Importance of prayer and meditation

QUESTION: Masters, nowadays everyone wants to be a channel, and from my knowledge, almost anyone can become a channeller. Is trance-channeling something everyone is capable of or is it dependent on the blue print of the soul? So what about people living in challenging life who do not have time for prayer and meditation or the handicapped people? There are some people in the world who are not aware of the importance of prayer and meditation, where does that leave them? ~Radheshyam, USA

ANSWER: To answer your question about channeling, anyone who talks to guides in meditation is channeling information from the non-physical realms. Trance channelers are totally different. They must enter into a trance where they are unaware of what is going on. They must then give their body over to a non-physical energy who then uses it to deliver messages. The one concern they must have is to know the identity of the energy that uses their body, and that energy’s intent.

People who want desperately to become trance channelers must set very specific parameters of whom they are going to allow into their body. If they just go into a trance with permission to any energy around to use them, they have a 50-50 chance that the occupying energy will be negative. Yes, not only positive energies enter during a trance, but any negative energy who believes it has permission to enter. The problem with negative energies is that they don’t normally want to leave.

Now let’s talk about meditation and prayer. Being able to clear your mind with meditation helps you determine what your life lessons are and why you are on Earth. Special time is not needed; once you learn to clear your mind, you can be in that state—thus meditating—all the time.

Prayer is something different. There are many interpretations of prayer. Is the prayer for you or for others? If it is for others, how do you know you are not interfering with life lessons they need to experience and therefore are preventing them from coming to awareness? A soul’s journey is a solo affair. You are only responsible for yourself—no one else.

If you are praying for yourself, to whom are you praying? Is there anyone out there who knows you better than you know yourself? Is there someone you want to give your freedom of choice to? You are a piece of Source, the creator, so you have all the abilities that anyone else in the universe possesses. Take responsibility for your own life. That is what you are here for.

And, oh, by the way, some handicapped people chose such lives so that they might have the time to spend their existence in constant meditation without anything interfering. Your prime concern in this lifetime is learning the lessons you came down here to experience.