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Status of discarnates

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters thank you for your advice and information about the dark entity I have been dealing with. I now seem to have more control over the situation. You have said that souls have free will and after death, some, like those I grapple with, choose the dark and remain attached to earth disturbing human beings like me. Does this mean that there are an ever-accumulating number of dark souls/entities? If souls have been incarnating on earth for a billion years and every year some choose not to go to the light, we could have an ever-increasing number of them. Are these dark entities/souls ever required to leave? Or can they, and do they, stay attached to earth forever if they will it so? How many do we have here at this time? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Souls always have free will before, during, and after experiences on Earth and elsewhere. Since all have an essence of unconditional love, regardless of whether their current conscious mind is seeking negative or positive energy, there is perpetually a residual sense that unconditional love is where they belong.

Souls never lose the assistance of their guides, even when they choose to stay in negativity. The guides are there to “hint” at what they are missing. When they tire of their negative ways, they start drifting toward what has consistently resonated within them: the essence of their soul.

Souls who stay in a discarnate, negative state after the body ceases to function remain for totally human reasons such as revenge, a sense they can now get what they have always desired, etc. What they come to learn is that they do not have the same interactive abilities without a body that they had with one. For instance, they cannot punch out the bully they have always feared and despised.

When they realize the frustration of not being able to accomplish what they stayed for, they frequently seek other means of feeling good. This is when the guides come in and show them glimpses of what it is like back Home so that they long to be a part of the whole again. They still are not required to leave, but most do.

There is a continuously fluctuating level of discarnates. The positive/negative balance on the planet is fifty-fifty, so the more who stick around using negativity, the less negativity is available for incarnate souls to learn their life lessons. Right now, the number of souls working on lessons far exceeds the minimal number of souls who are over-staying their plans.

Self-evaluation and reality

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I notice that I have three deep seated thoughts that create my reality. 1. low self-esteem (“you idiot!), 2. fear of the other and 3. remorse for actions in this and other lives. I intend to smooth out these grooves in the mind, wrinkles in the mind lake, samskaras. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ~Bill, Australia

ANSWER: First, for those unfamiliar with the term samskara, it is a Sanskrit word and equates to what we call your belief systems, which control all your actions  during a lifetime. It is through the process of understanding what motivates you that you can learn the life lessons that created the imbalance in the first place and are the things you wished to work on while on Earth.

Fear is always around during a human existence because it is the neon sign showing you what you chose to work on in that lifetime. There are only two emotions or energies a human faces: love and fear. Anything that isn’t love is some form of fear. To not have fear is to have completed all you came for and to be able to exist in unconditional love. So don’t chide yourself for your fears; let them show you the way to growth and understanding.

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love are interconnected lessons for you. Stepping back and examining when those feelings come to you will help you pinpoint what it is you desire to learn. Both these traits and the remorse, or hatred of yourself, can be more easily addressed if you stop giving them so much power.

You give power to a problem when you concentrate on it and acknowledge its existence. If you ignore the past and choose to be only in the present, where nothing has occurred yet until you set it in motion, you are simply dealing with a single situation instead of dragging along the whole history of your life. This is the concept of living in the moment.

To resolve the strings holding you to past issues, you first have to deal with your interpretations of the resulting energy. This is accomplished by taking each negative energy and following it to its origin, observing the trigger point, and choosing how you would deal with it now based on all the lessons you have learned between initiation and today.

You are doing great work – keep it up!

One’s soul’s influence

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, you teach that on earth there’s always an equal balance of light/dark, all souls work on their chosen lessons within that continuum and from a spiritual perspective nothing is right/wrong, good/bad. You told me I had “identified all of the strengths a soul may exhibit within a human body” and that now ALL I have to DO is “live each day to the fullest, choosing what makes you happy.” I am very happy now, doing my best to choose joy every day. Thanks. However, I’ve also heard, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” Is the energy of one soul’s “happiness/joy” considered “enough” to balance a part of the worlds “darkness?” Is my current state of daily joy somehow
contributing to that balance of light/dark? What responsibility do “Older Souls” have to contribute to the world in some “positive/uplifting” way? ~Mary Anne, New Zealand

ANSWER: The quote you have cited is taken out of context. It is part of a teaching urging you to follow the speaker’s particular form of thinking and acting, and it plays into the belief that all men are their brothers’ keepers. It reflects third-dimensional, ego-based judgment.

It is not wrong for them and their followers, but you have skipped that whole “needed” experience in this life. In a spiritual sense it is not a true statement about the reasons souls come to Earth, since each soul is on their own journey and responsible only for their lessons.

There is not an equal amount of negative and positive for each soul. Some have chosen to have all negative energetic situations in their life, and others have chosen mostly positive – or all positive once they have completed their lessons. Your very presence is contributing to the balance of the Earth; you weigh in on the side of positivity to offset the negative – say, a fanatical tyrant.

Older souls are those who have chosen many lives in the duality in order to better understand the workings of freedom of choice and to master all aspects of certain of the traits that define a human existence. Your responsibility is to the lesson plan you constructed.

You may choose to assist others undergoing humanhood to become aware of the workings of their available choices. But unlike the preachers who show only one way (their way) to accomplish enlightenment, help others to see that what has worked for you might not be what is needed by them – that each has his/her own journey. You may also choose the path of witnessing where the choices of others have taken them. Between lives you sometimes spend your time being a recorder and historian of various paths being lived on Earth. See if that feels right as your contribution to the overall understanding of life in this duality. Don’t put the burden of others on your back. You have done your work.