. They may last for a considerable period of time, be integrated into existing clouds, or vanish almost immediately. With the newer jet fuels, which have a lesser amount of residual (unburned) fuel, contrails are diminished in number and size.

The substances used to dust crops for insect prevention and growth increase are actually chemicals dispersed by airplanes. These planes are, however, closer to the ground, and the trail they produce settles very rapidly to the Earth. Another use of chemicals is in cloud seeding where climatic conditions have produced droughts. Placing certain chemicals into the air can establish cloud bases that gather moisture and result in rain where it is sorely needed.

There are no chemicals being consciously sprayed into your atmosphere. The statistics that conspiracy theorists use in their rantings are misrepresentations of actual facts, made-up information, or incorrect interpretations of what is seen. Rest easy that no one is trying to poison you from the sky.

Relationship responsibilities

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’ve always been a little detached from the family, at least I always feel that way. But after my awakening I got further apart. I feel like running the world, living new things, living alone but there’s always the thought that I’m being selfish, that I’m not caring much for family (Grandmothers, Uncles). Sometimes I think they (my family) are selfish in the sense that they think everyone has to be around all the time hitting the other’s life. It has bothered me so much lately; I know I can get rid of it and create the life I want. But I want the advice of you my master and guides. What do you have to tell me about it? ~Ju, Brazil

ANSWER:  In the duality of human life, there are differing ways to look at common actions based upon your perspective. If you are engaging in the battle of negative and positive choices, which freedom of choice allows, you are using society’s basic tool, which is ego. Ego is powered by judgment and everything is either right or wrong.

The spiritual approach to life steps away from judgment and spends its time evaluating if what you are observing is beneficial to your growth or not. There is no judgment and no ego.

Life’s journey is carried out by each soul individually. You cannot learn from depending on anyone else. All the choices must be your own, completed for understanding why you have come to Earth. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself.

As you have moved away from judgment during your awakening, you no longer accept the judgment society used to impose upon you, such as having a responsibility toward those related to you. This awareness is making you feel uncomfortable because the relatives are constantly reminding you of it since they benefit from having you fawn over them.

Part of your growth includes having confidence in your own feelings. You should never do something just because someone else demands it. You should always honor yourself by making your own decisions. The people are craving the strong energy you now give off in your enlightened state and are more eager to have you at their beck and call. The choice is yours.