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Can a soul stay too long on Earth?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters is it possible one can stay too long on the earth realm, living past their soul contract? ~Sue, USA

ANSWER: The simple answer is no. In addition, not all souls have contracts when they incarnate. Many just decide what lessons they wish to study and set up environments that will allow them to have those experiences. A soul is always exactly where it needs to be to have the learning it desires.

Even if a soul has made contracts with other souls, they are not permanently unequivocal. One party or the other can choose to change the conditions and go in another direction. There are no predetermined absolutes in a human lifetime. And a soul may end their Earthly experience at any time they wish, whether or not they have learned all they set out to accomplish.

These factors are true because every soul has complete freedom of choice to decide each phase of their human incarnation. That said, if you had made a contract with someone, they could determine that they no longer wish to fulfill their promise. It doesn’t happen too frequently, but you can never make a soul do anything it does not choose to do.

A soul bothers with contracts only when they are determined to have a particular experience. They normally will only make one with another soul with whom they have had prior lifetimes so they are pretty sure the circumstances will be completed.

Unless a soul has decided they want a short life, or has agreed to leave at a special time or under certain circumstances, the exact time the soul returns Home is not determined before the life begins. The soul makes that decision when they sense it is no longer beneficial for them to remain or they wish to leave an unproductive existence and begin another.

What should I do?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder why I’m feeling so lost. I don’t know if I give up my marriage or if I try one more time, there are times I want but there is another than not. I don’t know if I continue my life in a country that isn’t mine, or if I should go back to mine. I am always undecided. What would be my best options? ~Anita, Ireland

ANSWER: You are feeling lost because you do not wish to make decisions for yourself. You don’t want to take the responsibility of deciding something that you might not like later. You always defer to what others say and tell you to do, and then you can blame them if you are not happy. It is time to put on your big girl panties and start taking charge of your life and choices.

You never stop and ask yourself how you “feel” about an action – it is always what do I “think” about this. That means taking all the opinions of others that are stored in your brain and reviewing them. Your own feelings are never engaged or even considered.

You do not think you have the ability to see what is needed. This life’s lessons do include working with self-confidence and self-doubt, but you ignore addressing them by relying upon others instead of considering alternatives for yourself. You are saying to those around you that they are more aware of what would be “good” for you than you are. They are not in your body so that is a ridiculous proposition. It is time to honor yourself and make those choices for yourself.

Nothing is intended to be permanent on Earth; it is just one large classroom for learning. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind or direction when you do not feel comfortable where you are. Does your marriage resonate with you? If not, it is time to try something else. Don’t feel comfortable in your current locale? Move on to something else.

Always know you have time to make these decisions. Nothing should be rushed. See how each alternative feels to you. Don’t feel you have an obligation to any particular path or person – because you don’t. You wouldn’t buy an expensive outfit without trying it on first, so remember that when making decisions.

Don’t attempt to do everything at once. Take each facet of your life and see how it fits. If it is still good for you, stay there. If it makes you uncomfortable, try on the other choices.

Healing self

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I would like to ask you about nurturing love of Self and self-worth- how? How can I do this? I work on myself and seek to uncover and heal entrenched belief patterns of shame and guilt. Often as soon as I clear an experience, I feel empty- missing something familiar – and I feel like I sabotage myself then by starting the old negative patterns all over again. Masters can you please give me some signposts out of the old patterns. ~Cath, Australia

ANSWER: You have done good work on going through some of your lessons, but after you rid yourself of the unproductive ones, you have left the area they filled empty. That makes it feel like they should come back – and they often do. What you need to do is start filling those voids with unconditional love for all the work you had to do to accomplish banning the patterns from bothering you.

Pulling in the unconditional love of the universe is a way of loving yourself for all the work you have done. You are giving yourself a pat on the back for getting rid of unneeded lessons. It is easy to accomplish. Say you have just banished a sense of guilt over a decision previously made: you see it no longer serves you, and…poof!…it’s gone. But there is that spot it occupied. Quietly meditate on positive loving energy, congratulating yourself on the good work – the love flows in and takes up the space.

Examine each and every belief that controls your behavior. Anything that generates doubts or fears should be addressed and examined to find out why it is there. You can replace those negative beliefs with a love of self, and this will open you to connect with your higher self and thrive.

You choose what your reality looks like by the beliefs you allow to remain and control your actions. Change any that run counter to the things that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to have a continual rotation of beliefs so that you learn all you came here for. Remember, you are in charge.