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Two men, one too many

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I married with the intention to become a mother with a man I was not in love with. But I grew deep respect and love for him over the years. And we are now raising two boys. But recently I fell in love with another man. I admire his energy and feel consumed by it. Although I am controlling my feelings it is impossible to liberate my mind from him. I feel very uneasy to bring sadness to my husband and feel impossible to shut down this flow of love for that other man. Why did this seemingly random flow occur in my life? It is hard to let go of either of them. Why do I need to choose? This situation is torture. ~Zeljka, Croatia

ANSWER: Your main lesson in life this time was to examine several different aspects of human love. You entered a loveless marriage to learn that you could turn respect and appreciation for your husband’s life into a type of love. This type of love is mutual familial respect rather than a true romantic love. It becomes stable, comfortable, and somewhat satisfying, but not that exciting.

Your boys provided a second type of love—maternal love and a taste of the unconditional love a mother develops with her children. This is a type that grows stronger as the personalities of the children develop. You married to be a mother. You are in their lives to help them find their way and accomplish whatever they chose before coming to Earth. You can’t do their lessons for them but you can give them advice on how to proceed.

Then, BAM, along comes your first experience of romantic sexual love! You were caught in an all-consuming sense of physical attraction, which has been reciprocated. Someone entered your life who sees you not as the little woman in the home responsible for the kids but as a physically appealing, exciting woman. For the first time in your life you have been placed on a pedestal of adoration. And it feels fantastic. You can talk about your physical draw to each other instead of just about what is needed for the house.

Just as you have two boys whom you feel love toward in very different ways, you now have two men in your life causing equally divergent feelings. What you do from now is what freedom of choice is all about. This is a life lesson that is for you to learn more about yourself and your feelings. One choice is not to choose and to carry on as you are. Learning to live a dual life is not easy. Go inside and find where your feelings lie. This is your life; making yourself miserable doesn’t help anyone. Honor your feelings—they are the only things that are yours alone.

Why no contact from beyond?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my mother was an accomplished astrologer, psychic, all around very spiritual person. She taught classes on Astrology, Dream Research, Reincarnation study, did Hypnosis for Past Life Regression and studied Eckankar. I have heard St Michael call to me as a child. She spoke to him regularly. We were raised Catholic. She believed she was living dual physical lives. She passed away suddenly 19 years ago at age 47. She has never manifested herself or contacted myself or either of my two siblings. This makes me question all my faith and beliefs. If anyone would try to reach me, she would. I barely even dream of her. ~Kelly, USA

ANSWER: Each soul is on its own journey. When one is on Earth and gets so involved in dozens of belief systems, and then tries to integrate them into a single lifestyle, she may feel she is living dual—or even triple or quadruple—lives. It is even more confusing when the chosen lifestyle is so different from the religious belief system that the individual practices.

Not all souls choose to maintain contact with those left behind unless it is part of a contract entered into before all the parties came into being. Part of your lessons include going through the various doubts you find yourself enmeshed in at this time. You must first ask: Why do you feel you need her to manifest? Is this the only thing that will make you accept your belief systems? How do you feel about your beliefs? Take each one and examine it. Keep it only if it resonates with who you are at this time.

The only way that your mother’s soul could come through to you is if you stopped trying so hard for her to be there. It is easiest for her to come to you when you are  in a meditative state and your mind is completely clear. It is extremely difficult for a soul to manifest a physical countenance; it therefore rarely happens.

It is not unusual for you to stop dreaming of a person who has been gone for 19 years. Relax into a life of working on your own spirituality, which will allow you to rid yourself of heavy, negative, Earthy energy. Work on loving yourself and bringing universal, unconditional energy as the default condition of your life. You will be reaching toward your mother and contact will be easier.

Importance of prayer and meditation

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, nowadays everyone wants to be a channel, and from my knowledge, almost anyone can become a channeller. Is trance-channeling something everyone is capable of or is it dependent on the blue print of the soul? So what about people living in challenging life who do not have time for prayer and meditation or the handicapped people? There are some people in the world who are not aware of the importance of prayer and meditation, where does that leave them? ~Radheshyam, USA

ANSWER: To answer your question about channeling, anyone who talks to guides in meditation is channeling information from the non-physical realms. Trance channelers are totally different. They must enter into a trance where they are unaware of what is going on. They must then give their body over to a non-physical energy who then uses it to deliver messages. The one concern they must have is to know the identity of the energy that uses their body, and that energy’s intent.

People who want desperately to become trance channelers must set very specific parameters of whom they are going to allow into their body. If they just go into a trance with permission to any energy around to use them, they have a 50-50 chance that the occupying energy will be negative. Yes, not only positive energies enter during a trance, but any negative energy who believes it has permission to enter. The problem with negative energies is that they don’t normally want to leave.

Now let’s talk about meditation and prayer. Being able to clear your mind with meditation helps you determine what your life lessons are and why you are on Earth. Special time is not needed; once you learn to clear your mind, you can be in that state—thus meditating—all the time.

Prayer is something different. There are many interpretations of prayer. Is the prayer for you or for others? If it is for others, how do you know you are not interfering with life lessons they need to experience and therefore are preventing them from coming to awareness? A soul’s journey is a solo affair. You are only responsible for yourself—no one else.

If you are praying for yourself, to whom are you praying? Is there anyone out there who knows you better than you know yourself? Is there someone you want to give your freedom of choice to? You are a piece of Source, the creator, so you have all the abilities that anyone else in the universe possesses. Take responsibility for your own life. That is what you are here for.

And, oh, by the way, some handicapped people chose such lives so that they might have the time to spend their existence in constant meditation without anything interfering. Your prime concern in this lifetime is learning the lessons you came down here to experience.