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Afraid to let go

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have had two past-life regressions and one life-between-life session, and was unable to regress although I was in a very relaxed state. I have also attended a shamanic workshop and tried to journey/meditate on my own. I also had a soul retrieval done. I get nowhere with these things and feel very frustrated about it. Am I being blocked or unconsciously blocking myself? I want to use these tools to get to know myself better and would greatly appreciate any light you could shed on this for me. ~Vicki, Spain

ANSWER: Being in a relaxed state and being able to let go of the outcome are two entirely different things. You have a need to know what is going to happen and to be able to control the results. Vulnerability frightens you. You have had enough hurt in this life and in past lives that you will not permit circumstances which will make you feel even a little uncomfortable. If you are not sure what will come out, or even what might be said, you don’t allow yourself to say or think about anything.

You will first have to deal with this fear of the unknown. All of the procedures that you have mentioned doing or, rather, trying, involve digging into the deep dark recesses of your unconscious. You must learn to sense the feelings that are produced in your body by mental and psychological stimuli generated by this type of activity. These will appear as vague sensations of fear, doubt, or unease. This is the place where your body unconsciously throws up a blockade to your innermost thoughts. You are then virtually shut out of anything but conscious memories.

To access your unconscious you must break down the barriers. This starts with dealing with the surface fears. Every time you feel fear or doubt, stop and say to yourself: “What am I feeling about this?” When you sense that feeling—it may be from an event or the comment of a person—ask, “Do I believe that this is real in my life at this time?” When you see how much is being held in fear that has no effect on your life today, you can just erase it from your unconscious and it will no longer bother you. If you decide the thoughts are still active, you know what you have to work on. It will be a gradual process but it will make you barrier free so you may then access the unconscious and deal with the hidden problems.

Twin flame energy

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about twin flames. I believe I met mine, two years ago, in May. It was VERY intense, so intense that I ran away from him without getting his phone number, or giving him mine. I cried as I drove away in a cab, and for 3 hours after that. It felt like I had lost my right arm and leg, it was so painful. Since then, I have been thinking about him every day, sending him love. Can you tell me if he is my twin flame and if I will meet him again? If he isn´t my twin, can you then tell me if my twin is here on Earth now? ~Isaebel, Denmark

ANSWER: He is not your twin flame but he is a soul mate of yours. The intense energy you felt was from all the incomplete events you have hanging between the two of you. This soul and you have had numerous lifetimes together and seem to have difficulty completing life lessons, for which you are helping the other. In a recent life you were both your current sexes: he was your abusive husband with whom you were madly in love, but finally you could take the abuse no longer and ran away. He swore to find and kill you. The blast of energy that hit you was a combination of a fantastic frustrated sexual longing and fear for your life.

Overlaid on that energy was a fear of being seen by him, because in another lifetime you were both male: you betrayed him to the authorities for being an insurgent and he was tortured to death. In another life, you snuck up and killed him because he was the favored of a girl you wanted to marry. Also he was the leader of a slave rebellion aboard a ship you commanded and he swore revenge as you escaped.

He came into your life at this time for you to start clearing out some of these suppressed feelings. You don’t have to do it together, but you do have to forgive yourself and reconcile the feelings you have concerning betrayal, abuse, and the fact that you have trouble loving yourself. But, again, you don’t have to do anything that you are not ready for.

Your twin flame is not in body form at this time. You will see this soul mate only if you can do so without having a deluge of emotions. That will only occur only if you have cleared out the residual from past lives.

Putting it all together

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I’m working on a very important chapter in my book which is about the pressures the planets are creating on our Earth and how this is influencing our physical Earth. I have discovered why we are shifting, and its greater impact on our evolution. My guides have been wonderful, but I would like more detailed information about the alignment with the Milky Way. The channel of Albert Einstein has helped but science is saying that the planets are not aligning. My book has science supporting the spiritual.  How do I go about explaining these pressures that are transforming our planet and awareness? I would love a more detailed explanation. I know this book will go global so I want it to be well done; then people will understand more clearly the Source’s energy and intention. ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: Planet Earth lies within the Milky Way galaxy, as do the stars, planets, asteroids, gaseous accumulations, and planetary explosion debris that are visible in the sky to the human eye. Your sun is the center of what is called the Solar System, the spinning mass surrounding the sun, created by your nearby planets— Earth being the third planet from the sun. The current Earth phenomenon is mostly restricted to the gravitational effects of the planetary inhabitants of the solar system on each other.

Scientists are having trouble connecting the dots of the recent Earth activities because they can see only what they expect to see. Also they are only measuring physical interactions and not the non-physical ones. It is impossible for them to sense vibrational and dimensional shifting. This is what they call quantum physics, for those few who believe in its existence, and nonsense for those who do not.

To these scientists your book will be rubbish, to the spiritualist an explanation. You cannot be all things to all people—just as speaking Dutch to a group of English-only folk would be useless. What will help seekers is to know that they are not alone in feelings they have been experiencing. Reporting the changes and their spiritual effects will be a tremendous service to the planet.

There is no specific intention of Source within this planetary cycle. It is simply that, a cycle. Those on the Earth at this time chose to be incarnate in order to experience the various events that are occurring and will continue to occur.